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Investor Services Contractor

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Wilkinson & Associates (Accountants)

Wilkinson & Associates (Accountants)

Job Description

Our client, a global asset management firm, has a requirement for an experienced finance candidate to join their Transition Services function. This area provides operational support for Transition Management (TRIM), revenue generating, restructuring events in various worldwide regions and a wider array of free-of-payment activities across the business beyond the TRIM group including product driven, and strategic, projects.

Job Purpose/Background:

The individual will work within a team of 8 in the Edinburgh location, facilitating cash and free-of-payment security transfer activities, in-kind contributions and redemptions for Pooled Funds, Stand Alone Accounts, and Retail Fund mergers and terminations. The team is placed within the Business Operations function.

Key Responsibilities:

- Liaison with custodians and other Fund management houses to ensure that the company has accurate information for Clients' portfolios, as quickly as possible, during the transition process to enable a smooth and timely event completion.
- Update of internal systems to reflect security and cash transfers.
- Provision of instructions to custodians where necessary.
- Provision of information, and assistance, to Transition Managers and other portfolio managers to enable them to manage Clients' investments in a risk controlled and efficient manner.
- Monitoring the settlement of free-of-payment trades and cash movements on Client and Collective Trust Fund accounts.
- Ensuring the accurate tracking of corporate actions taking place during transition activities.
- Liaison with Portfolio Compliance to ensure no breach of company or Client guidelines.
- Attendance at Client, consultant, custodian and internal meetings and conference calls and where necessary the initiation and lead thereof.
- Accurate recording and information retention for MIS, audit and regulatory purposes.
- Management and upkeep of counter-party and provider relationships.
- Review and challenge of existing procedures to enhance and rationalise where possible in response to a frequently changing environment and requirements.

About You:

- You will have an understanding of the transition management business
- Knowledge of Pooled Funds and in-kind activities
- An understanding of free-of-payment (FoP) trades and FoP SWIFT messaging
- An appreciation of Stamp Duty markets, Stamp Flags, in-kind fees and the collection thereof on FoP trades
- An understanding of cash & stock reconciliation processes and their importance during transition events
- An appreciation of corporate actions and their possible impact upon the transfer of assets
- Relevant industry experience of 5+ years and/or BS/BA in Finance, Accounting, Economics or a related field


Job Type  
Job Location Scotland  
Rate/Salary 220 per day  
Duration 1 year 
Applicant Requirements
  • Applicants to this job must either have a Work Visa or be a Citizen
  • Applicants to this job must be in the country
  • Applicants to this job must have over 2 years experience
  • Applicants to this job must be Degree Qualified
Listed By Wilkinson & Associates (Accountants)  

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