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Live-in Pub and Hotel Jobs UK - The London Pub Co Program


London Pub Company


The London Pub Company Program is a safe and low stress way to organise work in the UK with your accommodation included, subsidised meals and a full wage, allowing you to enjoy England and save some money for more travel.

  • Huge choice of live-in pub jobs throughout England and London
  • Jobs available for bar staff, waiters, cooks and qualified chefs
  • Earn on average £200-240 or more per week before tax for a 39-45 hour week. (The wage after all taxes and deductions averages between £160.00 to £200.00 per week)

In addition overtime and tips can be anywhere from £15.00 to £100.00 per week depending on the food service provided by the pub.

Live-in accommodation will always be provided with the job, usually on the premises. Single and twin shared rooms, no dormitories.

Many of the pubs include meals or subsidised food as part of the job package.

We can provide pub jobs for couples or two friends travelling together.

PLEASE NOTE: Most positions will require some customer service experience.

More Info

Application Form

Note: You are not obligated to join the London Pub Company program by completing an application form. Once the application form has been submitted, The London Pub Co will phone you and have a chat to fully explain the service before you decide to proceed.

Application Form
Personal Details

Do you have any hospitality experience
Physical Health Disabilities

If yes, give details:
Criminal Convictions

If yes, give details:
Current Employment

Supporting Documents (file sizes limited to 6mb each)
Smiley Photos - attach up to two photos of yourself
Note: we prefer not to receive passport photos
If other:

I hereby authorise the London Pub Co to collect personal information about me which is directly related to this application, from the persons named above. I also authorise those named persons to disclose to the London Pub Co any such information they may hold.

I acknowledge that the fee is AUD$695 for Australians or NZD$795 for New Zealanders or C$695 for Canadians or €495.00 for Europeans. A 50% deposit is payable once I am notified that my interview has been successful, with the balance to be paid 30 days prior to my arrival in the UK. If I change my mind and decide not to go after paying the deposit, any refund is at the discretion of London Pub Co.

I certify that the information given in this form is complete, true and correct

Once you click 'Submit Application', please wait while your application and any attached documents are uploaded. This could take a few minutes.

The information you provide on this application form is solely to assess your suitability for employment. The information will be sent directly to 'the London Pub Co' and held on their personnel files. Information on unsuccessful applicants will be confidentially destroyed after three months, or returned to you at your request within this time frame.

How the program works

London Pub Company works with over 500 pubs situated throughout England offering live-in jobs in every type of setting imaginable from little villages to big urban centers to seaside resorts — from bar staff, waiters, cooks to qualified chefs whatever UK experience you want they've got it covered. Brits love Aussie, Kiwi and Canadian staff however there are some requirements that need to be met for example generally you will need some work service experience. After you fill out the application form The London Pub Co will phone you and chat about the service fully before you decide to proceed. If you decide to proceed a short phone interview will be arranged. After a successful interview you will be matched with a live-in job that suits you. To ensure everything runs smoothly London Pub Co. has an office in the UK with consultants who will take care of you each step of the way and throughout your entire stay in the UK.

London Pub Company has positions available for Executive Chefs, Chefs De Partie, Sous Chefs and Commi Chefs. These positions are generally on a 6-month term contract and many pubs also offer a bonus incentive scheme for a second 6-month term.

How the application process works

  • Simply fill out the online Application Form above. Within five working days of receiving your application, a staff member of London Pub Co. will notify you of a day and time for an interview.
  • As part of the interview process, you will need to supply a short (2-3 page) resume or CV, and a couple of recent photographs, including a full-length photo (preferably looking cheerful!). If you need assistance with your CV check out our CV page.
  • The price is $695.00 in AUD for Aussies, $695.00 in CAD for Canucks, $795.00 in NZD for Kiwis and €495.00 for Europeans and all other Nationalities. All fees are inclusive of taxes.
  • After your interview you will be notified if your application has been successful for a live-in job. If you want to proceed a deposit of 50% will then be payable. The balance of the fee is required 30 days prior to your arrival into the UK.

What you need before you leave home

SOME EXPERIENCE - Generally some customer service experience is required (hospitality or hotel job experience is a bonus). In most positions, on the job training is provided. If your previous job experience is limited you may want to consider completing a bar course or arranging some part-time bar work in your local pub before you leave.

AGE - Most pub jobs on offer are general front-of-house including bar and waiting, but jobs may include other aspects of pub work. You should be 19 years old or over (18 year olds will be considered if you have a good customer service background) however legally you need to be 18 years of age to serve alcohol in bar jobs - UK wide.

UNIFORM - You may need to take part of the uniform with you - generally that is black trousers (or skirts for females, if preferred) and black shoes. Tops are normally provided by the pub.

VISA IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY - You must apply for a visa either under the Youth Mobility (Tier 5) Scheme or an Ancestral Visa, or you must obtain an EU passport to legally work in the UK. This must be obtained before you leave home. You should apply for the appropriate visa with the British High Commission in your country. Youth Mobility visas cannot be obtained once you are in the UK. The Origin Pub Co. can assist you (at no extra cost) with your visa. Click here for more information on visas.

ARRIVAL DATE - We cannot obtain a job for you until you have a confirmed date of arrival. We recommend that you book your air fares as early as possible.

Getting there for your live-in job - UK

  • Travel arrangements are your responsibility. Do not wait to book a flight until your job has been confirmed as unavailability of flights may cause disappointment. We suggest you make your travel plans at the same time as applying so staff can offer advice or links for flight options. These details will be passed on to the pub manager.

We will supply directions from the airport to the front door of your pub once your job is confirmed.
All relevant phone numbers will be given to you before your departure

Arriving in England for your live-in job

  • If any assistance is required in England, contact the London office of The Original Pub Co. (London Manager Keith Sudbury telephone 0208 6723683)
  • You can move into the pub on the day of your arrival, with generally two days before commencing work to give you time to recover from your flight

Full on-the-job training is provided. If any major problems arise, then contact The Original Pub Co. office in London

Tax file number and National Insurance forms will be arranged upon arrival at the pub

After an initial minimum period of at least 4 months or more, you can approach the UK office for assistance in finding a new job

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