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Engineering Jobs Dubai and Abu Dhabi (UAE)

Find your ideal Engineering job in Dubai and Abu Dhabi by applying for jobs here. To learn the basics about working in Dubai and Abu Dhabi visit ‘Next Stop Dubai’ — Work in Dubai

Engineering Jobs Dubai and Abu Dhabi (UAE)

WORKgateways’ UAE-based recruitment agencies are continually placing engineering professionals in Dubai and Abu Dhabi (both in the UAE) from overseas. The region's rapid growth over recent years the the financial crisis has resulted in the boom-bust-boom cycle of available types of engineering jobs in Dubai and Abu Dhabi in both building and infrastructure. A booming population and the construction of the world's biggest buildings and other amazing new developments has in turn created a demand for new and upgraded civil infrastructure to support all of the development. Dubai's immediate plans include new transport, power and water projects, further increasing the demand for suitably qualified engineering professionals. Despite the financial crisis over the next few years, new theme parks, a “city within a city”, sports stadiums, a metro, tram systems and airport terminals are still planned for Dubai.

However, it is not quite as simple as jumping on a plane and heading for the land of opportunity, passport in hand. While many fantastic engineering jobs — exist even after the financial crisis, there are a number of factors the job seeker must consider. The most important of these is having experience that matches the type of skills and experience required and we aim to address that in this page — so read on.

To learn about Dubai and Abu Dhabi Visas and what its like to work in Dubai or Abu Dhabi visit ‘Next Stop Dubai’ — Work in Dubai

Most importantly, find great Engineering jobs in Dubai by applying for jobs here.

Types of Engineering positions in Dubai and Abu Dhabi (UAE)

  1. Highways, Traffic and Transport
  2. Structural Engineering
  3. Building Services
  4. Other Engineering

Important topics for Engineers going to Dubai or Abu Dhabi

Highways, Traffic and Transportation Engineering

The traffic & transportation engineering industry is currently very busy and, with so many new projects having received approval, it appears to be full steam ahead for the foreseeable future. New highways, bridges, railways (including a Metro), a tram system and monorail projects mean there are plenty of positions available in traffic and transportation system design, modelling and commissioning. Currently Dubai's Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has initiated projects with a total investment in excess of US$4 billion. Engineering jobs also exist for Dubai's new metro project which will include civil works, stations, system fixed equipment, trains, engineering and financing. Software experience (such as ARCADY, LINSIG, TRANSYT, VISSIM or PARAMICS) is also highly desirable. Our partner recruitment agencies frequently have great Engineering Jobs — Dubai available.

Building Services Engineering

The large number of building and infrastructure projects in Dubai and Abu Dhabi ensures that Building Services and Utilities Engineers from Mechanical, Electrical and Fire backgrounds are in high demand to fill the engineering jobs — Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Electrical Design Engineers are required to undertake the detailed design of power distribution systems, lighting, fire detection and alarm systems for many high rise projects. However the demand for electrical and mechanical engineers is not just limited to high-rise — there is a range of projects available including low rise commercial and residential and other specialty projects. Mechanical Engineers with HVAC experience are in extremely high demand in all types of projects including high-rise.

Structural Engineering

Structural Engineering Jobs in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are continually available for candidates with experience in the design of building structures. This is particularly true for high-rise structures however there is also solid demand for engineers experienced in infrastructure, stadiums, retail complexes and commercial projects.

Skills and experience in structural design, project management and draughting of structural steel and reinforced concrete components (including RC Detailing) are always in demand for engineering projects. Software experience such as 3500ETABS is highly desirable.

Other Engineering

Apart from building construction and infrastructure, experienced engineers with exposure to the following types of projects are in high demand: land reclamation, environmental, mass transit systems, airports, roads and highways, sports stadiums and shipping. Skills and experience in design, project management and draughting are all required.

How much will I earn?

The currency of Dubai is the dirham (AED or Dh), with 100 fils totalling 1 Dh. The cost of living in Dubai or Abu Dhabi is not unlike that of most large cities but, with tax free income in Dubai, foreign workers generally fare much better here than in their home countries. In many cases, accommodation and other benefits are included in your salary package.

Work in Dubai or Abu Dhabi is available only as “permanent” positions (as opposed to contract positions) because employees require sponorship by the company for whom they will work. Salaries tend to vary depending on where you have gained your experience — Engineers with western experience command salaries that are the highest. These are quoted below.

Engineering salaries in the UAE in Dirhams

Convert this into your local currency at todays rates

Job Title Experience min max
Structural Engineer 2-5 Years Experience 180000 300000
Structural Engineer (Design) 5+ Years Experience 300000 600000
Structural Resident Engineer 5+ Years Experience 400000 500000
Site Structural Engineer 5+ Years Experience 350000 600000
Senior Structural Engineer 10+ Years Experience 600000 900000
Traffic and Transport Modeller 2-5 Years Experience 200000 350000
Senior Transport Planner 5+ Years Experience 400000 550000
HVAC Design 2-5 Years Experience 200000 300000
Electrical Design 2-5 Years Experience 250000 300000
Mech CAD Draughter 2-5 Years Experience 250000 300000
Senior Electrical Design Engineer 5+ Years Experience 300000 450000
MEP Coordinator 5+ Years Experience 350000 450000
MEP Manager 10+ Years Experience 400000 650000

Work Visas — Dubai and Abu Dhabi

The most common (and easiest) way for professionals to get work in Dubai is to be sponsored by the company you will work for. Employers, usually with the assistance of recruitment agencies —, will organize the essential paperwork during the recruitment process. Often, fees for your work permit, residence visa and sometimes provisional accommodation are included in your salary package when you are hired. For more information please visit Work Visas — Dubai and Abu Dhabi Section

What should my Engineering Resume look like?

One of the most important things to remember about creating a great resume is to include specific details of your project experience. This is often overlooked by job seekers but is usually what employers and recruitment consultants will focus on. For example, for each project you have worked on indicate: the type of project (including location), the type of work involved in the project, your job position, your duties and responsibilities, the approximate project value (in US dollars or GBP is fine), the duration and the project result, if applicable. For design roles, be sure your resume includes specific details of any design or draughting experience as well as software packages you used and your level of proficiency in each. Project delivery roles and more senior roles should clearly and briefly describe how you interacted with the design team and the site team.

For more assistance with resumes for engineering positions — see our section on How to Write a Resume.

You can upload your engineering resume to your Workgateways file and update it at any time from your log-in. Your resume is then on-line and can be viewed by the engineering recruitment agencies companies with whom you choose to apply to.

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