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Working In The UK

Living an working in the UK is a tremendous opportunity for personal and professional growth. It is also an awesome way to see, Britain, Europe and beyond.

The trick is to make the most of the opportunity which can be done with a little planning and a great job or three.

That what this website is all about.

In the UK or Arriving Soon - Apply to Jobs
Going to the UK in the next 2 years - Register with UK agencies.

Your success in finding your ideal job is largely dependent on having a fantastic resume. Learn how to write a resume and check out our free template to write a resume.

Get the scoop on Getting Around, cheaply and efficiently, in London and the UK. You'll also need a roof over your head, the cheaper, nicer and better located all the better! Find great information and tips on Finding a Place to Live including tip-offs on hidden costs, what to avoid and hints on Where to Live in London. Your health is important too - our section on UK Health will provide you with insight into how the system works and how you use it.

Investigate your UK Visa options and save time by reading answers to commonly asked visa FAQs.

Getting recruited into the UK market is an important step but how much you earn, the cost of living and how much tax you'll pay are further issues discussed here. Also, get hints on opening a UK bank account and once you have funds in your new UK bank account you will want to check out our guide to international money transfer.

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