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Guide to Radiography Jobs in the UK

Find your ideal Radiography jobs by applying for jobs and registering with agencies up to two years before you plan to travel to the UK.

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Radiography Jobs UK

What types of jobs are available?

There is currently a national shortage of radiographers in the UK, making it a very accessible field for overseas trained medical professionals. There are many Radiology temp jobs available in both diagnostic radiography and therapeutic radiography. Diagnostic radiography professions include x-rays, ultra-sound, fluoroscopy, CT, MRI, nuclear medicine and angiography, while therapeutic radiographers work as part of oncology teams and are involved in all aspects of treatment.

There is both permanent and contract work (commonly known as Radiology temp jobs) are available for qualified radiographers. The type of work you choose to do will largely depend on your experience, financial needs, and of course travel plans!


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Where are the radiography jobs located?

Radiography work is available throughout the UK, with many opportunities in London. The NHS employs 90% of all radiographers, with other opportunities in private clinics and industry. There are about 18,000 registered radiographers, yet there is still a shortage of skilled professionals and many employers require staff urgently.

What qualifications do I need?

You must hold a Bachelor degree in either Diagnostic Radiography or Therapeutic Radiography. Ideally you should have one to two years experience in your field as well. While your qualifications should be recognised you will need to provide details of your studies, including course content and hours of study and clinical training completed, when registering as a radiographer (see below) in order to prove you have obtained the necessary skills to practise as a radiographer.


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Do I need to register with a professional body?

Yes! Anyone using the title 'radiographer', 'diagnostic radiographer' or 'therapeutic radiographer' must be registered with the Health Professions Council (HPC) to practise.

Overseas trained radiographers will need to apply via the international registration route which requires you to fill out a detailed application form regarding your education and qualifications as well as provide a character and health reference.

Medical qualifications from Australia and New Zealand are very highly regarded, but you will need to provide as much detail of your qualifications as possible to help with the assessment of your application.

The application process can take up to four months so it is essential this is completed prior to your arrival in the UK. The cost of registering with the HPC is £200.

Go here for full details on the international application process or register with agencies now for expert advice and assistance with your HPC registration application.

Do I need a visa or work permit to work as a radiographer?

Yes. Registration with the HPC is not equivalent to permission to work, it means you can legally work under the title ‘radiographer’, but you will still need the appropriate visa or work permit to lawfully gain employment.


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How much can I earn as a radiographer in the UK?

In a permanent position, a newly qualified radiographer can expect to earn around £17,000 per year, with this of course increasing with experience and many positions pay up to £35,000 per year. Contract positions and on-call work can also increase your earnings.

How do I go about finding a job as a radiographer?

The best way to ensure you find the job that suits you is to Register with Medical Agencies prior to your arrival.

Registering with WORKgateways’ recruitment partners is one of the most effective ways to find work in your field, and you’ll get personal assistance in finding the best position for you. You can register with agencies up to two years before your arrival and ideally have your dream job lined up before you even start packing!

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Who are the Medical Recruitment Agencies on WORKgateways?

There are many agencies who recruit Radiographers, however only a few agencies provide an effective recruitment service for Radiographers arriving from overseas. This is for the most part due to the additional complexities involved such as registration, work visas, travel plans etc. (Some positions also require police checks)

That’s where WORKgateways and our partners come in. Some agencies focus on Medical Professionals from overseas. These agencies have consultants who can to deal with all the bits and pieces and in the process ensure your transition is smooth and enjoyable.

Checklist - before working as a radiographer

Before you pack and have a bon voyage bash, make sure you:

  • Have an appropriate visa or work permit;
  • Have a Bachelor Degree in Diagnostic or Therapeutic Radiography;
  • Have applied for registration with the HPC and have the required character and health references;
  • Have at least one year and ideally two years of relevant professional experience;
  • Have an up-to-date professional CV, including references and evidence of qualifications and professional experience;
  • Register with agencies who can assist you in securing a job;
  • Prepare yourself for a challenging and exhilarating experience!

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