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WORKgateways UK e-newsletter

Monthly e-News for the UK Working Traveler

22nd September 2003 Volume 1 Issue 10

WORKgateways e-newsletter is written for UK working travellers whether you are in the UK, impatiently awaiting your departure date or thinking about going in the future….scroll down to view this month’s topics, articles and info.


Introductory Comments: back to work....

What’s New:

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Introductory Comments – Back to work....

Please let me firstly apologize for the week-late arrival of this, September's e-newsletter. I have none to blame but shortage of time and size of workload.

For those of you in the UK, did you all have a fantastic summer? Stock up your Vitamin D reserves? Survive the heatwaves? Spend all your pounds?

This is the time of year in the northern hemisphere that means autumn leaves, back to school sales and back to work blues. I doubt that there are too many of you with the 'back to work blues' after you spent all your pounds this summer in Europe. A bit of a pay cheque now and then would be all right wouldn't it?

Most working holiday travellers are reluctantly waking up from a long slumber on a Greek beach, running to catch that last EuroStar back to London and waiting for the 171 to take them back to their flat, which by now probably feels like home.

When you wake up back in London, you will quickly realise that a job is top of your list, yet again. This may be your first UK job search, or it may be your eleventh. Either way, things are looking very good this year, yet again.

Summer was slow in recruitment for several industries but they have all picked up considerably as of September. There is yet again a high demand for most of the professional and skilled vacancies in the greater London area as well as throughout the UK.

Read on - this month's e-newsletter has more updates on specific UK job industries as well as news from the world of WORKgateways UK., and all the usual travel and tips bits as well.



What’s New

1) Some Industry Updates…..

Traditionally September and October are excellent months for months for finding work in the UK. All the employing managers are back from their summer holidays and they are refreshed, focused and ready to tackle the mounting work loads. Which is great because you are back from your summer holiday refreshed, focused and ready to errrr… WATCH WORLD CUP RUGBY in your favourite bar with lots of other travelers !!

Town Planning Jobs UK - For September planning is turning out to be a strong month. Every indication seems to indicate this will continue nicely into October.

Engineering Jobs UK – As one recruitment consultant put it “we are experiencing a shortage of good people in all areas”.

Teaching Jobs UK – The school year has just begun and things are settling down amongst the permanent staff ranks. As usual opportunities for supply teachers are extremely at this time of year.

Nursing Jobs UK – The high level of demand continues! Positions are available UK wide in a contract arrangement or permanent position. No foreseeable downturns in this recruitment industry UK wide.

Construction Jobs UK - Things are reported to be in full swing.

Banking, Accounting & Legal - This is a great time of year to be seeking employment. Banking, Accounting and Legal remain steady in general. Definitely not the go go tech driven madness that was 3 years ago, but solid especially for qualified and experienced individuals.


Focus: Exciting changes to the WORKgateways website to make it even easier to get the job of your choice in the UK.

Last week saw the launch of our upgraded website! It still looks the same but works even better!

If you are going to the UK and you have already registered with us we would encourage you to register again on the new system. We promise the extra effort will be worth it. Do not be worried if your exact job is not there yet it is only the first week.

Here the top 5 highlights for you.

  1. Live jobs direct from our partners (Nursing, Teaching, Accounting and Legal – coming soon)
  2. Register with agencies of your choice and manage your employment online
  3. Improved FAQs designed to put you in the recruitment drivers’ seat.
  4. Need a UK work visa? – Now it’s even easier – check out our step by step guide.
  5. Looking for work in these areas? Now you can find out all about them.

We value your feedback – Please email us and tell us what you don’t and do like about the new site. Email:

Keep an eye out in the coming months for many more jobs, full page profiles of our partners and even more great information!


Still In Australia/NZ/SA/Canada?

FAQ of the month:

Q: What are the basics of getting a job in the UK?

A: Since we spent so much time on our FAQs for our upgraded website, this month we thought we would be just a little lazy. To find out the best way to get work in the UK using our service visit: What are the basics of getting a job in the UK?


In Every Issue:

Trip Idea of the Month:

Are you missing the mouth-watering fresh seafood from back home? While delicacies so abundant in your homeland are more elusive (read: less affordable) in the UK, they're still around if you know where to look. Depending on your schedule and your budget, here are some options:

DIY: Loughborough Market - just south of London Bridge Station, next to Southwark Cathedral - buy it fresh and cook 'im up back at the flat. Saturday is the big day.

Get someone to cook it for you: Fish Restaurant is of average expense but really worthwhile for the great variety. Located behind Southwark Cathedral and Loughborough Market - Tube: London Bridge.

Take the whole weekend off and go to Padstow. The seafood lover's icon, Rick Stein has a place in Padstow. While he's in the pricey category, there are plenty of affordable tables at many of the seafood restaurants in this seaside gem. Padstow, Cornwall in the Southwest corner of England. You may want to break up the drive by staying en route if you are leaving London on Friday afternoon. Go while it's still warm - the seaside air is a London lifesaver and they have a big, beautiful beach.

As you've moved north you'll notice the menu tends to focus on the coldwater cousins of our emperors and snappers. Say hello to Cod and Haddock and bon appetit.


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Oktoberfest - Visit – According to the official website of Oktoberfest 5.9 Million people visited the Oktoberfest in Munich 2002 and consumed more than 5.7 Million liters of beer. Fantastic! This site has forums and lots of great inspiration to really have some fun.

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