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WORKgateways UK e-newsletter

Monthly e-News for the UK Working Traveler

27th October 2003 Volume 1 Issue 11

WORKgateways e-newsletter is written for UK working travellers whether you are in the UK, impatiently awaiting your departure date or thinking about going in the future….scroll down to view this month’s topics, articles and info.


Introductory Comments: Autumn colours - European style

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Introductory Comments

Well the northern summer has well and truly headed south by now. The prospect of the coming northern winter (though happily moderated in England by the sea effect) looms. Before you get into that cold-rainy- weather-mindset be sure to enjoy the last weeks of a sometimes warm and sunny autumn. Hint think 'warm = anything above 15 12 degrees'

Rather than waning like the year, the numbers of job vacancies in the UK have been increasing since the summer months. WORKgateways is hearing that most industries are busy recruiting at present; more details below in the regular 'Jobs Updates'.

Check it out! WORKgateways' UK recruitment partners are up-loading more profiles and jobs every week! Be sure to stay updated on the latest agency and job additions on-line. On-line recruitment and job information does two things for you: 1) It will enable you, WORKgateways candidates, to apply directly to our recruitment partners in the UK on-line and, 2) On-line profiles of our partners also give you the chance to see the company profiles, do some research on the company and really get to know those agencies that can assist you! More to come..

Happy Halloween! If you have not seen Blair Witch Project - do.

Until next month.


Save time and have more fun by getting a job sooner. Some important FAQ's for you..

What are the basics of getting a job in the UK?
When is the best time to start applying to UK jobs and agencies?


What’s New

Every month WORKgateways looks at some of the major jobs and recruitment areas with which we deal. We put together comments and provide the latest news. For a complete view of current job vacancies through WORKgateways in the UK. Live UK Jobs are online now!

Nursing Jobs UK – Nurses are still highly in demand in the UK. The shortage of nurses means more work for those over there, but also now means the possibility of increased pay rates to cover the added responsibilities. Your earning power in the UK is still very high, not to mention the overseas experience you get! Not sure how to register with the NMC before you go?

Legal Jobs UK - WORKgateways' new partner recruitment firm Career Legal has been assisting Solicitors and Legal Support travellers with finding excellent jobs for years. Register on-line with Career Legal before you go and take advantage of their expertise and assistance. Apply for Career Legal jobs.

Town Planning Jobs UK - The past month has been very busy for town planners. With the exception of very minor swings in the planning recruitment scene, the job vacancies steadily appear week after week. The British government has big plans stretching years ahead aimed at regenerating urban areas which will keep the planners in pounds for a long time yet. See the latest Town Planning jobs.

Engineering Jobs UK – Now it's even easier to get one of those jobs we keep talking about. Now
you can register with 3 leading agencies that deal with working
travellers just like you! Before you arrive, apply to suitable jobs with
these agencies. Register with WORKgateways' partner agencies.

Construction Jobs UK - Construction is busy at present with many current job vacancies. Projects traditionally slow a little this time of year as we head into the winter months. The highest demand is still for site personnel in a supervisory capacity. Specialist skills are always in demand such as quantity surveying, building inspecting as well as general experience in project management. Projects include commercial and residential primarily; high-rise experience is particularly sought after. Apply to our partner agencies.



4 ways to use WORKgateways' new website to prepare for your UK working holiday and find the job that suits you.

1. Even if you are registered already with WORKgateways from pre-September 2003 - get on-line and register yourself on the new system. The benefits of being registered on the new system include a) being able to register on-line with our UK recruitment partners, read their profiles to find out who suits your needs best and b) if you are arriving in the UK shortly, you can apply on-line to specific, current job vacancies.

2. Remember your password. Use it to log back in to your file at WORKgateways and update your file. Let us know if your job preferences, travel plans or contact details change! By doing this, you are keeping the recruitment consultants in the UK up to date as well.

3. Register with UK agencies before you leave! You are well ahead of the game by touching base with suitable recruitment agencies and agents before you leave for the UK. Register directly with the agency or apply to their suitable jobs on-line - either way you are taking an essential first step in your UK working holiday.

4. Update your resume and upload it to your WORKgateways file. Your resume is your on-line representative, promoting you to the UK job world.


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FAQ of the month:

Q: What is my WORKgateways password?

A: If you registered with WORKgateways BEFORE September 2003 you were not assigned a password. To get a password go on-line at and register. Your previous information and travel plans are not automatically transferred to the new website. Please re-new your interest in WORKgateways' UK working traveller community by registering now.

However, if you have registered with WORKgateways in the last month and you truly have forgotten your password (silly goose) we will retrieve it for you. Email:


In Every Issue:

Trip Idea of the Month:

Well, Oktoberfest is over for the year; funny how it's not even held in Oktober. Anyone who enjoyed Oktoberfest in its home of Munich, Germany (or anywhere else for that matter) should be recovering and back to a stable brain-cell deterioration rate.just about now.

Next on the list..Skiing! Boarding! Snow sports of all kinds!

Well, EU-resident-of-so-many-alpine-options.where will it be this year?

Switzerland, Italy, France? WORKgateways would like to promote something a little different, a slope of a different colour. A little known ski destination: Slovenia. Not because we've been there, but rather because we hear it's quite nice. Slovenia is known as 'the cheap and friendly country'. That, plus kilometres of snowy Alpine trails and you can't really go wrong can you?

If you're reaching for your atlas, Slovenia is located on the Balkan Peninsula and is directly east of northern Italy. From the sunny Adriatic sea to the snowy Alps is only a two hour drive; this country is still an undiscovered gem. Its capital, LJUBLJANA (sorry, no phonetic assistance available) is where the international airport is located. There are several ski resorts in Slovenia, however here are two good options to get you started.

Kobla is a good resort for beginners to intermediates. It has beautiful slopes ending right at the village with views of the lake and of Uglav, the highest mountain in Slovenia. This is the only ski resort in Slovenia accessible by train; however car rental is possible, and nothing is very far apart. Stats: 10kms of classic trails; 35kms of alpine trails with a vertical drop of 928m. Highest elevation: 1480m. This smaller resort is located 60kms from the airport.

The resort of Krvavec is located in Gorenjska and is only a 1/2 hour drive from LJUBLJANA. This is a much bigger resort than Kobla, and some say it also comes with a slightly more happening party scene. Many insist on the great food at a small Italian eatery in the village below called 'Dom Krvavic'. Not that anything is very crowded in Slovenia but this is one of the better known resorts often hailed as 'the best in the country'.

Not sure if it's for you? This perspective might help; '.not as good as Austria but it is cheaper and maybe more interesting'

Other things to do while in Slovenia: visit the Bohinj Lake region and for classic skiers there are many kilometres of cross-country trails at both resorts. Cave exploring or 'Spelunking' - there are over 200 underground caves open to visitors. Note that the ski season is roughly December to March or April.

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