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WORKgateways UK e-newsletter

Monthly e-News for the UK Working Traveler

15th August 2003 Volume 1 Issue 9

WORKgateways e-newsletter is written for UK working travellers whether you are in the UK, impatiently awaiting your departure date or thinking about going in the future...scroll down to view this month’s topics, articles and info.


Introductory Comments: Hot in the city...

What’s New:

In the UK!

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Introductory Comments – Hot in the city…

Last issue I wished everyone in the UK a warm and pleasant summer.

The great weatherperson in the sky seems to have taken this quite literally, and to the extreme, causing meteorological chaos throughout Europe. Poms are sweating more than they thought possible, a trip across town in the Tube is potentially lethal, warm pints are now hot pints and Aussies, Springboks (and to a lesser extent Kiwis) feel like its Christmas.

The latter may even be a stretch. Working travellers have been reporting that the heat is more unbearable than any Christmas-time heat wave in Jo’burg or Brissy. Natural cyclic weather pattern or irreparable human-induced juggernaut? The debate continues.

But hey, at least your air-conditioners currently work unlike our unlucky North American cousins.


What’s New

1) Job Industry Updates…..

Town Planning Jobs UK - Planning has experienced a slight slowdown over the last six weeks. Whilst there were often several senior vacancies available during this period, the demand tended to be more for those already having UK experience. However, throughout this period our UK partner recruiters did report that there was always work available for town planning working holiday makers if they flexible on location. It’s picking up rapidly now and looking great for September onwards.

Engineering Jobs UK – Design Engineers are still in demand and as always the more experience the better – at least a year is the guideline. In particularly at present Structural Design Engineers are in extremely high demand with major consultancies experiencing a bit of a shortage. There is also loads of contract work currently available for Civil Design people with Roads or Highways experience.

Teaching Jobs UK – The UK Teaching recruitment industry is gearing up for the start of the school year in September. Work opportunities for supply teachers will sky rocket in the first few months of the school term. Permanent positions, while largely having been filled for September already, are still available in places. Most permanent positions will now be looking at January 2004 starts.

Nursing Jobs UK – The high level of demand continues! Positions are available UK wide in a contract arrangement or permanent position. No foreseeable downturns in this recruitment industry UK wide.

Construction Jobs UK - having experienced an uncharacteristically slow period during the supposed high season, the construction recruitment industry has picked up again and is fast regaining its previous plentiful job opportunities for arriving working travellers. Things look good for the northern autumn.

Banking, Accounting & Legal - Things are looking good for a busy autumn as working travellers return from the beaches of Europe to seek profit and pounds in the big city. Jobs vacancies are expected to keep pace with the new arrivals (or returns).



Working and living in the UK enables you to make some new and adventurous lifestyle choices. Many job opportunities in the UK are not restricted by location, so here are some stereotypes for you to consider!

Positively stereotyping the big Cities of London, Manchester and Birmingham is easy:

  • Vibe, Diversity, Culture
  • The place to be, live the dream
  • More and better paying jobs
  • Better nightlife, more restaurants, more fun.

Reality: London can be as highbrow, as lowbrow, full of pomp or cockney Tarantino as you every wish to find. The reality is that in a place like London, you’ll find absolutely every type of person, place or thing. If you don’t go out and find it for yourself – it will probably find you anyway.

Stereotyping the regional outposts and smaller urban gathering places presents different advantages

  • The ‘real’ UK, real Britons
  • Few tourists asking you for directions ?!@?!
  • Lower cost of living
  • Coble stone streets and more real ale – less Fosters
  • Fresh air, more trees
  • Own a car, larger living spaces.

Reality: living in a regional can be the best choice you make, or it may be that you thrive on the rat race. You may need to go out and search for your niche lifestyle – entertainment, restaurants, like-minded people, arts/culture etc. They will all be there, but you may not be so overwhelmed with options.

OR go the middle ground! Bristol, Edinburgh, Cambridge, Oxford, Brighton etc all offer large towns or small cities with a bit o’ both worlds yeah.

Yes, this is a positive list of stereotypes. We’ve tried to conjure images and draw distinctions to make a lifestyle point. The real question is; what can you make out of it?


Top London Tip: St Catherine’s Dock Pizza

St. Catherine’s Dock was actually designed by Thomas Telford and built in the early 1800’s when they were an essential part of the shipping and trade industry being as close to central London as they are. It later became a warehousing district and, as most warehouses are nowadays, was converted into luxury apartments and shops and the docks converted to a marina.

Today, it is a well planned little marina with foot bridges and walkways, outdoor eating and luxury boats galore. If you can afford to keep your boat in a central London marina, chances are it’s a fairly nice boat – so take a stroll and admire the options for an aquatic lifestyle. Grad an affordable and delicious pizza at The Dickens Inn on the water. Soaking up the sun on a flower strewn verandah with good beer is the order of the day at this former brewery.

A word of warning: take a St. Catherine’s Dock foot bridge, add a bit of tom foolery to one too many pints and you’ll be swimming in the Thames, leather coat and all. So watch your step.

Where: St Catherine’s Dock, London, E1. Look it up in your A to Z.
How to get there: From central London – walk! Go along the Thames footpath. Follow the path on the south side and cross over at Tower Bridge. The Docks are below you on your left (East). Or you can take the Circle or District Line tube to Tower Hill Station if you can’t walk.


Still In Australia/NZ/SA/Canada?

FAQ of the month:

Q: Is a UK working holiday visa valid in EU countries other than England? if so which countries?
S. Andersen, Auckland

A: A UK Working holiday visa is valid for work only in the UK. The borderless work agreements within the EU apply only to those holding a passport of an EU member country. Your UK working holiday visa is valid for work in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland only.


In Every Issue:

Trip Idea #9 - Another look at an old favourite, Bangkok Thailand

Flights en route to the UK often stop here anyway, so why not hop off and see why Bangkok is an eternal favourite with working travellers. Here are some first hand highlights for you.

To Do:

Have some clothes or suits tailor made.
If you have always wanted a suit made only for you, this is the place. Choose your material, choose your style and cut, then pick it up when it’s finished. Try New C.J. Manhattan Export Co. Ltd. These Tailors are at 455/ 42-45 Rama 6 Road, Uruphong, Rajthevi. Tell your Tuk Tuk driver that it is opposite Wat Phayayang. A full suit will set you back about AUS$300. Sometimes they’ll even throw in a Thai silk bathrobe for the next ‘Playboy Mansion’ theme party you attend.

Visit Jim Thompson’s house Bangkok -
Glimpse the tropical lifestyle of dreams and lounge in a divine air-conditioned bar overlooking an off-shoot of the mighty Chao Phraya River. You can take a Tuk Tuk there and then catch a river boat back to the main river. It’s a hair-raising experience to catch one of these smaller river boats (i.e. if you are very lucky they may slow down slightly as you leap from the rickety wharf to the speeding long boat).

How to get there: Land in Bangkok on the way to the UK or on the way home. Either way, try to time the cool season; an April evening in Bangkok is about as refreshing as a prolonged and steamy sauna. Qantas, Thai, Air NZ and many other Asian based airlines will be more than happy to take you.

Where to stay: Try Sawasdee House. This place is affordable and a luxurious respite from the dingy hostels on the well known and close by Kao San Road. From Kao San Rd you actually need to walk through a monastery to get there. It’s quieter and prettier and this little street probably looks a lot like Kao San did about 20 years ago. 147 Soi Rambutree, Chakraphong Rd. Telephone: 281-8138 and Email:

Please continue to send your ideas to


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