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WORKgateways UK e-newsletter

Monthly e-News for the UK Working Traveler

11th February 2004 Volume 2 Issue 1

WORKgateways e-newsletter is written for UK working travelers whether you are in the UK, impatiently awaiting your departure date or thinking about going in the future.scroll down to view this month's topics, articles and info.


Introductory Comments: Welcome 2004

What’s New:

In the UK! Or Still in Australia/NZ/SA/Canada?

Featured Partner - Eden Brown

Architecture, Engineering or Construction Professional going to the the UK? Visit:

In Every Issue:

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Introductory Comments: Welcome in the good-looking 2004.

What will 2004 be for you? It's a nice even number - both mathematically and aesthetically. It's also a leap year, and an Olympic year. Is it the year of the commonwealth pilgrimage for you? Is it the year you pack up your MacPac and head o/s? If so, you will not be alone. Join the other tens of thousands of Australians, New Zealanders, South Africans and Canadians who also have a UK working holiday on the cards for 2004. As most of us are aware, the upper age limit for a UK working holiday visa was raised mid-last year from 27 to 30. Now, three years worth of the population, who thought they had missed their chance, have taken leave, rented the house, sold the car and booked their tickets, though probably not in that order.

What are YOU waiting for?

  • Excellent, current job opportunities listed on-line?
  • Experienced and professional UK recruitment agencies who know how to get what you want?
  • Your own on-line UK travel & work file to easily update your UK recruitment agents on your plans and whereabouts?
  • All the information you could want on your industry in the UK, visas, banking, accommodation, getting around, and life in the UK in general?

What are you waiting for? It all starts here. See for yourself.

If you are planning a trip to the UK - save time and have more fun by getting a job sooner. Learn how to REALLY take control of getting a job in the UK. Visit our FAQ's.

What’s New

More Jobs and More Recruitment Partners!
WORKgateways has been busy getting even more of our carefully selected UK recruitment partners on-line with their jobs. Now you, the working traveler, have direct access to these current, sought-after UK jobs.

The best part: WORKgateways' UK recruitment agencies specialize in assisting working travelers just like you. By applying to suitable job postings, and keeping your contact and travel details up to date in your WORKgateways file, these agencies can be working with you before you even arrive in the UK. It's really that easy!

Job Industry Updates

Every month WORKgateways compiles the latest information on the job industry areas within which our partners recruit. We put together comments and provide the latest recruitment news for you, the working traveler. For a complete view of the latest job opportunities - search the website. Live UK Jobs are online now!

Engineering Jobs UK

Exceptionally busy areas within design engineering include traffic and transportation, as well as structural engineering. Structural engineering recruiters are currently searching for designers experienced in infrastructure projects, particularly high-rises and bridges.

Town Planning Jobs UK

Busy, busy, busy. Town Planners with a year or more of experience are in demand. Our partner recruitment agencies have reported very short waiting periods for planning work. Particularly needed are Planners to fill development control positions as well as policy and enforcement roles. These jobs are on-line now - do any of them match your experience?

Construction Jobs UK

Calling all site personnel! London commercial high-rises, Heathrow Terminal 5 - get these on your resume. If you have site experience in either commercial or civils building projects (RC structures, roadworks, tunnels, rail and more), and you are heading to the UK, go to Construction Jobs to view fantastic opportunities and to apply to suitable positions. This busy lead up to the Spring season will not likely abate for the next several months.

Nursing Jobs UK

Demand continues to be high. Current jobs on-line show a wide variety of positions available from Theatre Nurses in London or Devon to Community Nurses and Midwives - view them at Nursing Jobs. If you are a Nurse and have plans to go to the UK in the next 2 years - it's not too early to register with WORKgateways. When you do so you may choose with whom of our partner agencies in the UK to share your details.

Teaching Jobs UK

Teaching positions are available for qualified teachers. Demand continues for teachers at all levels of the education system. The vacancies span teaching areas from Maths to Phys-Ed to Geography. There are positions for both new and experienced teachers - if you want to teach in the UK - register on-line with WORKgateways and select teaching agencies with whom you would like to share your details.

There is very high demand for Qualified Social Workers throughout the UK. Through our partner recruitment firm, Emerald Recruitment, your job search is over nearly as soon as it begins. If you have plans to go to the UK and you are qualified as a Social Worker - view jobs and register now with Emerald Recruitment!


In the UK! Or Still in Australia/NZ/SA/Canada?

Your UK Resume: the key to winning your UK job.

Winning the job you want in the UK means playing the game. The game is all about perception and seeing the recruitment world for what it is: sales. If you are applying for a job, you are selling your skills and experience to win an interview. Your sales vehicle is your resume. If you are about to attend a job interview, you are selling yourself. Your sales vehicle is your posture, your mannerisms, your handshake, your eye contact and so on. 'Selling yourself' doesn't always come easily to many people. This is no time for hoping that someone notices your brilliance and understands how key you were in that project. You must tell people what they should see when they look at your resume. You must literally spell this out on your resume for each job for which you apply.

This is not 'doctoring' your resume; this is making life easier for people who want to hire a qualified and suitably experienced person. If you have what they are looking for, spell it out, don't bury it!

Top 10 Tips for Your UK Resume:

  1. At the top: Full name followed by all your other contact details and especially your email address while traveling. When that perfect job "pops up" you will want to be contactable.
  2. You can write a short "Profile" at the top if you like, but it is not necessary. If know exactly position you are after your "profile" should be specifically targeted to the type of work you are seeking. Key skills and experience are particularly relevant. Try to think What, How long and When. Eg. Mary Jones is a Registered Nurse with 3 years postgraduate experience in exactly the type of work she is currently looking for. (Specific - Targeted - Relevant - Short)
  3. Using dot points as much as possible will help you to present a clear and concise picture of your work experience. Start each dot point with words that make people want to read on. A great communicator once said - "Think in Headlines"
    ---> Coordinated and
    ---> Delivered are great examples of words that lead the reader quickly to what they need to see.
  4. Focus on what's important. If you are seeking professional employment in your field of expertise or study, focus heavily on relevant and most recent roles. You can give a brief mention, with dates, of your waitressing or serv-o attendant job, but that's it.
  5. If you are looking for a Sales job, expand on your work done with people, customer service etc. Same goes the other way, If you would like some administration work to keep you busy, explain in further detail your previous roles that involved attention to detail, organisation etc.
  6. Recruitment Consultants would prefer to see more, rather than less information on your CV. They should understand the extent of your experience so they can find possible matches within their job vacancies. It is a bit of a balance. Better to be on the side of too much rather than too little information with a recruitment agency. Employment experience should be in reverse chronological order. Be sure to include a description of specific duties and responsibilities.
  7. Recruitment Consultants and employers are wary of long or unexplained gaps in employment history. Put specific dates of employment for each and every job you have held. Explain any break in employment. Month and year is sufficient.
  8. If you are looking for casual work, list everything - show that you like to be kept busy, and enjoy challenges and new environments.
  9. Include the names and contact details of three references - two should be previous managers or supervisors.
  10. Always, always, always be clear and concise in your writing. Two to three pages should almost always be sufficient. In today's "point and click world" important points can get missed if you have more than 3 pages.

In Every Issue:

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