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WORKgateways UK e-newsletter

Monthly e-News for the UK Working Traveler

09 May 2005 Volume 2 Issue 12

WORKgateways e-newsletter is written for UK working travelers whether you are in the UK, impatiently awaiting your departure date or thinking about going in the future.... Scroll down to view this month's topics, articles and info.


Introductory Comments

What’s New:


Stop Press.....PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP are holding Australian information sessions in the following cities:

  • Melbourne - 12th May
  • Sydney - 18th May
  • Auckland - 24th May
  • Wellington - 26th May

In every issue:

Introductory Comments

8 Channels of movies, 8 Channels of TV, Interactive Games, Telephone.What else do you need to get to the UK in style? Ahh yes, life is sweet at 38000 ft!

This month I am quite literally writing to you from Qantas Flight 001 bound for London Heathrow via Bangkok from Sydney. Yep, doing it all again. Although this time will only be for one week - I nevertheless feel that familiar rush of excitement upon arrival in the UK.


It's true that London is an urban behemoth, potentially overwhelming at first. But London accepts and welcomes all with open arms; even the most odd can walk the streets in relative anonymity. London the Leviathan is home, and has been home, to uncountable numbers of persons. Therefore, any new arrival soon feels like London is actually their home; particularly once you discover your own shortcuts, hidden streets, favorite pubs and eateries.

Any trip you take from London, while you call it home, will end with feeling a rush of relief as you see The London Eye or London Bridge from your circling aircraft - you can relax now - you are 'home'.

Have you lived in London already? You may know what I mean. Otherwise - you have yet to experience it and something great to look forward to I assure you.

While most of you will love London, you will eventually return home (which is good - our countries need us!). But London will always be at least a second home and you feel it as soon as you approach, even at
several thousand feet.

What’s New...

Job News for your industry!

Architecture Jobs UK

  • Architecture is busy. The major focus is still very much on Architects, CAD Technicians and in particular people with AutoCAD and 3D experience. View the latest architecture jobs.

Town Planning Jobs UK

  • First of all, welcome everybody who attended YPConnect in Melbourne - What an amazing couple of days! Well, as mentioned last month we are now in the middle of the 'silly season' for Planners. Budgets for the local Authorities have been released. That means this job sector is white HOT. View all town planning jobs...

Engineering Jobs UK

  • Hello to everyone who attended one of our information sessions this past month. We hope it was a valuable experience - and we hope you were inspired. All aspects of Civil Engineering recruitment are busy this Spring - so what are you waiting for? See the latest engineering jobs...

Construction Jobs UK

  • With better weather kicking into gear, we are once again entering the busiest time of year for the construction industry. As has been for the last 10 years, Civil and Building, along with refurbishment and shop fitting, are the hot areas. View all construction jobs...

Trades, Building Services and Building Jobs UK

Teaching Jobs UK

  • Contract, contract, contract; it's all about the short term opportunities at the moment. Secondary and Primary teachers with a Visa and 6 months experience are pretty much always in demand. View the latest teaching jobs.

Legal Jobs UK

  • Legal Support - recruitment in this area is definitely picking up. With at least six months experience and a working visa you should be set. View the latest legal jobs

Qualified Social Worker Jobs UK

  • The sector continues to be in great need of qualified Social Workers - are you up for the challenge? Visit the latest vacancies to see what suits you.Visit the latest vacancies to see what suits you. View the latest Social Worker jobs

Accounting and Finance Jobs UK

To View all other jobs in your industry - Go to Job Search.

Or, if you have plans to arrive in the UK in the next two years simply Register with Agencies in your field.


In The UK

Summer is soon back in the Northern half

May represents the start of a new season in the UK. Whether it's work or play you're after there is no shortage of possibilities. Suffering through a cool and wet April seems to have paid off in spades. Flowers, birds, outdoor pub furniture - it's all back.

Work during Summer.

The summer months can mean great opportunities. Most industries are still very busy during the summer months and much of your job-seeking competition will be holidaying on the continent. Apart from professional work, if you are in the hospitality industry Spring and Summer are peak tourist season - and peak 'tip' season. If you decide to work for the summer you can still fit travel in later one - lots of travel destinations are still warm and beautiful in the later summer and early autumn. The only exception to summer work options is perhaps Teachers - you are needed in September therefore if you need a break - summer may be the best time to escape.

Travel in Summer.

Absolutely anywhere in Europe or Asia, or even North America, experiences an influx of backpackers eager to see the sights in the summer, and return to work in the autumn. If you can afford it - take advantage of the proximity and hit the travel trail. Occasionally, in some industries, work will slow down a bit during the summer as most of the UK heads off to the country for a break - especially in August - making summer a great time to take a break yourself.

If Summer is your travel time of choice: WORKgateways' advice is to pick two or three countries (maybe four if in Europe) and really get to know those countries. Spend time there and don't rush. You'll get a more memorable experience out of it. Endless pictures of 'sights' can be incredibly boring - try to take pictures of real people and real life. If you can, see Turkey - home to some of the friendliest and most
welcoming people on the travel trail.

Need to call home while you are in the UK?

Calling from a standard phone or mobile in the UK is super expensive. To save those hard earned pounds what most travellers do is buy a phone card. Here is our pick for travellers just like you.... Check out WORKgateways phonecards.

Still in Australia/NZ/SA/Canada


Now you can mix business with pleasure.

UK Assurance Working Holiday Makers' Programme:

At PricewaterhouseCoopers, we don't think there's any reason why you can't see the world and give your career a boost at the same time. In fact we can't think of a better arrangement.

Right now, we're looking for qualified accountants with at least 3 years' audit experience for two fixed term contracts beginning in October. You'll work for a total of 12 months over the next two years. So if you're on a working holiday you really can mix business with pleasure.

If you want us to reimburse your flights, set up a UK bank account, pay you a salary and bonuses to travel AND secure the working element of your working holiday before leaving home, visit the website.


Are there opportunities outside of London in the UK or in Europe?


Absolutely. It depends on what your line of work but in general the opportunities outside of London are increasing for travelers. If you are looking outside of London be prepared to take a bit of a drop in pay but that is OK because the cost of living is at least 25% lower than London, and in most cases your pay will not be reduced by that much.

The other major cities in the UK like Manchester, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Bristol and Glasgow are probably your best bets but also consider much of the South West coast of the UK and don't forget the best surf waves are at Torquay.

If it is the quiet life you seek, remember that most people who work in London or the other major cities do not actually live there. You can easily commute into London or another major city if cobble stone streets and 500 year old pubs full of locals takes your fancy.

Don't forget to put your location preferences down when you are registering or applying to a job through WORKgateways!


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