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WORKgateways UK e-newsletter

Monthly e-News for the UK Working Traveler

17th March 2004 Volume 2 Issue 2

WORKgateways e-newsletter is written for UK working travelers whether you are in the UK, impatiently awaiting your departure date, or just thinking about going in the future…scroll down to view this month's topics, articles and info.


Introductory Comments: The future of flying – imagine a enjoying a drink at the bar, or shakin’ it on the dance floor – all whilst airborne and en-route to the UK!

What’s New:

In the UK! Or Still in Australia/NZ/SA/Canada?

Featured Partner - RGB Group

RGB Group - Property, Construction and Engineering Professionals

In Every Issue:

Visit to browse past issues. *Last month we covered “Writing your CV”!

Introductory Comments: Just when you thought airfares to the UK and Australia couldn’t get any cheaper – welcome to the future of flying…

Imagine the mother of all Boeing-747’s. What makes this one special? Well…VB logos on the engines and a smiley face on the nose for a start. Yes, you are on a 33,000 ft high Caribbean cruise. After grabbing another coldie at the on-board passenger bar, you kick back and enjoy the live entertainment. Back at your seat, you pause in consideration (or confusion depending on your consumption) of over 300 DVDs for your personal in-flight enjoyment.

June 2004 brings ‘The Backpackers Xpress’ to the skies between Melbourne and Manchester via Bangkok and New Delhi. Good news for everyone (except maybe Qantas shareholders!). Fully flexible return flights are set to start at 550 pounds or $1290 AUD. Check out for more information and photos of the planes. This is obviously someone’s dream of ‘the future of flying’ and we think its fantastic.

Also in this issue: Dealing with UK Recruitment Agencies – A Survivor’s Guide.

Many readers of this newsletter may not have even dealt with an agency before, much less negotiated rates with a consultant or understood the subtleties required to make the most out the entire experience. For a crash course in dealing with UK recruitment Agencies see the ‘Focus’ section of this issue. You’ll get a bit of an introduction and then…the basic rules of engagement.

If you are planning a trip to the UK - save time and have more fun by getting a job sooner. Take control of getting a job in the UK – Visit our FAQ's.

What’s New

Each month WORKgateways provides the latest news on the major jobs and recruitment areas within which we work. See a complete view of current UK job vacancies.

Job Industry Updates

NEW - Trades Jobs UK

Tradespersons in the Construction industry have always been in high demand, and we are beginning to expand into this area. If you are an Electrician, Carpenter, Plumber, Painter, Bricklayer/Paver and you are arriving in the UK in the next 3 months - apply directly to jobs. Also keep an eye on the website - new jobs are added regularly!

NEW - Chef Jobs UK

We have been inundated with jobs in recent weeks for Chefs! All kinds of opportunities for qualified Chefs with experience. Most opportunities seem to be in 4 and 5 star hotels. You can choose if you would like to be in a permanent role or on contract. Positions are throughout the UK and many include accommodation as well as use of hotel facilities!

Engineering Jobs UK

The demand for Structural and Traffic and Transport engineers in the UK is simply insatiable. Water and Environmental engineers particularly those with a design background also continue to be in demand although budgets handed down from the Government are currently at the end of the yearly cycle, so do not fret if you do not have a job instantaneously.

Town Planning Jobs UK

If you are a student reading this newsletter and considering your options for tertiary employment consider Planning as a career. All areas are busy in the UK, but don’t forget you will need at least 1 year post grad experience and ideally 2. If you are a Planner with some experience – you can learn more about the industry in the UK and see the jobs on-line

Construction Jobs UK

As we head into spring in the UK expect demand to increase in what is already a reasonably strong area. Major contractor experience on heavy Civils projects is always in high demand. The flavour of the month is Quantity Surveying and/or Estimation. Carmichael Site Services is also very interested in any Mining Engineers who are arriving in the UK over the next year.

Nursing Jobs UK and Medical Jobs UK

As you would expect – very high demand for qualified nurses, medical professionals with experience continues. If you are going to the UK in the next 2 years simply apply online to one or more jobs.

Legal Jobs UK

Demand is growing for Legal Support, Legal Secretaries, and Specialist Lawyers who are going to the UK.

Social Work Jobs UK

Qualified Social Workers need to look no further then Emerald Recruitment. If you plan to go to the UK we highly recommend registering with them – go to Register With UK Recruitment Agencies and simply select the Emerald Recruitment tick box. Emerald has offices in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and NOW – South Africa. By registering with Emerald through WORKgateways, or applying to Emerald jobs on-line with WORKgateways, your application will be sent the most suitable consultant to assist you.


In the UK! Or Still in Australia/NZ/SA/Canada?

A survivor’s guide to dealing with UK Recruitment Agencies


For the vast majority Working Travelers a UK recruitment agency is a very important aspect of your job search. In general, the Brits love to ‘outsource’ and the UK is quite advanced in the use of Recruitment Agencies. To get the best out of the system, you need a basic understanding of how agencies work.

What are Recruitment Agencies in the UK?

Most companies in the UK use recruitment agencies to employ suitable “Candidates” (jobseekers like you) for two reasons. Firstly it is faster and secondly, it is cost-effective. The employer’s other option would be to place an expensive ad in the papers, wait for responses (hopefully some good ones), sift through 100s of CVs, make a shortlist of suitable candidates, interview and make offers in the hope of securing someone suitable. By employing a ‘candidate’ through an employment agency, most of the work is done and the employer only needs to interview and select the best person for the job. And everyone’s happy.

Most Working Holiday Makers want to start earning pounds as soon as possible and (good) agencies can find you suitable employment quickly. They can also secure a rate (if it’s a contract position) or salary (if it’s a permanent position) that is suitable for your experience and abilities.

Basic Rules of Engagement

Rule 1. Send your CV to agencies before you arrive in the UK.

Depending on your type of work, the timing will vary. Very basically, if you are not going in the next 3 months – there is not much point in applying to specific jobs because they’ll be gone before you arrive. If you are a Professional such as an Engineer, Nurse, Teacher, Planner, Architect you can and should register with WORKgateways agencies UP TO 2 YEARS in advance of your arrival date. To do this go to Register With UK Recruitment Agencies. Find out more information on the best time to apply for your experience.

Rule 2. Always send your CV to more than one agency.

In some cases one agency will be enough, but if in doubt, don’t leave it to chance. For professionals, about 3 agencies who are actively “working on” finding you employment is about right.

On the other hand if you are looking for bar work or labouring, then you should apply to as many jobs as possible!

WORKgateways is designed with you, the working traveler, in mind. Send your CV to the best Agencies in your field. Simply go to Register with Agencies and select the agencies listed in your field.

However, if you are not seeking Professional work - apply directly to jobs on-line at WORKgateways! For bar work, labouring and chef work go to WORKgateways’ Other jobs. Note that Social Work is also a special case – if you are a Qualified Social Worker, WORKgateways has one agency that will take care of you.

Rule 3. Have a reasonable idea of what you should be earning, before you start attending interviews.

For your first UK job it pays to have a ‘realistic’ expectation of what you can earn. If asked in an interview what you would expect to earn - you will know. In your first UK job do not expect the best salary or rate offered in the industry– this is unrealistic. UK experience is important to employers and after you have some you will be able to command a higher rate or better salary.

Rule 4. Before and when you get to the UK - Communicate with your Recruitment Consultant

This is possibly one of the most important things you can do. DO NOT just send your CV to an agency and expect them to call you with job interviews. If you do not hear from them after you get to the UK - it is YOUR job to get in touch - remind them you have arrived and are ready for work! If you still don’t hear from them, or you can’t find someone there who indicates they can help you – find another agency.

Applying through makes communicating with your UK agencies as easy as possible for all parties. Just ensure your travel dates and travel email address is kept up to date. Crucial: as soon as you get a UK phone number ensure your UK agencies have your new UK number – this is essential for obvious reasons!

In Every Issue:

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