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WORKgateways UK e-newsletter

Monthly e-News for the UK Working Traveler

8th June 2004 Volume 2 Issue 4

WORKgateways e-newsletter is written for UK working travellers whether you are in the UK, impatiently awaiting your departure date or thinking about going in the future.. Scroll down to view this month's topics, articles and info.


Introductory Comments

What’s New:

In the UK!Still in Australia/NZ/SA/Canada?

Accommodation London

RFor the best thing going in 'working traveller' accommodation in London since the birth of the 19th century bedsit - visit Convenient, stylish AND affordable!

In Every Issue:

Visit to browse past issues. *Last month we covered “A survivor's guide to dealing with UK Recruitment Agencies”!

Introductory Comments

In the last few newsletters we have tackled all kinds of good stuff: How to write your CV, A survivor's guide to dealing with UK Recruitment Agencies, This month - we round it out by highlighting "The top 5 tips to fast track your UK job search"!

If you are planning a trip to the UK - save time and have more fun by getting a job sooner. Take control of getting a job in the UK – Visit our FAQ's.

What’s New

Need a job now? Visit the appropriate link below for the latest jobs in your area! See a complete view of current UK job vacancies.

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In the UK!

5 Tips to Fast Track your UK Job Search!

1. Professional resume or C.V. - put together a really bang-up summary of how great you are.

After you've drafted your best effort, read it yourself several times then have a friend read it. Think: 'If I didn't know me, would I want to meet me based on this summary of me?'

Note that the question is NOT: 'would I hire me' but rather 'would I meet me'? Rarely, if ever, will you be hired on your resume alone. Your UK Resume is what wins you a 'face to face'. Your resume should be:

intriguing, impressive and most importantly demonstrate your ability to meet the requirements of the position they want to fill.

Resource: For more information on writing your best possible resume - Visit February e-newsletter

2. Introduce yourself to the UK before you take-off.

While the UK working holiday job market is one of the fastest moving around - unalterable reality says it takes time to find a job!

So be smart and start early.

Select a few of the best - choosing some larger, and some smaller, specialist recruitment agencies will make a nice mix in your 'UK job hunting portfolio'.

While you'll rarely sign on the dotted line before leaving home, you will gain a big advantage over your competition by contacting the most appropriate recruitment agencies before leaving home.

Resource: The who, when and how of UK job searching!

BEWARE: you do not want to pepper the entire market with your resume. This will do more harm than good. 'Competition' may stir recruitment consultant activity on your job hunting case, but 'saturation' will deter recruitment consultants from working on your file. Best advice: 3 to 5 good agencies. WORKgateways only features agencies that are leaders in helping travellers to the UK.

3. Aim to astound in your interviews.

Whether you are looking for professional work or pub work you need to STAND OUT! With this in mind, here are some pointers to prepare for your interviews:

Simple things: know the company (read their website and relevant industry publications), show interest in the work that company does and the people with whom you will work. Ask questions to help you see if the company is really right for you.

Intangibles: over dress rather than under-dress (talk to your UK recruiter), be well-rested, and have at least three or four intelligent questions to ask your interviewer.

  • Your interviewer wants to hire someone - help them to pick you!
  • Do not go in as a 'working holiday traveller desperate to earn pounds'.
  • Go in as a 'capable and energetic solution to their needs' and you'll be amazed at the results.

Editor's Note: Do not fall victim to the common backpackers' disease.

Symptoms range from extremely long lie-ins, 2pm kips, red 'party' eyes, being on a first name basis with the 'Publican' and having three or four 'locals'. It's a temptingly happy state to be in given that you've just broken free of previous employment or educational institution chains.

Suggested remedy: Party hard before you start the job hunt - visit Thailand en route or perhaps do a tour of Europe!

4. Stretch yourself and be flexible.

Often, just getting UK experience on your CV can be the most important first step. Many travellers who have just arrived in the UK start immediately looking for the best job in the world. Whilst there is nothing wrong with that (go for gold!) the reality usually is that the ultimate job is a short process away.

Our advice is to be flexible - adventurous even. Take a contract if required, either fixed term or ongoing. A 'step in the general direction' in which you were intending to go is a win-win for everyone.

Why take a contract/ temping position?

  • You get UK experience on your resume - gold!
  • You give yourself the opportunity to meet people in your industry, and to impress.
  • Future contracts can follow, you can learn new skills.
  • You'll start earning pounds earlier, living better and travelling more.

5. Be realistic and don't give up.

Listen to your recruiters - if more than one recruiter says it is slow for the next few weeks - do some travelling now - leave your contact number and be ready to fly back on the numerous cheap Euro-flights at a moment's notice. This also falls under 'be flexible'.

NOTE: If only one recruiter says it is 'slow' - speak to one or two other recruiters. Sometimes a recruiter just doesn't have any suitable jobs for you at that time - in which case you'd do well to contact others - not fly off to Europe.

It is always worthwhile for us to remember how many people have made successful one, two or ten year professional or 'working holiday' moves to the UK - but took ages to find their first job! We cannot stress this enough - be persistent, be patient.

Still in Australia/NZ/SA/Canada

A survivor’s guide to dealing with UK Recruitment Agencies

Cheap Travel and 'The Continent' - A Guide:

If you are en route to the UK and planning to travel a bit before starting work (as per our 'party hard before working' suggestion above) - here's the lowdown on travel between the Continent from the UK.


With such a multitude of no-frills airlines competing in the continental skies - why would you choose any other type of transport? It is fast and, now, dirt cheap.

Cheapest and Best Carriers:

Cheapest Destinations:

The major ones: Rome, Dublin, Paris, Madrid, Lisbon etc. The minor ones: Bilboa, Malaga, Cork, Bordeaux.

Caveat's: not many - be sure to discover into what airport you fly and how far it is to your final destination. Some of the cheaper airlines do not fly to the main city airports.


The timeless Eurail pass is the answer if you have a longer term multi-country European trip planned. You ride any of the listed countries' rail services on this pass.

Best resource: Eurail

Caveats: not many - be sure to stow and secure your bags on board. If you fall asleep without safely hiding/stowing your bags - they may not be there when you wake up. Tip: buy a padlock to lock your bags together, to your seat or an overhead rack - anything to make a theft more difficult.

If you just want to 'get out of the UK' - hop on board the EuroStar and start your European adventure from one of its several destinations: Paris, Brussells, Lille, Calais, Avignon.

The EuroStar leaves from London's Waterloo Station.

Best resource: EuroStar


Renting a car is a fine option, particularly for exploring the English country side.

Best resource: Carrentals

However, the hassles of taking a car onto a ferry or onto the Eurostar may deter some from venturing into Europe from England with their own vehicle.

In WORKgateway's opinion - traveling is for relaxing, escaping stress and exploring - therefore consider using the myriad public transport options available throughout Europe instead of renting your very own transportation. Cost (petrol, insurance) and environmental concerns should encourage you to go with public transport.


Eurolines - this bus goes ALL over Europe and is essentially a hop-on hop-off service or you can just buy a single (one-way) or return trip.

Best resource: Eurolines

A summary of the many bus tours of Europe options are available if you are that way inclined.

After 2 or more years in the UK it IS possible, believe it or not, that you may want for some fresh travel ideas. WORKgateway's favourite last minute vacation planner (for those of you who have not yet been introduced) - great fares and rates and most importantly loads of IDEAS!

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