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WORKgateways UK e-newsletter

Monthly e-News for the UK Working Traveler

15th July 2004 Volume 2 Issue 5

WORKgateways e-newsletter is written for UK working travelers whether you are in the UK, impatiently awaiting your departure date or thinking about going in the future…. Scroll down to view this month’s topics, articles and info.


Introductory Comments

  • Whats in this issue…

What’s New:

In the UK!

Still in Australia/NZ/SA/Canada?

  • Job Search Timing — to work or to travel this northern summer? When to start your UK Job Search!

In every issue:

  • Great Trip Ideas — Zoom away to Canada with the Atlantic’s newest, cheapest connector!

Introductory Comments

As summer in the UK hots up, Wimbledon winds down, and 1000’s of travelers run for their lives from rampaging Spanish bulls – we thought an equally jam-packed e-newsletter was in order for you this month!

Earning British pounds to do some serious travel and having UK experience on your resume are often great achievements for the working traveler - but what about really making the most of your work experience? To help you prosper we’ve highlighted some key questions to put you in the drivers seat of your career.

The Summer season tends to highlight the ‘work or travel’ question, so we take a look at that all-important job search technique - TIMING.

Need accommodation in London? We have a great deal for you from the wonderful team down at Accommodation London - so on with the good stuff…

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What’s New

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs - visit the appropriate link below for the latest jobs in your area!

Job Industry Updates

Architecture Jobs UK

  • Solid job prospects for Architectural Technicians, CAD Technicians and Architects particularly if you have some good experience in Housing, Healthcare or Commercial (fit-out). View all architecture jobs...

Town Planning Jobs UK

  • Our UK recruitment partners are crying out for planners right now – it’s that simple! View all town planning jobs...

Engineering and Construction Jobs UK

Trades, Building Services and Building Jobs UK

Teaching Jobs UK

  • NOW is the time to apply for a September start – simply select EM Recruitment and Teachers+plus and Apply

Legal Jobs UK

Accounting Jobs UK

Qualified Social Worker Jobs UK

  • Social Workers! We have added an information page JUST FOR YOU – in our humble opinion, it’s the best resource on the net. Visit Social Work Jobs UK.

Other/ Casual Jobs UK

In recent issues of WORKgateways e-newsletter:


In The UK

Getting the MOST out of your current UK job.

There are two main reasons that any working traveler should try to gain the most from each and every job experience: it can help you during your working holiday, and it can help you immensely upon your return home.

Here are our Top 3 questions to ask yourself:


1. Are there any new techniques, styles, software programs, regulations, practices or methods used in the UK that are worth learning?

  • There are may be huge advantages to picking up these skills while you are at your current job. If you are planning on staying in the UK at the very least these ‘local’ skills look fabulous on your CV for your next job application!
  • Your CV will also look less like a ‘traveler’ CV and more like a Brit’ CV - often making potential employers feel more confident about you.
  • Alternately, if you are heading home soon often some of the skills you can learn in the UK will put you in pole position for jobs at home.


2. Who are the key people in the organization who can help you gain the type of experience you need to move forward in your job or career?

  • Direct Approach – Simply ask someone whom you respect to be your mentor. It may seem out of the question at first, but consider this: if you were in their shoes, how would you feel? Flattered, probably. You should try to discuss what you want to achieve in the UK, and how to go about it. What’s the worst that can happen? They feel great and you have demonstrated your keenness to develop yourself. If you do take this step – be ready to put an action plan in place like asking for a meeting over coffee.
  • Indirect Approach - Consider shouting a potential mentor a pint at this Friday’s drinks, or take them for a coffee – chat about your industry and what you would like to get out of your working holiday, work-wise. See how it develops. If you try this approach at first and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere you can always ‘go direct’.


3. Are there any courses or certificates you can enroll in while you are living and working in the UK?

  • Visit your local college or institute in your Borough or County– they will usually have a website with information, or just go to your local Council office and ask for course details.
  • Short-term, career or job-related courses look fantastic to UK employers – especially if you got them in the UK. (e.g. software, languages, techniques, skills, public speaking, writing etc).

Most importantly – try to enjoy what you are doing, whatever it is!

If you simply can’t enjoy what you are doing – change jobs – it may not be this easy to change jobs ever again!

Still in Australia/NZ/SA/Canada

Job Search Timing – when should you take action?!

The answer to this question depends on a few factors:

1. Your job industry
2. Your ‘travel needs’
3. The time of year you plan to arrive in the UK

1. Your Job Industry

For everyone planning to start work in August/ September/ October – you should start applying to agencies in your industry and watching job postings NOW! Certain industries, such as Legal or Accounting, may take longer to find a job than other industries, such as Teaching and Technical jobs – so get the ball rolling sooner rather then later.

Casual employment, such as Hospitality, Labouring, Retail/ Sales, Nannying etc, can usually be picked up within a few weeks, if not within a few days. If you are looking for Casual employment, you can probably afford to be more casual about your job search timing. A couple weeks in advance usually works well.

2. Your Travel Itinerary

Whether you are in the UK or just about to arrive, most recruitment consultants understand that you aren’t just in the UK to work! For most job-seekers taking some time out in the summer to do some traveling is perfectly normal.

Your job search will usually wait, but there are a few things you can do to minimize the chances of missing out on the ‘Ultimate Job’.

  • Register with WORKgateways before you arrive in the UK.
  • After you have registered and/or applied to jobs through WORKgateways - KEEP IN TOUCH with your UK Recruitment Consultants throughout your summer jaunts and be sure that they know you’ll return a.s.a.p. if a great job comes available.
  • If possible stay within easy ‘cheap-flight range’. You never know – that perfect job may just come up. It is also possible that your main job competition is floating down the Nile and can’t make it back in time for the interview.

3. The Time of Year of your UK Arrival

There are two times of year where UK recruitment for most industries tends to slowdown just a little: December/ January and August.

In Dec/Jan, most people in the UK are putting recruitment on hold “until the New Year”. Things begin to pick up in mid-January after the country’s turkey stupor wears off! August is a window of paradise in the UK. A certain number of warm, sunny days are practically guaranteed and you’ll receive many ‘out of office’ replies at this popular time for ‘annual leave’.

The exception to this tendency is the retail and catering recruitment industry. August is tourist season and Dec/Jan is Christmas shopping and party season.

The moral of the story:

Prepare in advance for your working holiday:

If you find you’re in the UK and haven’t done a thing about a job yet – don’t panic – you’ll still be ok, prepare a Resume or CV, Register with WORKgateways and apply on-line to suitable jobs ASAP!

Great Trip Ideas:

Zoom Away to Canada with the Atlantic’s newest, cheapest connector!

Canada is only a cheap ‘hop, skip and jump’ away this summer with its newest airline having begun the journey across the Atlantic twice weekly.

And no better time to visit the ‘Great White North’ than in the summer months when it isn’t actually white at all – but green, leafy, sunny and warm.

Zoom connects London and Glasgow to Toronto and Vancouver. It works much the same as other discount airlines – the sooner you book the lower the cost of the ticket. Even if you booked for next week you would be saving about C$200 or £90 off a normal flight.

While patriotic Canadians continue to support the national carrier, Air Canada, they can’t help but be ecstatic about this new, affordable airline! Check it out at:

In Every Issue:

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