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WORKgateways UK e-newsletter

Monthly e-News for the UK Working Traveler

30th August 2004 Volume 2 Issue 6

WORKgateways e-newsletter is written for UK working travelers whether you are in the UK, impatiently awaiting your departure date or thinking about going in the future.. Scroll down to view this month’s topics, articles and info.


Introductory Comments

What’s New:


In every issue:

Introductory Comments

Welcome to WORKgateways' August e-newsletter.

As usual, this month's issue aims to bring you the latest from the world of the UK working holiday.

We highlight the current state of the 'working holiday' phenomenon. We look at where the tradition of the 'working holiday' has been, and where it's going - and the future looks bright! Young adults will be packing up their Macpacs and heading to the northern half well into the future.

If you're in the planning stages of your working holiday, or have just arrived - we've a quick run down on navigating 'London-Town' in this issue. No more ending up in NW9 when you were heading to Camden Town. Tip: getting an e-map of London up on your screen while reading the article will help you to visualize!

Finally, as a Citizen of Earth - we hope you have hadtime to watch, support and enjoy the Olympics - the biggest international peaceful event on Earth!

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What’s New...

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The current state of the Working Holiday? Couldn't be better.

If possible, the popularity of the working holiday is increasing.

Increasing with both working holiday makers, and those on the receiving end - UK employers. The number of both short term and longer term vacancies in the UK increases annually in most industries. Industries that do experience recruitment slow-downs (I.T. and Accounting/ Banking and Finance for example) do so only in the short term, and are soon on the rebound. Most other industries (such as Engineering, Construction, Town Planning, Nursing and Teaching) seem to go from strength to strength.

Is this seemingly unending growth sustainable? Will it be this favourable to travelers next year? In ten years? As the past is usually a good fortune-teller - the future looks bright. Meaning: The UK will remain a favourable and welcoming destination for working travelers well into the coming decade.

Some of you have parents, aunts, uncles, cousins etc who did the trip before you. Children, nieces and nephews will be calling ol' blighty their temporary home in the future.

Key indicators:

Need: UK government's recent relaxation (read: welcome working traveler) of working holiday visa restrictions. Previously working holiday makers could not work for the whole of their two year stay - now they can. Previously working holiday makers had to be 27 years or younger - now you can begin your working holiday at 30 years or under!

Sector growth: Recruitment agencies in the UK remain the best way for working travelers to secure either long or short term employment. More recruitment agencies than ever are focusing on providing tailored service to the working holiday maker from overseas - everything from UK banking and tax hints to contractor parties.

WORKgateways: we provide a link between working travelers and UK recruitment agencies - and we are busier than ever!!

The moral of the story: the future of the world working traveler looks bright and nothing could be better for our global village. Go on, get out there!

Still in Australia/NZ/SA/Canada? Learn the secret to navigating London Town!

There are two things to remember:

1. Your first impression of London will differ vastly from your final memories.

2. Secondly, and similarly, there is much more to London Town than will first meet your eye.

Your approach to Heathrow will likely reveal a watery snake slithering through a grey and crowded city. By the end of your stay, your 'new' eyes will see a glittering and regal Thames separating and defining the colourful cultures of the various neighborhoods that, by that time, you know so well.

Once you land in London, you need to figure out how to navigate this ancient urban monster. London's postal code system plays a crucial role in locating oneself and one's destination in London.

London divides itself into areas called Zones. The four main directions - N,E,S,W - are used as are NW, NE, SW, SE (with the area from Trafalgar Square to the City of London roughly representing the centre of the city). A number following these letters tells you how far out, in a circular pattern, from Central London you are. A 'C' (for central) after an E or W tells you that you are still in Zone 1.

Therefore, in London location language: W1, WC1 and WC2 are main destinations housing Soho, Covent Garden and the West End Theatre District. EC1 and EC2 are home to Bloomsbury and the City or 'Square Mile'. Harrods and High Street Kensington shopping areas are in SW1, while Camden Town is NW1.

Two bits of advice from WORKgateways: Firstly, within Zone 1, you can walk almost anywhere - get out of the tube and take a look. Secondly - buy a 'London A to Z'. This small-sized book has detailed maps of every Square, Court, Mews, Circus and Lane in every Borough in London.

Try this: Type the UK postcode, or even just WC1, into this website - MultiMap - Visit

Happy exploring!

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