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WORKgateways UK e-newsletter

Monthly e-News for the UK Working Traveler

19 October Volume 2 Issue 7

WORKgateways e-newsletter is written for UK working travelers whether you are in the UK, impatiently awaiting your departure date or thinking about going in the future.... Scroll down to view this month's topics, articles and info.


Introductory Comments

What’s New:


  • In the UK! Returning Home? Engineering or Construction returning to the southern hemisphere? To find out what's going on in the job market we interview a guy who knows what he is talking about...
  • Still in Australia/NZ/SA/Canada? Opening a UK bank account. Save yourself some serious hassle.

In every issue:

Introductory Comments

Welcome to WORKgateways' August e-newsletter.

A few months ago, in e-news volume 5, we looked at trip-timing with respect to the season, your industry and your travel needs. We received tons of emails! As it appears this is a hot topic, here is our cut down 'Basic Guide for Timing you UK Job Search'.

First, let me say that timing really is everything when it comes to your UK job search especially if you are coming from overseas. A few basic pointers can make a world of difference to your job search. When I used to work as a recruitment consultant in London it amazed me that some people with great experience weren't getting a job quickly, while others, with less suitable experience, would sometimes get a job very quickly. The more closely I looked at the individual circumstances, the more I saw that timing is one of the most important factors. The great thing is that timing is also one of easiest things to get right.

If you are IN THE UK or ARRIVING within 3 months

  • Concentrate your efforts by applying to listed jobs that are at most a month old: Apply. If you are seeking professional work also register with agencies: Register.
  • If you are seeking Trade, Sales, Bar work or another job where employers often require people immediately - applying to jobs is your best course of action. Do this about 1-2 two weeks before you arrive and are available for work. Also apply (if required) when you have arrived in the UK. (Chefs may find they can apply up to 1 to 2 months before arrival and availability, simply because demand is so high)

If you are ARRIVING IN THE UK in 3 months or more

  • If you are in a Profession and you are not going to be in the UK for between 3 months and up to 2 years, simply go ahead and register with suitable agencies. As the time draws closer to your UK arrival, it generally makes sense to apply to specific jobs at that time (see above) - especially within 1 month of your arrival in the UK.
  • If you are seeking Trade, Sales, Bar work or another job where employers often require people immediately - read this newsletter and past issues to keep up to date with the opportunities.
  • NO future plans to go to the UK

    • No need to apply to specific jobs in the UK if you have no intention of being in the UK unless they state things like "visas organized", "travel organized" or "Applicants must be residing in..."
    • If you are thinking about it for the future this newsletter and past issues are for you.

    FINALLY - regardless of timing - Sending your CV, even if it is an old one, is better than none at all!

    Accommodation London

    Need well-located, stylish, affordable accommodation when you first arrive in London? Visit

    What’s New...

    UK Sectors Based Scheme

    In a further reduction in the barriers to working in the UK - a "UK Sectors Based Scheme" allows non-EU workers to enter the United Kingdom for jobs that are no longer than 1 year in duration. The scheme is a result of shortages of Bar Staff, Chefs, other Hotel and Catering Staff and specific food manufacturing industries. Follow this link for official information!

    For all other visas - view's Visa Information.

    Job Industry Updates

    Architecture Jobs UK

    • Very busy indeed - the demand for Architectural Technicians, CAD Technicians and Architects particularly if you have some good experience in Housing, Healthcare or Commercial (fit-out). View all architecture jobs...

    Town Planning Jobs UK

    • Planners, with just 1 year experience are getting employed, and the demand for Environmental Planners is increasing. View all town planning jobs...

    Engineering and Construction Jobs UK

    • Strong demand for Structures, Highways Traffic & Transport, Geotechnical, Water engineers continues. View all engineering jobs...
    • After a "steady" summer things usually cool off marginally in the Northern Hemisphere Autumn - not this year - there is big demand with a special note for Highways Maintenance people. View all construction jobs...

    Trades, Building Services and Building Jobs UK

    Teaching Jobs UK

    • With the school year now in full swing the requirements are considerably higher for supply teaching. Register with agencies now. View all teaching jobs...

    Legal Jobs UK

    • The number of jobs listed on continues to increase. A sure sign that strength in the UK Legal job market is returning. There is high demand for people to fill well-paid contract positions. These are available for Legal support people with experience particularly Receptionists and Secretaries. View the latest UK Legal Jobs

    Accounting Jobs UK

    Qualified Social Worker Jobs UK

    • If you are a social worker with plans to go to the UK in the next 2 years look no further. You will be required to have formal qualifications or have Registration with the GSCC to be successful. Note: Even if you are Qualified as a Social Worker you will still need to register the GSCC. View all social work jobs...

    Bar, Waiting, Chef Jobs UK

    In recent issues of WORKgateways e-newsletter: 5 Tips to Fast Track your UK Job Search!.


    In The UK

    To find out what was going on Down Under in the world of Engineering and Construction Recruitment we interviewed Phil Isard, Owner and Director of Consultive. Phil has over 10 years recruitment experience - much of his career has been recruiting for Building, Engineering, Commercial, and Management roles in England, Australia, New Zealand and SE Asia. Here is an insightful look at the UK, Australia, New Zealand and SE Asia and how they compare in terms of Job prospects. Q. - Jane) What are the employment prospects for construction personnel and engineers in Australia?

    A. - Phil) The past 5 years (to February 2004) have been excellent times for job seekers in the construction, property and engineering industries, with 139,000 jobs added over this period, with distinct sectors being: residential, commercial and engineering and major project still demanding skilled trades or professional. This has put a squeeze on local skills and it is safely said that Australia is in skills crisis not too dissimilar to the United Kingdom's, and with up-coming public infrastructure projects valuing AU$30 billion over the next 4 years the skills shortage can only get worse. Returning to Australia could see your employment value increase by up to 40% in some cases (from your salary previous to heading to the UK) and along with your international experience you'll be stepping into fairly senior positions.

    Q. - Jane) Apart from Australia, what are the other opportunities you see for construction professionals looking for opportunities after the UK?

    A. - Phil) We all know that working in London (or one of the other major cities in the UK) is an eye opening experience, just the sheer strain put on infrastructure (health and transport to name a couple), by the vast population living and working in these cities is incredible. Some people like, it others not so much, but we know one thing; it drives construction and engineering. Similarly, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur & Shanghai are all big cities with large populations and the strain on just building an infrastructure or upgrade it is as evident as in London. Hence opportunities are vast, however visas can be difficult to obtain and can thus take a little time to go through a process, so if you are looking you need to be patient and be prepared for knock backs.

    Q. - Jane) What types of positions are most in demand?

    A. - Phil) In Australia: Project Delivery; Site Managers, Project Engineers, Site Engineers & Foreman In Asia: Project Managers, Site Managers, Cost Manager & Quantity Surveyors

    Q. - Jane) For candidates who are considering returning to the southern hemisphere for work, what would you recommend that candidates do to make the most of the opportunities available?

    A. - Phil) Do plenty of research on companies you're applying to (via an agent or directly). Chances are companies have progressed since you were last home. Aim high for the position what you would like, but also listen to feedback and be humble (not everyone will have a similar opinion to your own). When it comes to remuneration be very flexible, try and get clear indications before attending interviews and judge the remuneration based on the whole opportunity (position description, hours required and size of company), i.e. working for a large builder will see you concentrated in one area, working longer hours, but with a large supporting infrastructure.

    Jane) Thanks Phil, that was very insightful!

    Still in Australia/NZ/SA/Canada

    Update - Opening a UK bank account. Save yourself some potentially serious hassle.

    If you haven't heard already, opening a UK bank account for new arrivals to the country can be a process that involves far more than you bargained for. The difficulties stem from the requirements banks have to meet. Apart from your passport, along with your visa entry clearance, your bank may require confirmation of employment, confirmation of your UK address and a previous banking history. The challenge is how you get confirmation of employment, confirmation of a UK address and copies of your previous banking records when you have just arrived. Fortunately there are ways to make the process easier. If you are in Australia, New Zealand or South Africa we recommend 1st Contact as the best way to ensure things run smoothly. 1st Contact sells the "Kickstart London" package which can make things a lot easier - at the time of writing it costs only AUS$60, NZ$70, R330. To learn more click here.

    Alternately, there are other ways with varying degrees of cost and difficulty. These are highlighted on the website! You will also find that your recruitment consultant may be well versed in the requirements you need to meet and many will be able to guide you based on your personal circumstances. Discover all the UK banking information you need!

    In Every Issue:

    Great Trip Ideas:

    Want to patrol a beach in Costa Rica and thereby save endangered turtles from poachers? Or perhaps you would like to teach Health education to children in Kathmandu, Nepal. Volunteering your time and energy whilst learning a culture and getting an appreciation for the world and its inhabitants can be a life changing and highly valuable experience. Challenges are to be expected and encouraged in this type of work but limited to things that do not endanger your health or significantly reduce your bank balance. Some "volunteer" organizations may want you to pay some of the costs which may be OK for the type of volunteering you are doing as so long as you know what you are getting into. Research the country and location you will be working in to ensure it meets your goals. Now that all the warnings are out of the way - get out there! You will be really happy you did. What a story to tell the folks back home. See "link of the month" below for more ideas and information.

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