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WORKgateways UK e-newsletter

Monthly e-News for the UK Working Traveler

30 November Volume 2 Issue 8

WORKgateways e-newsletter is written for UK working travelers whether you are in the UK, impatiently awaiting your departure date or thinking about going in the future.... Scroll down to view this month's topics, articles and info.


Introductory Comments

What’s New:


  • In the UK!
    • Question of the Month - 'Starting a LTD Company in the UK'
    • Engineering and Construction Jobs in Australia
  • Still in Australia/NZ/SA/Canada?
    • We interview Fastream - Engineering, Town Planning specialist recruitment in the UK

In every issue:

Introductory Comments

Welcome to WORKgateways' November e-newsletter.

Richard Branson sure is an inspiration isn't he? Even if you do prefer the antics of the 'other Rich Guy', you surely must enjoy some aspects of Richard's series. Richard Branson, never one to miss out on a good thing, has jumped head first into reality, TV that is. The show is currently airing more or less worldwide. At last, a Reality TV show for the adventurer in every working traveler: world wide travel, adventure, interesting people and maybe even a job awaits the spirited contestants.

If you haven't seen it yet - check it out! We think this one is our favourite so far! If this doesn't awaken the dormant travel bug in you - maybe you should stay home.

As I write, Mr. Trump's hotel chain files for bankruptcy protection.

This month we have a packed issue for you. Due to the massive number of emails we receive daily and simply cannot answer we will try to do it here with a section we are re-introducing: "FAQ of the month."

Accommodation London

Need well-located, stylish, affordable accommodation when you first arrive in London? Visit

What’s New...

Job Industry Updates

Architecture Jobs UK

  • Architecture is enjoying a resurgence. We have a record number of jobs in all areas this month and Recruitment Consultants are crying out - "please ask more to come to the UK!" Areas in demand are for Architects with at least 1 year experience or Technicians with excellent CAD skills. Most positions will require you to have some experience (at least 1 year post-graduation). View the latest architecture jobs.

Town Planning Jobs UK

  • There is continued demand for Planners in the UK. However, many recruitment consultants have told us that a slight slow down is expected between now and January. Budgets for local government are released in April and are normally of a 'use it or lose it' nature. Come January, recruitment tends to pick up as local councils spend their money to ensure they get more. If you are currently in the UK and looking for a job - don't worry too much, a 'slow down' in Town Planning doesn't mean you won't get a job, just that you may wait a little longer to get a start date. Get a mobile phone and see the sights! View all town planning jobs...

Engineering and Construction Jobs UK

  • Engineers in the usual areas are in high demand. Busiest recruitment areas are structures, highways, HVAC, and most Civil infrastructure related positions. The time it takes to get a job will only be affected slightly over the holiday period. View all engineering jobs...
  • Traditionally the Construction industry takes a couple of weeks off at Christmas. This also allows working travelers employed in the industry to visit home or head to Europe for some skiing. Demand in most areas is expected to be strong in the New Year. View all construction jobs...

Trades, Building Services and Building Jobs UK

  • Trades, Building Services and Building Jobs - As usual, you will not have a problem getting employment. Be prepared to purchase boots and tools to get a quick start. View the latest UK Trades, Building Services and Building Jobs

Teaching Jobs UK

  • January, January, January. The new school year awaits! If you are qualified Teacher with at least 6 months experience - your best bet is to apply directly to jobs or register with agencies now. Permanent positions will most likely be for a January start. View all teaching jobs or Register with Agencies.

Legal , Accounting, Banking, Office and other City Jobs

  • Jobs that are generally based in Central London and at Canary Wharf are affected by the usual string of office parties and holidays that employers tend to take. Sometimes this can actually present opportunities for short term temp work. Our advice - apply to jobs - but be prepared to be a bit relaxed about what happens until the New Year.

Legal Jobs UK

Accounting Jobs UK

Other Admin Jobs UK

Qualified Social Worker Jobs UK

  • The demand for qualified, experienced social workers with registration to the GSCC continues. The Holiday period will have little effect. View all social work jobs...

Bar, Waiting, Chef Jobs UK

  • Over the holiday period look out for jobs requiring experienced people for short term work. In general, the hospitality sector remains strong in all areas from bar work to chef work. View the latest Bar, Hospitality and Chef jobs.


In The UK


Hi, my question relates to opening a limited company. While I temp my current rate is ?15p/h, however if I were to become a Ltd Company my rate would increase, right? Can you explain to me how this works? -Steve

Hi Steve,
Thank you for the question. There can be financial advantages of utilizing a payroll service for UK based freelancers. Basically a LTD company is a legal business structure that is recognised by Inland Revenue. Before IR35 (Tax legislation) was introduced many individuals opened a LTD company and operated as an employee within that LTD Company. Without going into unnecessary detail - for many individuals IR35 has reduced the tax advantages of operating a LTD company (which was what Inland Revenue had in mind!). The good news however is that many accountants and travellers companies operate payroll services and umbrella companies specifically aimed at Contractors such as IT, Engineering and Healthcare. Therefore, if you qualify, using a 'payroll service' or 'Umbrella company' you can maximise your take home earnings as well as add benefits that permanent employees receive, such as sick pay.

For more information on our website visit company options.

It is important to realize that you are ultimately responsible for the tax you pay and you should seek the services of a tax specialist.

Engineering and Construction Jobs in Australia

Last week we interviewed Phil Isard from Consultive based out of Melbourne. Consultive are specialists at Engineering and Construction recruitment in Australia. If you missed it, here is the interview.

For more information about Consultive visit Consultive.

Still in Australia/NZ/SA/Canada

INTERVIEW with Fastream - Engineering, Town Planning specialist recruitment in the UK

This month we wanted to find out what was happening in the Engineering and Town Planning industries in the UK. We keep hearing that things are good, but how good? Also, what can you do to help yourself into a great role as easily as possible? We interviewed Lesley Rutter, who is a Manager with Fastream. Fastream are specialists in Town Planning, Engineering and Architectural recruitment.

Q. - What are the opportunities in the UK?

A. - Lesley) Both Contract (Temp) and Permanent job opportunities exist in Engineering and Town Planning. Design consultancies and the public sector are both in need of good engineers in Civil, Structural, River and Coastal, Traffic and Highways, Site Surveyors and Urban Design. Town Planners are most in demand for the public sector.

Q. - That's a big list, are there any areas you would say stand out as being stars at the moment?

A. - Lesley) Traffic and Highways in Engineering, and Town Planning in general.

Q. - Fastream has been recruiting Antipodeans and Brits alike for many years, we understand you have set up a new division could you tell me about it?

A. - Yes, we have set up a division specifically aimed at the Public Sector. As part of this, we have dedicated consultants who only deal with this area. This means we can find better positions for people who apply to us and also enables us to better manage the significant volume of jobs we get from the Public Sector.

Q. - What are the benefits of working for the Public Sector in the UK?

A. - Contracts tend to be long term and there is good money available for people with specific skills.

Q. - Could you tell me what gives candidates an inside edge in getting a good job?

A. - If you really want to stand out, 2 years+ experience in your chosen field is ideal. Apart from that you just need to be flexible. For your first job in the UK, being flexible on your rate and the location of the position means fast and fruitful employment. Once you have some UK experience then you can get a bit pickier about what you want to earn and the location. Initially however if you want to walk into a great job - flexibility is the key.

Thank you Lesley, really appreciate your time!

To view some of the latest jobs from Faststream.

Find out more from Faststream.

In Every Issue:

Great Trip Ideas:

GUATEMALA - In our opinion no trip around the world would be really complete without traveling to Central America, South America, or at least Mexico.

The diversity of Culture, Cuisine and Geography in every part of every one of those counties is absolutely amazing. One notable and common characteristic all those countries share: Spanish (except of course the Portuguese speaking Brazilians). If you really want to have fun and broaden your horizons, learning a new language is your ticket. As far as languages go - Spanish is easier, fun and you sound good sooner. The best way to pick up some Spanish quickly and have a great time doing so, is to get over there. Forget the classroom or tapes before you leave, you can sign up (more cheaply) for lessons once you are there and learn faster through complete immersion.

Our number 1 pick, and many travelers agree, is - Antigua, Guatemala.

Back in the day, Antigua was a regional political, religious and commercial hub in Central America. The resulting wealth ensured that impressive churches, schools and homes were built. Over the Centuries, however, earthquakes in the region have meant that only a small number of restored colonial buildings exist, along with many ruins. The result is a wonderful mix of cobblestone streets, trendy bars, great restaurants and backpackers from around the world. Compared with most parts of Central and South America this is truly a relaxing haven and quite cosmopolitan. All this makes for the perfect place to learn to speak Spanish. Many language schools exist and they are known to be the best and cheapest in all of Central America. Class sizes are usually kept small to facilitate learning and mine was actually 1 on 1 for 8 hours/day. As part of the bargain which amounted to $110US/week - I had full board and lived with a wonderful Guatemalan family who did not know a word of English - great for learning. The family's food was really very good although I could have eaten more. Only 1 other student was staying with us and the family's home was traditional, clean and hospitable.

As you can imagine the quality and price of all inclusive packages (classes, room and board) can vary enormously. Prices range from about $70US to $170 per day - so shop around. Find out how many students you will be living with, the number of students per class and if possible, go observe classes taking place before you agree to a price. This method served me very well to get a great deal.

An alternative to the all-inclusive, is staying in one of the 100 or so hotels in Guatemala and attend "day school" but I found this was actually more expensive and the experience of living with a real Guatemalan family was most memorable.

Here are some pictures of Antigua.

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