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WORKgateways UK e-newsletter

Monthly e-News for the UK Working Traveler

14 June 2005 Volume 3 Issue 1

WORKgateways e-newsletter is written for UK working travelers whether you are in the UK, impatiently awaiting your departure date or thinking about going in the future.... Scroll down to view this month's topics, articles and info.

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Introductory Comments

What's New:


  • Still in Australia/NZ/SA/Canada?
  • This month, we asked a leading UK-based technical recruitment agency to answer some of the really important questions, such as:

  • Can you just step off the plane and get any job you want?
  • How much experience is required to do well?
  • Why are travellers so important to the UK industry?
  • IN THE UK!
  • MORE ????'s! - How to negotiate a pay increase.

In every issue:

  • Site of the month - Every wanted to get real crazy? - try this -
  • Pamplona Fiesta San Fermin 2005 - feel the global camaraderie; 8 days of non-stop party, parades, giants, marching bands, fiesta and of course the annual running of the bulls - Visit - Gu?a de Sanfermin

    As the website says - "FOUNTAIN NAVARRERIA

    It is a new fad, begun by some Australian visitors who used to meet up together at the bar called La Mejillonera near the fountain. Nobody knows why, but it seems to have a particular attraction for most of the foreigners who visit us during the festivals. Even if it is quite a wild "tradition", more and more visitors like to take part in it. After been drinking for a while (beer, kalimotxo-coke with wine-,liquors.), they climb to the top of the fountain, which is in the middle of the street, and they dive off the top to the waiting arms of the mates below."

Introductory Comments

This time of year is fantastic in the UK. In addition to pint-drinking patio weather, Pamplona and sunsets at 9:30pm, there is a truckload of sport. For those of you who aren't aware, let me tell you about the June sporting events. Not only have we got The Ashes and the Lions Rugby in NZ we also have Wimbledon, Henley Regatta and Royal Ascot. Whether you tune in or show up to these events, the excitement surrounding these well known, prestigious and fun-filled events is usually contagious.

Many Antipodeans are getting set for the sporting sensation that is Wimbledon. It starts on 20th June and is not to be missed. The beautiful thing is that even if you haven't got tickets, you could still go. For the truly dedicated amongst you, a limited number of tickets are retained for sale on the day of play to those people queuing at the Ground: "500 tickets each, for the Centre (except for the last 4 days), No.1 and No.2 Courts, are specifically reserved for sale at the turnstiles." Also, "Ground tickets entitle use of the No.2 Court standing enclosure and unreserved seating and standing on Courts 3-19. Approximately 6000 ground tickets are available each day" It's quite humorous that many of the best tickets end up in the hands of travellers just like us because we are crazy enough to take a sleeping bag and queue up the day before. And why not, for many it's a once in a lifetime chance! If sleeping out in a queue is done for you, there are other ways to be part of the action. If someone leaves the Wimbledon ground on the days of play they "resell" the tickets. Or perhaps you can just head down to "Henman Hill"

And that's just the tennis, what would the full UK summer experience be without Royal Ascot or the Henley Regatta?

Royal Ascot - Tuesday 14th to Saturday 18th June 2005 Yes, Melbourne Cup is huge, but wait till you see this. Here is the website - Royal Ascot

Loved watching "the Boat Race"?, maybe, just maybe the Henley Royal Regatta is for you - Here is the website - Henley Royal Regatta- 3rd July 2005

What's New.


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Still in Australia/NZ/SA/Canada.

This month we asked Melissa Thomas, a recruitment consultant (and Aussie) from RGB, to help us explain some of the really important questions. Whilst RGB is mainly focused on Technical employment, all the questions answered here related to ALL professions including Accounting, Law, Medical, Teaching, Nursing, Social Work.

Jane: First of all, please tell us 'who is RGB'?

Melissa: RGB is a technical recruitment consultancy with offices around the UK including London, Exeter and Birmingham. We assist professionals from the UK and abroad secure permanent and temporary positions. We have various divisions including Architecture & Interior Design, Town Planning, Building Surveying, Engineering and CADD.

Jane: Can someone just step off the plane and get a good job?

Melissa: An open mind is required to get that first job but basically, yes. I am not saying that everyone walks into a perfect 'job of their dreams', however the opportunity to develop your career and get to a solid level of earning power is definitely there for everyone with proper qualifications. It's important to remember that the system is slightly different here in the UK and there will be a transitional period. The transitional period basically entails getting some UK experience on your CV. After that initial UK experience is there, the opportunities will start to flourish.

Jane: How much UK experience is required to do well?

Melissa: Now this will differ between disciplines and locations, but roughly 6 to 12 months of UK experience and job hunters will start to notice the demand for their services increase and great opportunities opening up.

Jane: Why are travellers so important to the UK industry?

Melissa: It is fairly clear that the UK experiences chronic shortages of people in many professions. Industries recognise that diversity and the flexibility to cross-train professionals from overseas is the best way to sustain their industry. The opportunities here are unbelievable for young people looking to take the chance on an overseas working holiday.

Jane: What are the opportunities in the UK?

Melissa: There are some fantastic opportunities for Antipodeans in the UK at the moment. RGB's clients are very supportive of working holidaymakers and recognise overseas qualifications and experience. We currently have numerous vacancies across all disciplines. Our active vacancies are updated regularly on

Jane: What roles would be of particular interest to users of Melissa: We have had huge success finding opportunities for town planners, engineers, both civil and structural and architectural candidates. The demand is more or less even across all desks and we are thrilled with the effect that WORKgateways has had on our business. We believe the overseas resource of candidates is certainly going to be a huge portion of the UK employment market for years to come and our clients agree with this as well.

Jane: Thank you Melissa, we really appreciate your insight.

Editors Note: All of the recruitment agencies featured on WORKgateways are very good at helping overseas travellers get UK work. That is why we invite them to be on RGB is one of these and more information and contact details can be found here -

In The UK

MORE ????'s! - How to negotiate a pay increase. Here is a very common scenario: You have started working in the UK 4 months ago. At the time you took the job you had no UK experience and you accepted an hourly rate that was a couple of pounds less than your colleagues. Now that you have got a handle on the UK system the time has come to get what you're worth or move on. How should you handle this situation?

Well, here is your guide to successfully earning more money.

Firstly, if you are working through an agency - speak to your recruitment consultant first. They can, and often will, make things happen for you and should be skilled in the art of win-win negotiation. Remember: it is in their interest to ensure you remain happy. Having a good relationship with your recruitment consultant can really pay off.

In many cases it is as simple as that. Just ask your recruitment consultant. If, however, you are in a permanent job or find that you are in a better position to negotiate with your employer than your Recruitment Consultant.

The key to successful negotiating is this: Preparation and Attitude

PREPARATION: have a good think about what your employer is trying to achieve and then think how you are part of the solution. More to the point, how have you improved in being part of the solution? For example, you might mention recent successes, meeting deadlines, significant improvement in relevant software skills, increased sales, increased responsibility, or increased knowledge of relevant UK standards, regulations or similar.

ATTITUDE: Knowing what you bring to the table will help a lot in being positive and confident in convincing your employer you are worth some extra cash. If your employer can clearly see how you add value to the company, team or project, and see you as a tangible part of the solution, you're almost there. Only one thing left to do: JUST ASK.

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