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WORKgateways UK e-newsletter

Monthly e-News for the UK Working Traveler

August 2006 Volume 3 Issue 12

The WORKgateways e-newsletter is written for working travellers bound for the UK hailing from all over the globe - from New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Canada and more. Whether you're already in the UK, impatiently awaiting your departure date or thinking about going in the future, we've got something for you. Scroll down to view this month's info.



What's new

Growth in UK graduate positions
Financial market hots up
News hits international nurses hard


Architecture UK - building opportunities
Better banking - get organised!
How much can you earn in the UK?
Investigating international money transfers

In every issue

What's going on around the UK?
Star sites of the month


It's already August - and the UK is still revelling in sunshine with some of the hottest days on record. What a perfect time for all the working travellers in the UK missing warmer climates!

This month we have important news for financiers, nurses and all graduate working travellers as well as an in-depth focus on the UK architecture industry.

Don't miss out on the great prize and brilliant websites we've also found especially for you!

What's new

Growth in UK graduate positions means more jobs for working travellers

Recent research has shown that graduate-level vacancies in the UK have risen by 16.7% and the median starting salaries for graduates in the UK has climbed 2.9% to ?23,136.

The Summer AGR (Association of Graduate Recruiters) Graduate Recruitment Survey 2006 - a survey of 235 of the UK's leading employers - reveals that graduate vacancies have risen for the third year running, with the number of positions for graduates up by 16.7% on last year. More than half of the respondents expect recruitment levels to hold firm in 2007.

On average, recruiters receive only 28 applications per vacancy, which is great news for qualified working travellers coming to the UK to plug the shortage of suitable university-educated workers.

Register with a UK recruitment agency!

Financial market hots up

Data from various sources suggests that the UK financial recruitment market has reached its busiest level for six years.

Research from the Blomfield Group revealed that, in London, it has been taking a mere 8.6 weeks to fill a vacancy (that's from the date of posting the job to the date of the new employee starting), compared to 10.0 weeks a year ago and 11.8 weeks in 2000.

The markets in Scotland and the Irish Republic are following a similar pattern. (In March, over 25,000 accountancy jobs were advertised - 11% more than in February and twice the number last December.)

Job opportunities for accountants in the north of England are also increasing at an even faster rate than in the south. Over the past 12 months, accounting job vacancies in commerce & industry and public practice grew by 40% in Manchester and the north-west, 35% in Yorkshire and the north-east and 24% in London and the south-east. So it's just a matter of choosing where you would like to live!

Apply for Accounting and Finance jobs here

News hits international nurses hard

Nursing has been removed from the UK Home Office's occupation shortage list, making it harder for nurses from outside the UK to work there.

Nurses from outside Britain and the EU will now only be able to apply for a work permit if the National Health Service cannot fill positions with home-grown applicants. The move was made because it was found that UK nursing graduates are having trouble finding work.

Nurses with less than two years' experience (and no visa) will now have to go through the same work permit channels as those in occupations not on the shortage list. They will still be permitted to work if they fall under other visa categories (such as the working holiday visa or ancestry visa).

The move has been criticised by the Royal College of Nursing who say the UK needs the huge number of international nurses who work there.

Read about nursing jobs in the UK here


Architecture industry UK - building opportunities

This month we talked to Nick from Opus Career Management, a recruitment agency for the architecture industry in London and the UK.

Do you get many working travellers passing through your agency?

Predominantly the working travellers are from Europe, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. We have a fair few but we always want more as they are extremely well received by architectural employers.

What is the general level of experience working travellers who pass through your agency have? What is the required level of experience to find work in London and the rest of the UK?

The general levels of experience tend to vary from very junior (c. 6 months) through to senior people (10 years plus). Basically anyone with at least a year's good architectural experience in their own country tend to be of use to a UK employer. We at Opus find it very easy to place people with two years plus.

What are the opportunities for people looking to work outside London in the rest of the UK?

We predominantly recruit in London and the Home Counties but the whole of the UK architecture market is busy, so there are opportunities all over the UK. However, London is the hub of the architectural market so that is where most people want to work.

Is the work generally contract, permanent or temporary? Is the work 'working holiday visa-friendly'?

There are opportunities for both contract work or permanent work for good, solid architectural staff. The larger firms often give candidates a choice of doing either, but the market is busy both on a contract and permanent basis. As long as candidates have a visa (even if its working holiday visa) then that is fine.

What are the rates of pay like?

Rates of pay vary, but an example would be ?15-18/hr as an architectural assistant, and ?19-23/hr as an Architect.

What is your view of the current market for architecture jobs in the UK?

The market is as busy as I have known it to be in eight years - we need more good candidates from overseas to fill these vacancies!!!

Find out more about Architecture opportunities in the UK here

Search for architecture jobs with Opus Career Management and other UK architecture agencies here

Better banking - get organised!

If you ask any newly-arrived, unorganised traveller to the UK what they wish they had done before they arrived, they will undoubtedly wish they had organised a bank account!

It is notoriously difficult for working travellers to open bank accounts once they get to the UK - you need to have a job and a lease, it will take a long time, and in some cases, leaves you with a bank card you can't use anywhere but in the UK (so forget withdrawing emergency cash while holidaying in the rest of Europe!)

Organising a bank account before you get to the UK is cheap and easy, and WORKgateways can help you pick the right package for you.

E-mail WORKgateways to find out about the Bank Account Kickstart Package or read about the different options here.

How much can you earn in the UK?

Everyone wants to know about how many pounds they're going to pocket! You have to know how much you can potentially earn so you can get planning your whole UK experience.

Find out how to maximise your UK salary

Investigating international money transfers

So you've arrived in the UK, hopefully you've got a bank account, but you don't have any English pounds yet? A common challenge working travellers face is getting a lump sum of their cash from home into their UK bank account - often your bank will charge you a large fee for the privilege of moving your money!

You may also want to pay off your credit card from home while you are in the UK, or send money back home for other leftover bills.

Read our guide to international money transfers here, and find out which option works best for you and your dosh.

In every issue

Whats going around the UK

Catch the working travellers' yarn, The Vegemite Tales, showing now in London. This play (starring Blair McDonough of Big Brother and Neighbours fame) tells the stories which arise from a group of Aussies flat-sharing in London. It's sure to be a massive hit so look out for it!

Star sites of the month

Summer BBQs, jaunts to Germany and Switzerland for a day, and a visit from the old's. What else is going on in Pru's London?

Either you travel on it every day, or you've heard the fabled stories about the London Underground. Find out what's it's really like with this hilarious guide to the tempestuous Tube - Going Underground.

WIN a guide to Edinburgh!

Win a guide to Edinburgh

Everyone loves the Scottish capital - cultural, picturesque, a short trip from London, and you've got to love those kilts! We've got five copies of the brand-spanking new Lonely Planet guide to Edinburgh so don't miss out!

To win your copy send your name and address to WORKgateways with 'Edinburgh' in the subject line to be in the running.

Last month's lucky winners of the Lonely Planet Great Britain guide were: Nathan Ritchie, Western Australia; Lauren Mead, Surrey; Linda Williamson, Victoria; Shannon Carty, London; Lyn Burrow, South Australia.

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