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WORKgateways UK e-newsletter

Monthly e-News for the UK Working Traveler

October 2006, Volume 3 Issue 14

The WORKgateways e-newsletter is written for working travellers bound for the UK hailing from all over the globe - from New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Canada and more. Whether you're already in the UK, impatiently awaiting your departure date or thinking about going in the future, we've got something for you. Scroll down to view this month's info.


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Straight off the back of an awesome summer, October is starting to get a bit of a chill in the air in the UK! But not to worry, new experiences and exciting times await working travellers venturing to or already in the UK at this terrific time of year. Job opportunities abound, plans for a white Christmas and winter ski holidays are afoot but there's still time to soak up a bit more sun.

This month we've got news for working travellers who want to break the mould and head outside London, info on ways to save tax, bank accounts, recruitment news, how to apply for thousands of jobs and more. The UK waits for no-one, so start making you dream happen!

Whats New

Experience Architecture outside London

There's more to the UK than the sparkling English capital, London. More and more dynamic cities in England, Scotland and Wales are attracting working travellers in droves. This month we spoke to David from one of Architecture recruitment agencies, Eden Brown. He talked to us about the excellent opportunities for architects outside London and why the UK loves working travellers.

WG: David, how are the working travellers you deal with received by employers?

We get a number of working travellers from across the globe. Employers are very open to taking them on, as long as they have the relevant skills. I have recently placed candidates from Australia, Germany and Poland, who are all getting on fantastically in their new roles!

WG: What kinds of Architecture positions are available outside London?

We deal with a wide variety, from CAD Technicians to Director level positions, and both permanent and contract vacancies.The market is buoyant to say the least, so there are a lot of jobs around for the good candidates.

WG: You recruit predominantly for South West and Midlands areas of England, and for Wales - how different is it working in the industry in these locations as opposed to in London?

The majority of the practices are smaller than those in London, however this has a lot of benefits. They often work on projects of similar scale, and often their employees will get a larger level of involvement, more individual attention and recognition. Working travellers seem to like many of the cities such as Bristol, Birmingham and Cardiff as they offer many of the same attractions of London, but it is also a lot easier to escape to the countryside, seaside, and more beautiful parts of the country.

WG: What is the required level of experience to find work in the locations you deal with?

As long as candidates have a couple of years' good experience, they generally create a welcome response from employers. We find that those coming from Europe, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand receive a warmer welcome - this seems to be because they can adapt fairly easily to the UK regulations and construction methods.

WG: What are the rates of pay like?

The rates of pay are a little lower than London's, however the cost of living is of course a lot lower, so you can benefit from a higher standard of living.The money is normally higher is some of the larger cities than some of the more rural locations too.

What is your view of the current market for architecture jobs in the UK?

The market in the areas that I cover is predominantly permanent, however there are still contract positions around. The market is currently very good, and looking at how many areas are being redeveloped and invested in, I see it being like this for quite some time. Of course there are always peaks and troughs in any market, but I think we are certainly in one of the peaks right now!

Find out what it's like to live and work outside London by registering with Eden Brown and other agencies or find out more information about working as an Architect in the UK.

Different industry? WORKgateways can help you. Register with an agency in your industry now or if you are arriving soon (or already in the UK) apply to specific jobs with WORKgateway

Are you a working traveller working outside London? We want to hear from you! E-mail our Newsletter Editor and you could feature in an upcoming newsletter

Save on UK tax and get more pounds in your pocket

You may have heard from people already working in the UK or recruitment agencies who talk about limited companies or PAYE. But what exactly are these things and how can they help you maximise your salary?

In the UK there are two main methods you can choose to get paid by: PAYE (pay as you earn) or through a LTD company (limited company). The most common scheme of payment for working travellers in the UK is PAYE which means tax and National Insurance contributions are deducted from your pay by your employer before you receive your take home pay. These deductions amount to around 24% of your pay, depending on how much you earn.

A limited company is the best option for you if you are going to be working through an agency, or as a temporary or contract worker. Setting yourself up in your own company means you will pay the lower tax rate of around 19% and you may also be eligible to claim certain expenses, such as travel, phone or laptop, against your tax.

WORKgateways is soon to announce an exciting partnership with a company in London who can help you decide the best pay scheme for you (and they are the cheapest price we've found anywhere!) Stay tuned to find out more in next month's newsletter or keep checking our website for more information.

Read more about PAYE and Limited companies here and to find out more about finances visit the WORKgateways Travel Money Directory.

Antipodean sports in London - you don't have to miss out

Fight the infamous Heathrow injection when you get here by taking advantage of the huge sporting culture for travellers in London.

You may think you may have to hang up the footy boots or pack your netball gear away when you embark on your working holiday, but the good news is there are heaps of Aussies, South Africans, Kiwis, Canadians and more travellers participating in netball, touch footy, soccer, basketball and AFL competitions across London (and the rest of England).

Here are some great sporting leagues, most set up by antipodeans themselves! All nationalities are welcomed.

Social sports - play ladies or mixed netball all year round in various venues across London (indoor in the winter of course!)

Touch Rugby International - enter as a team or individuals in one of the many leagues across London and the rest of England.

ANZSAC Basketball - men's, women's and mixed leagues with 'basketball and booze' social nights.

BARFL (the British Australian Rules Football League) -a league spanning across England and Scotland, and the oldest Aussie Rules league outside Australia.

If watching is more your style, the good news is that pubs (especially in the South West of London) are committed to showing important rugby, AFL or NRL matches from the southern hemisphere. Just ask all the Aussies who woke up bleary eyed at 5am a couple of weeks ago to watch the Aussie Rules and Rugby League grand finals in dozens of venues!

Australian Rules matches between main teams are also frequently held between seasons. The next big one is Port Adelaide Vs Geelong at the Brit Oval on 21st October. Check out the BARFL website for more info.

Our roving traveller Pru has just wrapped up her second season of netball in London with Social Sports. Find out more about her sporting escapades and about living in London at her BigOE blog


Apply now for thousands of UK jobs

Leaving your home soon, or already in the UK? There's currently over 8,000 UK jobs listed on our site waiting for the right candidate to apply. Could it be you? Apply now and give your working holiday a kickstart.

Better banking - get organised

It is notoriously difficult for working travellers to open bank accounts once they get to the UK - you need to have a job and a lease, it will take a long time, and in some cases, leaves you with a bank card you can't use anywhere but in the UK (so forget withdrawing emergency cash while holidaying in the rest of Europe!)

Organising a bank account before you get to the UK is cheap and easy, and WORKgateways can help you pick the right package for you.

E-mail WORKgateways to find out about the Bank Account Kickstart Package

Need to transfer moner internationally? Investigate your options

So you've arrived in the UK, hopefully you've got a bank account, but you don't have any English pounds yet? A common challenge working travellers face is getting a lump sum of their cash from home into their UK bank account - often your bank will charge you a large fee for the privilege of moving your money!

Read our guide to international money transfers here, and find out which option works best for you and your dosh.

Latest exchange rates and currency notes from Tranzfers

The Canadian Dollar:A strong CAD has eased the GBP/CAD exchange rate to 2.0984. The fall in the rate has been driven primarily by rebounding commodity and crude oil prices which account for much of Canada's export earnings..

The Australian Dollar:The PoundSterling is trading strongly against the Aussie Dollar at the moment and reached 2.53 last week for the first time in over six months. The exchange rate has since cooled, but remains over 2.50.

The New Zealand Dollar::A remarkably strong New Zealand Dollar has pushed the GBP/NZD to near six month lows this week following speculations of further interest rate rises from the Reserve Bank of New Zealand. After reaching 2.83, the rate has since eased back to 2.88 following lukewarm economic data on the NZ economy.

In every issue

Win Win Win! A traveller's guide to Madrid from Lonely Planet

This newest edition of the Lonely Planet Madrid guide is not even in the stores yet! The Spanish capital is a place of immense cultural, historical and political importance. Get this comprehensive guide to a fascinating and beautiful city that has survived tragic terrorist attacks, is ambitious for an Olympic Games, and is a must-see on any European tour.

To win a copy, e-mail your name and address to WORKgateways with 'Madrid' in the subject line.

Last month's lucky winners of the Lonely Planet Budapest guide were: Jill Anderson, London; Pragya Adukia, Edinburgh; Elise May O'Ryan, Queensland; Seema Vijaya, Hannover, Germany.

Star sites of the month

Text in Touch - This fantastic website almost sounds too good to be true. It provides a free service whereby you can send a text message to a dedicated number and that message is distributed to lists of e-mail addresses, so you can stay in touch with home while you are travelling for the price of one message. It will save you money on Internet Cafes (and saves you actually having to find one in the first place!) That should keep your mum happy!

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