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WORKgateways UK e-newsletter

Monthly e-News for the UK Working Traveler

January 2007, Volume 3 Issue 17

The WORKgateways e-newsletter is written for working travellers bound for the UK hailing from all over the globe - from New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Canada and more. Whether you're already in the UK, impatiently awaiting your departure date or thinking about going in the future, we've got something for you. Scroll down to view this month's info.


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Happy New Year! Fresh off the back of Christmas and New Year celebrations (and an Ashes whitwash for the Aussies!), WORKgateways is ready to help you realise your UK dreams in 2007. This newsletter you can read some hints about the exciting things in store for WORKgateways members, so make sure you don't miss out and get registered today.

This month is one for engineers with promising news about landing a job in the lead up to the 2012 Olympics. We've also got important news about the new skills shortage list, and improvements to our forum where you can ask any question relating to your UK move.

Beat the post-Christmas blues by landing yourself this month's giveaway prize: a Lonely Planet destination guide to Prague!

What's new

2007 booming for engineers - it's a jobseekers market!

A UK labour market report in December stated that engineering and construction staff are the most sought-after type of temp worker. Find out here about the excellent job prospects in structural and civil engineering for 2007.

The Civil and Structural recruitment market in the UK is now at it’s strongest with the demand for candidates across all levels and disciplines increasing all of the time. As 2007 begins, this trend looks set to continue with particular demand for contract engineers and technicians. It’s predicted that a large percentage of jobs this year will be available in consultancies and the public sector, where the number of commercial and residential projects looks set to increase. The UK government’s decision to back the building of new schools and more hospitals will also increase available jobs.

For London-based jobseekers, 2007 will be fruitful. The number of urban re-generation projects on the books is booming, and jobs created by the 2012 Olympics (to be hosted by London) will bring the biggest rise in demand.

The need for improvements to transport links into and across London to increase the capacity to handle the Games is in full flow. Recruitment consultancies are pressured to take on more candidates to meet these demands. In particularly high demand are structural engineers, as well as highways, infrastructure and traffic engineers.

The forecasted boom for the Civil Engineering market in 2007 will in essence allow candidates to have their pick of jobs. For overseas candidates looking to work in London who have the ability to fit into UK practices, it is a great opportunity.

Dave Hutchinson, Manager of Faststream Recruitment’s Civil & Structural division commented: “The number of vacancies we have for positions in or around London is growing daily. For overseas candidates with the right skill sets, it’s a really exciting time to come to the UK and make your mark. A comprehensive choice of jobs is readily available and the candidate short marketplace means that you really will have plenty of choice.”

Find out more about Civil & Structural Engineering job opportunities with Faststream at their website here or you can view an online profile here

New shortage skills list announced by the UK Home Office

In December 2006 an amended list of the UK occupations suffering from a shortage of workers was announced by the Home Office.

Jobseekers who are in an occupation on the UK Shortage Occupation List will find it easier to gain a work permit for employment in the UK (or if you are in one of these occupations on a different visa, such as the working holiday visa, you can rest assured that there is a job waiting for you!).

The Shortage Occupation List is always being updated and the latest list, which was released in December.

For more information about UK Visas, visit the WORKgateways Visa page.

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Become a registered member with WORKgateways for free, to get access to new premium services to help you plan and enjoy living and working in the UK.

This year there will be some exciting new additions to the WORKgateways website which will make our website an even better resource for people planning their move, or already living and working in the UK. We don’t want to spoil the surprise, so all you have to do to gain access to these premium services (including the new Destination UK e-book!) is to register for free and start building your WORKgateways profile. Register here now and stay tuned!

Kiwi expat association gets more funding from NZ government

The KEA (Kiwi Expatriate Association) has been awarded $250,000 by the NZ government to assist the non-profit organisation in building and strengthening New Zealand's international connections.

KEA currently connects more than 21,000 Kiwis and other 'friends of New Zealand' living in over 174 countries across the globe. The KEA website provides a searchable database formembers which allows expat Kiwis to connect with other Kiwis across the world and access New Zealand news, business information, job opportunities

Visit the KEA website


Apply to thousands of jobs with WORKgateways

Leaving your home soon, or already in the UK? There’s currently around 9,000 UK jobs listed on our site waiting for the right candidate to apply. Could it be you? Industries currently needing great candidates are Architecture, Engineering and Construction, Teaching, Medical, Accounting/Finance, Town Planning and more. Apply now and give your working holiday a kickstart

Better banking - get organised!

It is notoriously difficult for working travellers to open bank accounts once they get to the UK – mainly because when you first arrive you do not have the required documentation, such as UK utility bills in your name.

Organising a bank account before you get to the UK is cheap and easy, and WORKgateways can help you pick the right package for you.

E-mail WORKgateways to find out about the Bank Account Kickstart Package or read about the different bank account options.

Got a question? Ask away in the WORKgateways forum!

The WORKgateways website is a font of valuable information, but we know that many of you have other questions you can't find an answer for. Why not use our new and improved WORKgateways forum, where one of our visa, employment and all-round UK experts can answer it personally for you!

You must register for free to use the forum. Take a look at the forum here and get posting!

Maximise your earning potential in the UK - take more cash home

Everyone wants to know how much they are going to earn in the UK. To ensure you get the most out of your UK earnings, there are a few things you should look out for which can help you get more pounds in your pocket. There are also companies, such as one of our partners Boss Solutions, which can help you pay the least amount of tax possible.

Find out here about maximising your UK contract rates and UK salary

Find out about limited companies and saving tax with Boss Solutions

Financial update from Tranzfers - our money transfer partner

Tranzfers is WORKgateways’ recommended money transfer partner and here they give you the latest financial update. The big news is that the GBP is even stronger this week so read this if you are planning on converting any cash!

The Sterling has come off the boil of late, falling from recent highs of just under two US dollars to the current rate of 1.9291 (GBP/USD). The recent resurgence in the US dollar has helped the Canadian dollar, which generally moves in line with the USD. CAD/GBP had initially bottomed out at 0.4350, but staged a recovery last week and is presently trading at 0.4418.

On the other crosses, the Sterling has made recent recoveries from losses for the month against the Australian dollar, with GBP/AUD presently changing hands at 2.4718 and GBP/NZD trading at 2.8105. With a quiet week ahead in terms of economic data due for release, those waiting for any large movements in the rates may have to wait until next week’s plethora of economic news.

Read here about transferring your money internationally.

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Prague is the most visited city in Eastern Europe and is getting more popular by the day. If you don't mind dodging a few British lads on stag weekends you will be in awe of this beautiful and fascinating city which is packed with smoky jazz cellars, glitzy shops, cool cocktail bars, culture and style.

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