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WORKgateways UK e-newsletter

Monthly e-News for the UK Working Traveler

19 July 2005 Volume 3 Issue 2

WORKgateways e-newsletter is written for UK working travelers whether you are in the UK, impatiently awaiting your departure date or thinking about going in the future.... Scroll down to view this month's topics, articles and info.


Introductory Comments

  • Olympic joy one minute... you know what happened next

What's New:

  • UK jobs and news for your industry!


In every issue:

  • Site of the month - - Cool way to find flatshare and roommates - They have bedsits, flats, houses and rooms to rent in the UK.

Introductory Comments

I could not write to you of London without mentioning the events of the last couple of weeks. Like us all, I was shocked and saddened by the events that unfolded Thursday July 7th. However, after the dust had settled I began to feel a sense of optimism for this world brought on by the heartening way in which the Poms coped. It is hard to find a better example of a harmonious multi-cultural society than London, England. Londoners also, undeniably, have shown a commendable strength of character, resolve and way of 'getting on with it'. It is also interesting, and I think helpful, that the BBC refrained from showing unnecessarily shocking footage. Instead, they focussed on the real political and social issues brought to the fore by such events.

Many of us feel a renewed bond with, and respect for, London and all of its people.

Whilst our thoughts are with those who have suffered, sometime later this week I plan to raise a glass to London and Londoners. Thanks for showing us the high road.

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Need Accommodation when you arrive in London?

What's New.

Job News for your industry!

Architecture Jobs UK

  • Olympics! Within minutes of winning the Olympic bid, Architecture firms in the UK began posting jobs on for Architects, Architectural Assistants and CAD technicians. View Architecture Jobs

Town Planning Jobs UK

  • The word from our Recruitment partners is "Steady and Strong". Usually demand for Planners comes in waves throughout the year. This year appears to be relatively consistent. Helen Terry from Calco confirmed that "demand is strong, particularly outside of London".

View the latest Town Planning UK jobs...

Engineering Jobs UK

  • I am pleased to report that job postings for Engineers and CAD Drafters are at an all time high! Given the recent announcement of a winning Olympic bid - the demand can be expected to increase even further. Anyone out there with Sydney Olympic experience?? Get your CV ready! Civil disciplines, M&E Engineering with respect to construction of roads and stadiums will clearly benefit from Olympic-related work.
    View the latest UK Engineering Jobs

Construction Jobs UK

  • Civil Construction and Building, along with refurbishment and shop fitting, are the hot areas. The really big news is, of course, an expected huge demand for Construction professionals as a result of the Olympics.
    View the latest UK Construction Jobs

Trades, Building Services and Building Jobs UK

Teaching Jobs UK

  • The start of the new school year in September is not far away. Demand is therefore high at present, with lots of opportunities for Secondary and Primary teachers with a Visa and experience.
    View latest jobs at Teaching Jobs

Legal Jobs UK

Qualified Social Worker Jobs UK

  • The sector continues to be in great need of qualified Social Workers - are you up for the challenge? Browse the latest vacancies to see what suits you.
    View the latest Social Work Jobs UK

Accounting and Finance Jobs UK

Happy days for Accountants seeking jobs. View the latest Accounting and Finance Jobs UK

Bar, Waiting, Sales and Nanny Jobs and OTHERS...

  • Bar/Hospitality Jobs
  • Other/Casual Work

View the latest jobs.

To View jobs in your industry - Go to Job Search.

Or, if you have plans to arrive in the UK in the next two years simply Register with Agencies in your field.


In the UK

  1. Need to send some money home?

    A bewildering array of choices exist for international money transfer and finding a fast, secure and inexpensive money transfer service is not always easy. Here is our top choice, based on cost and ease of use - Tranzfers.

    If you want to learn about all the main options that exist - A section on has been written just for you!

  2. Eating cheaply, and well, in London

    The UK isn't really known for its great food. I suppose that's not surprising given that not so long ago, 'meat and two veg' was the best you could hope for. Not so today. These days multi-cultural Britannia has some great food right across the ethnic board. Apart from the obligatory, delicious Indian curry after 8 pints, you can also find authentic Thai, Italian, Turkish and the new "gastronomic" Pub food.

    The challenge in London is not finding great food but finding reasonably good food at a reasonable price; somewhere convenient, on the way home from work, were you don't have to part with the entire day's wages.

    Years of trial and error has led us to these Top Picks:

    • Thai Food
      When in London I always go to the "Thai Square" on The Strand
      In Covent Garden "Thai Pot" has food that is just as good and a little cheaper than "Thai Square"
    • Italian
      In Covent Garden, "The Spaghetti House" always delivers - Read what other diners have to say from
    • Gastro Pubs
      In Chelsea check out the "Lots Road Pub and Dining Room" Or In Islington check out "The Alma"
    • Indian
      You can't seriously expect us to pick just one purveyor of fine curries. If you haven't been to "Brick Lane" yet, what are you waiting for.
    • Turkish
      Near London Bridge - Check out "Tas Pide" - the Turkish 'pides' are a great deal - and delicious.
  3. Still in Australia/NZ/SA/Canada.

  4. Question of the Month

    So far I have signed up with the three recruitment agencies you have on this website in my industry. I have had a response from two of them to date but I was wondering if it is OK to sign up with a few more? Is there a limit to the amount of agencies you can send your resume to and how is this looked upon in the professional arena in London?

    Hi Amy,
    Great Question. Generally 3 agencies, if they are suitable agencies for you, should be about right. Two responses already is terrific. If you are travelling from Overseas to the UK and you have a work visa or British passport, "the right agencies" can be found right here on WORKgateways. If you don't hear from the third agency within 2 weeks of applying, I would suggest you apply to another one.
    Regards, Jane

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