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WORKgateways UK e-newsletter

Monthly e-News for the UK Working Traveler

May 2007, Volume 3 Issue 21

The WORKgateways e-newsletter is written for working travellers bound for the UK hailing from all over the globe - from New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Canada and more. Whether you're already in the UK, impatiently awaiting your departure date or thinking about going in the future, we've got something for you. Scroll down to view this month's info.


What's new


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There's been some important announcements made this month in regards to shortage occupations in the UK and the new points-based immigration system which will come into effect in 2008. Stay tuned to our newsletter and website for up-to-date news.

The other exciting event to happen this month is the launch of the ALL-NEW features on the WORKgateways website. We're very excited about the new developments so we hope you don't miss out on the fab videos and scoop sheets to make your move to the UK an absolute summer breeze.

What's new

New Destination UK videos to watch for free on WORKgateways

The WORKgateways website has been relaunched and one of the most exciting developments is the Destination UK videos.

One of the best features of the revamped WORKgateways site are the fantastic new Destination UK videos. Designed to give you the best information about living andworking in the UK, the videos cover everything from visas, recruitment tips and packing your bag to London transport guides and the top 5 things to do in London. Each video is presented and produced by our resident working traveller, Simone Smith.

You can view the first two videos, London Transport and Employment tips by visiting the WORKgateways site. If you are a registered member of WORKgateways, you will be able to view the rest of the videos by logging into your account. If you are not already a member of WORKgateways, you can become a member now by registering with agencies or applying to jobs.

Teach in Scotland? Changes to the National Shortage Occupation List for work permits

There have been some changes to the National Shortage Occupation list for work permit applications, most noticeably that all teaching posts in Scotland have been added to the list.

All teaching posts in Scotland have been added to the UK National Shortage Occupation list, which means that it is now much easier to gain a work permit for these positions. Teachers in Scotland will no longer be subject to a full resident labour test.

This is great news for qualified teachers wanting to extend their time in the UK, or who are not eligible for other visas such as the working holiday visa.

As of the end of May, some occupations will be removed from the shortage list. These are Senior Physiotherapists, salaried general dental practitioners, salaried assisted dentists and salaried vocational dental practitioners. All work permit applications for these positions will now be subject to a labour test.

Read the National Shortage Occupation List here.

New points-based immigration system to start next year

The timetable for the UK?s new Australian-style points based immigration system has been announced, with plans to start phasing the new system in from 2008.

The new scheme, which will be phased in from early 2008, aims to manage migration to the UK more effectively, tackle abuse and attract the most talented workers. It will allow migrants to come to the UK under one of five tiers, replacing the more than 80 routes of entry that currently exist.

Tier 1 - highly skilled, e.g. scientists or entrepreneurs
Tier 2 - skilled workers with a job offer, e.g. nurses, teachers, engineers
Tier 3 - low skilled workers filling specific temporary labour shortages, e.g. construction workers for a particular project?
Tier 4 ? students
Tier 5 - youth mobility and temporary workers, e.g. working holiday makers

The UK hopes the new system will be clearer and easier to enforce and ensures that only those people who have something to offer Britain will be allowed in.

Stay tuned to the WORKgateways website and newsletter to find out more about the practical implications of the new system and how it might affect you.

UK banking and finance opportunities on the increase

The growing skills shortage within London ?City? banking and finance firms means that salaries are predicted to soar in 2007 for the right candidates.

The London continues to strengthen its position as the leading global financial services centre with further job growth so far in 2007. But a survey by a UK recruitment firm has shown a massive gap between supply and demand in the City jobs market. 56% of financial services institutions stated that it is more difficult or significantly more difficult to find good candidates than a year ago.

Even though last year saw rises of 10-15% in average salaries for key roles in sectors including banking, finance and accountancy, operations, risk, credit and compliance, employers expect salaries to rise further by 6-10%.

The average basic salary for a temporary newly-qualified account within product control is ?58K pa (based on ?29 per hour) and ?55K pa for a permanent newly qualified accountant.

Read about UK banking and finance jobs or find out about UK accounting jobs.

Apply to jobs in the UK now or register with agencies in your field.


New-look WORKgateways website launched - videos, scoop sheets and more!

Registered WORKgateways members who have applied to UK jobs or registered with UK recruitment agencies now have access to new top-quality content through the new-look WORKgateways website.

At WORKgateways we've been working hard to get you the latest, best information and resources for working travellers headed to the UK. Our new Premium Content, available only to registered members who have applied to UK jobs or registered with agencies through WORKgateways, is packed full of useful info for working travellers at all stages of their working holiday.

Some of the new content includes:

  • A series of fun, informative videos about all aspects of UK work, life and travel.
  • Scoop sheets giving you the inside info on visa applications
  • An interactive checklist to help you plan your working holiday
  • The popular, revamped Destination UK e-book

All the content has been written, researched and produced by working travellers and we haven't found any better resources for working holidaymakers all in one handy location! To get access to the new WORKgateways content, register with agencies or apply to jobs. If you are already a registered member of WORKgateways, just log in and click "MyContent" in the top menu to view all the new stuff!

Returning to Australia? Jobaroo can help

If you are soon to return to work in Australia, haven't left yet, or if you are a Kiwi, Brit or Canadian thinking of making the move, we have dozens of Australian employment opportunities at our new site Jobaroo. Register today and you could this months winner of ?100 worth of flight vouchers!

TO WIN: Once you have registered all your details and your CV on Jobaroo, e-mail us with 'Jobaroo flights giveaway' in the subject line and let us know when you will be arriving in Australia.

Jobaroo is the newest job site for working travellers and professional travelling to Australia, and Australians returning from overseas. We have dozens of Australian job opportunities for working travellers in professional roles in Construction, Engineering, Architecture, Medical, Office Administration and in areas such as outback and harvest work (like fruit picking), and temp roles in hospitality and office support.

Register with agencies today or apply to a job in Australia and get your Australian job search started. If you are an Australian returning home in the next six months, or anyone else travelling to Australia who has already secured your visa, BECOME A MEMBER by registering with agencies or applying to Jobs and you could WIN ?100 WORTH OF TRAVEL VOUCHERS from the provider of your choice (STA Travel, Ryanair, Easyjet, British Airways or QANTAS).

UK bank accounts made easier

Organising a bank account in the UK is something every traveller should do before they leave home. It will save you tons of time and hassle when you get to the UK, believe us! Now 1st Contact has made it even easier for travellers to get a hassle-free bank account sorted.

Applicants no longer need to show proof of home address or bank statements to apply for a bank account with 1st Contact. Now the only document you need to show is your passport (showing your entitlement to work in the UK) at the orientation meeting you attend when you get there.

And more great news for applicants who can?t get to an orientation session in London, 1st Contact have recently opened an office in Edinburgh where you can attend your orientation session.

For more information about purchasing bank accounts, and about our other bank account provider Visa First, visit UK Banking.

Financial update from Tranzfers - our international money transfer partner

If you plan on doing multiple international money transfers while you are in the UK, it's a good idea to set up an account with an online money transfer company such as our recommended partner, Tranzfers. This month they have given us the latest financial news.

The Australian dollar - The Aussie dollar remains strong at the moment and has benefited from expectations that Australia's central bank may increase interest rates again. This has investors looking for higher returns buying the AUD recently and sees the AUD/USD pair going up in recent weeks to just under 84 cents. The GBP/AUD rate has done a little bit better this week, edging up to 2.4050 currently, but is still down almost 15 cents from this year's high at 2.5484.

The New Zealand dollar - The surprise increase in interest rates from the Reserve Bank of New Zealand has many questioning how much higher they can go. At 7.75% they are the among the highest in the industrialised world and have pushed the Kiwi up to 0.7493 recently against the USD. The NZD has also had a field day against the Pound Sterling with the GBP/NZD rate dropping from 2.9000 in February to 2.6800 in April.

Read here about transferring your money internationally.

In every issue

WIN! New Lonely Planet Encounter guides for Paris, London and Hong Kong
New York City

In June, Lonely Planet will be launching a new city guidebook series for urban adventurers on short city breaks.

Books from the new Encounter series are touted as the ?ultimate pocket guides? and are written in collaboration with travellers in the know. The first titles to be released are Dublin, Barcelona, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Las Vegas, London, New York, Paris and San Francisco.

Over the next three months, WORKgateways will be giving away ALL the titles from the Encounter series! This month, two lucky winners will get a copy each of the London, Paris AND Hong Kong Encounter guide books. To enter, email us with 'ENCOUNTER' in the subject line. Entries close 30 May.

Winners of Lonely Planet New York City guide:

Gretchen Lamond, Clapham Junction, London; Samara Cottam, Auckland, NZ; Vanessa Mong, Brisbane QLD; Simone Evans, Putney Hill, London; Kate Colhoun, Hammersmith London.

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