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WORKgateways UK e-newsletter

Monthly e-News for the UK Working Traveller

October 2007, Volume 3 Issue 26

The WORKgateways e-newsletter is written for working travellers bound for the UK hailing from all over the globe - from New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Canada and more. Whether you're already in the UK, impatiently awaiting your departure date or thinking about going in the future, we've got something for you. Scroll down to view this month's info.


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Exciting news this month as WORKgateways joins Facebook and teaching recruitment is given a massive boost by the start of the new school year. Don't miss out on our fabulous prize for this month and find out insider tips from working travellers currently living in the UK!

What's new

Top time for teachers

The UK is in desperate need of qualified teachers for placements in all parts of the UK. WORKgateways are here to help you find the placement that best suits you.

The new school year has just started but plenty of teachers are taken on for the beginning of the Spring term in January or for day to day supply when needed. For teachers arriving in London from overseas, there is a full range of vacancies available from agency supply teaching to permanent vacancies. Teaching jobs in the UK are usually described as being Long Term, Day to Day (or Supply) or Permanent.

WORKgateways have teamed up with some of the best teaching recruitment agencies in the UK, who all successfully place overseas candidates in UK jobs every day.

Find out about teaching jobs in the UK here or register with UK teaching recruitment agencies like Bluewave International and itnmark education.

WORKgateways joins Facebook

Yes we have finally joined the ranks of Facebook and now you can join our special WORKgateways group to make sure you stay in touch with all the latest UK recruitment and visa news.

Join our new WORKgateways Facebook group. We will be keeping members updated with new job offers, important visa news and other fun stuff. Write on the wall to meet other travellers in the UK and network!

If you are one of the first 50 members to register, you will randomly go in a draw to win a Lonely Planet Encounter guide to either London or Dublin (your choice!). Join now.

Register with agencies or apply to UK jobs now to kickstart your UK experience.

Handy UK tips from other travellers

Last month we asked you to give us your handy UK tips for other working travellers. Here's what some of our newsletter readers living in the UK sent in. They will receive a Lonely Planet guide to Barcelona for their trouble!

1. For good value for money phone calls home to Oz, try Global Tel calling cards. They are ?5.00 for ?7.50 credit and you get around 3 hours talk time to a landline in Oz.
2. Sign up for the Travel Zoo weekly newsletter for great cheap travel deals.

Billie Jo, currently living in Oxford

In regards to accommodation, renting by oneself is not worth the money here as you are up for expenses on the flat that a landlord in Australia would pay such as water and council tax (rates), and it's not cheap. Learn to love sharing in an established flat or house, and most come furnished with a bed and mattress, a wardrobe, and often a desk and chair and bedding. And the kitchen will be equipped as well, including a washing machine. For those interested, there is alot of quality stuff to choose from in gay and gay-friendly flats and homes. A specialist site is Gayshare.
Braddon, currently living in Queensway, London

Got any more useful tips for us? Email us to win a Lonely Planet guide to Barcelona. For everything you need to know about visas, UK jobs, sponsorship etc, visit our WORKgateways forum. Read the latest posts or post your own questions.


Working holiday visa services for New Zealanders

WORKgateways are happy to announce that our visa partner, Visa First, can now offer assistance with working holiday visa applications for New Zealanders.

Visa First has recently opened an office in New Zealand, which means they can offer Kiwis extra assistance with working holiday visas, National Insurance Numbers and bank accounts. Previously the visa service was available to Australians only.

Visit WORKgateways for information about visas, and find out how you can get help with your visa application.

Voting in the Australian federal election

The Australian federal election is due to be called soon. Don't let the fact that you are overseas stop you from having your say in this important event.

If you are already enrolled to vote you can vote at the Australian embassy in London (minutes from the Strand and Embankment tube station) or you can apply for a postal vote.

More information will be available at the Australian embassy website when the election is called.

Opening a UK bank account

It is notoriously difficult for working travellers to open bank accounts once they get to the UK ? mainly because when you first arrive you do not have the required documentation, such as UK utility bills in your name.

Organising a bank account before you get to the UK is cheap and easy, and WORKgateways can help you pick the right package for you - we have options from 1st Contact and Visa First. Find out more information about purchasing UK bank accounts.

Transferring your money internationally

If you plan on doing multiple international money transfers while you are in the UK, it's a good idea to set up an account with an online money transfer company such as our recommended partner, Tranzfers.

Doing international money transfers via mainstream banks can be hideously expensive and often you will have no control over the exchange rate you are getting. Especially at times like these when the Pound Sterling is very strong, it's a huge advantage to be able to have control over exactly when you want your money to be transferred.

With Tranzfers, you can deposit your money into their account and let them know exactly when you want them to transfer your cash - preferably at a time when you will get more pounds for your dollars. Their fees are really cheap too - only $15AU per transfer. Bargain!

Read here about transferring your money internationally.

In every issue

WIN! A Lonely Planet Encounter guide for Prague!


The adorable Czech town known for cheap beer, quaint cobbled streets, British stag nights and stunning architecture is ideal for an exciting short break from the UK.

Uncover the city's maze of medieval alleyways and everything else this top-notch destination has to offer with the help of the new Lonely Planet Prague Encounter guide. We have five copies to give away.

To enter email us with 'PRAGUE ENCOUNTER' in the subject line. Entries close 30 October.

Your Say - we want to hear from you! Travel guides to Barcelona up for grabs

Are you in the UK and want to feature in our newsletter? Got a hot tip for working travellers about finding a job, taking a holiday or about living in London? Or are you still at home and have found a great website? Email our newsletter editor, and if we publish your comment, we'll send you a prize!

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