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WORKgateways UK e-newsletter

Monthly e-News for the UK Working Traveler

3rd October 2005 Volume 3 Issue 4

WORKgateways e-newsletter is written for UK working travelers whether you are in the UK, impatiently awaiting your departure date or thinking about going in the future.... Scroll down to view this month's topics, articles and info.


Introductory Comments

  • Apprentice VS Survivor VS Your Life

What's New:

  • October/November jobs and news for your industry! Your guide to navigating your way to a job during one of the busiest times of the year.


  1. In the UK! A real travel experience (Part 2) - Preparation for the Big OE
  2. Still in Australia/NZ/SA/Canada?
    • A real Traveler's Forum - AFL in London, Tips for getting a job..
    • Jobmail - Don't miss out! Get the latest jobs sent to your email.
    • Need accommodation when you first arrive in London? Check out this popular choice.

In every issue:

Introductory Comments

With new seasons of Survivor and Apprentice underway I couldn't help but ask myself why so many millions around the world enjoy these shows so much? It's kind of the same thing isn't it? Gather a bunch of attractive people together, put them in the middle of the jungle (concrete or vines) offer them the world if they win and then watch the craziness begin. Here's what I think it is. As these contestants try and "make it" in Guatemala or New York unexpected things can and do happen. Watching how these people adapt to Survive and even Thrive is pretty fun.

As I was thinking about all this, it occurred to me that traveling to the UK to work is really the equivalent of entering the set of Survivor and Apprentice at the same time. A new day can easily consist of many tasks, some with rewards and some that just end in lessons learned. Some of the tasks include; getting a dream job, trying to find decent shelter, making as much money as you can and then finding something edible for dinner.

Of course traveling anywhere in the wonderful world can provide the same thrills.

And the really great thing is you get to vote yourself off.

Money Transfer - Partner

Money Transfer between home and the UK

Need to get your money back home securely and inexpensively? Our top pick -

To learn about the various money transfer options - International Money Transfer... a traveler's guide

Opening a Bank Account - Partner

Need a bank account before you go to the UK? Remember that opening a bank account in the UK can be pretty tough. Check out this Forum - Bank Accounts - Already in London

Email us for the latest bank account information pack BONUS! From 1st October: Package includes a SIM card that you can use in your mobile from home.

What's New

Job Industry Updates

Architecture Jobs UK

  • Architecture is really, really busy. Architects with at least 1 year experience or Technicians with excellent CAD skills are in high demand. To view the latest architecture jobs visit - Architecture Jobs UK

Town Planning Jobs UK

  • There is continued demand for Planners in the UK. As you would expect DC Planning is always in demand. Recently we have noticed an increase in Transport Planner positions from a number of agencies. To view the latest planning jobs visit - Town Planning Jobs UK

Engineering Jobs UK

  • The usual suspects Traffic & Transport, Roads Maintenance and Structures Engineers and CAD Drafters are in extreme demand. Water Engineering has always been pretty strong, but over the last couple months we have noticed an increasing demand for all types of positions. Check out the best jobs from agencies that know how to look after travelers. Engineering Jobs UK

Construction Jobs UK

  • Calling all Construction Engineers! Positions for Building, Refurbishment and Infrastructure Construction professionals are widely available whilst the vast number of projects in London and UK Wide are being pushed for completion. Of special note: Quantity Surveyors and Estimators are needed. View the construction jobs - Construction Jobs UK

Trades, Building Services and Building Jobs UK

  • Trades, Building Services and Building Jobs - As usual, you will not have a problem getting employment. Be prepared to purchase boots and tools to get a quick start. To view the latest trades jobs visit - Trades, Building Services and Building Jobs UK

Property Jobs UK

  • Qualified property professionals and property industry specialists in General Practice positions have always been in demand. Building Control and Survey Positions are expected to be a regular feature. As a result we have opened up a new 'Property' section in our Job Search menu! As always you can expect the Agencies featured on WORKgateways to be leaders in their field and well used to working with travelers. To view the Property Jobs click on this link - Property Jobs UK

Teaching Jobs UK

  • January is the focus now with the new school year already underway. If you are a qualified Teacher with at least 6 months experience your best bet is to apply now on WORKgateways, either directly to jobs or register with agencies. To view the latest teaching jobs visit -

Or Register with Agencies - Register

Legal, Accounting, Banking, Office and other City Jobs

Qualified Social Worker Jobs UK

  • The demand for qualified, experienced social workers registered with the GSCC continues. To view the latest social work jobs visit - Qualified Social Worker Jobs UK

Newsflash Job

Calling all Child Protection Social Workers in North America - Child Protection Social Workers Job

Bar, Waiting, Chef Jobs UK View

  • We seem to get busier and busier in this area. Traditionally it is quite easy to get a Pub or Restaurant job and this has certainly not changed. The key here is to apply about one to two weeks before you arrive. Feel free to Register for a Job before you arrive but always remember to come back and apply again to jobs that take your fancy closer to your time of arrival. To view the latest Bar, Hospitality and Chef Jobs visit - Bar, Waiting, Chef Jobs UK


In The UK

A real travel experience - Preparation for Trip (Visa, Passport, Packing, Saying Goodbye etc.)

Through the haze of partying, goodbyes and excitement leading up to your departure for your working holiday, don't forget the important things you need to do before you leave. While my greatest dilemma so far has been how exactly I'm going to fit everything in my backpack (a 20 kilo limit? are they insane!), I'm aware that the other working travellers out there may need more pertinent information.

You should apply for your UK Visa at least a few weeks before you leave. The current processing time in Australia is two weeks, with priority given to online applications (you still have to send your documentation through the post). The Visa Section of the WORKgateways website provides all the basic information and how to apply for one - How to apply for your UK Visa
The official websites for your country are listed here - Official UK Visa Sites

To be on the safe side, your passport should be valid for at least six months after your expected arrival date in the UK.

For passport renewals or applications;

Remember to leave a photocopy of your passport, credit cards and other important documents with friends or family at home to save hassle if you lose anything.

Experienced travellers say that if you can't afford travel insurance, you can't afford to travel! What may seem like an unwelcome cost at the planning stage of your trip will become a godsend if a weekend ski-jaunt in Austria turns nasty, or if you drunkenly decide to run with the bulls in Pamplona. Your travel agent will probably recommend an insurance policy to suit you. Find out some the basic things you should know the WORKgateways insurance guide or at the Insurance Council of Australia - Talking to friends or family who have travelled is also a great way to see whether their insurer worked for them.

It's also a good idea to make sure you're in good shape to take on the UK - visit your dentist and doctor for a last minute check-up, stock up on any medications you might need and get your vaccinations up-to-date. If you plan on making your own way around the UK, you may also want an international driver's license. Check your local Driving Association, they will often assist.

If you decide you just can't live without those stilettos, and you know you have a permanent address in London waiting for you, you can always freight luggage over. One of the cheapest companies I've found from Oz is luggageline but it's still not loose change! Probably best to pack light, especially if you're going to be doing some travel in Europe. Cheap airfares with carriers such as Ryan Air come with a maximum baggage allowance of 15kgs.

Don't let the little (but important) details of planning for your trip stress you out, or overshadow the fact that you are embarking on the experience of a lifetime. You may be leaving a home with people that you love and will miss, but there's a world of adventure out there waiting for you.

Still in Australia/NZ/SA/Canada

A) Jobmail

Introducing 'Job Mail' - making it easier for you to monitor the UK job market so you don't miss out on that dream job!

How? Simply login to your account, Click on "Job Mail" in the left hand side Navigation and select the types and frequency of the jobs you want to see. Oh yeah, and just as importantly, you can delete or change your Jobmail at any time.

B) Learn from a pro! What could be better than learning from the adventures of someone whose recently taken the London plunge?

A real Traveler's Forum

AFL in London, Tips to getting a job

Here is part of Pru's most recent instalment: "In the past four weeks I've lived in three different places - am SO looking forward to moving in to our place in Putney; being homeless is not fun (and wreaks havoc with your wardrobe!). My stint as a receptionist also comes to an end today, so I will be unemployed again next week (homeless and unemployed? ahh the perils of a newie in London!) I had a job interview yesterday."

In Every Issue:

Site of the Month: Make this one of your Favorites and visit Pru for one of her regular updates.

C) Popular Accommodation Option

Ashlee House is the perfect place for young travellers who want something short term. If you would like to live with a group of people with similar interests. Ashlee House is hostel accommodation, in a perfect location for sightseeing. The British Museum and British Library are within walking distance and King's Cross Station is less than two minutes away.

Book Online through our safe and secure online booking service

Alternately, if you need something longer term or just want to learn about the accommodation options in the UK - Click here

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