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WORKgateways UK e-newsletter

Monthly e-News for the UK Working Traveler

18th January 2006 Volume 3 Issue 6

WORKgateways e-newsletter is written for UK working travelers whether you are in the UK, impatiently awaiting your departure date or thinking about going in the future.... Scroll down to view this month's topics, articles and info.


Introductory Comments

  • 2006 – Boom or Bust for UK jobs?

What's New:

  • Check out what’s happening this year in your Industry


  1. A real travel experience (Part 4) – Getting started in the UK – your first couple of weeks

In every issue:

  • Site of the month: An oldie but a goody –– Lonely Planet’s online (condensed) guide to ENGLAND. Here is a snippet of the snippet:

    VIBRANT - It's now better known for vibrant cities with great
    nightlife and attractions, contrasted with green and pleasant countryside.

    WEATHER - England's climate is mild and damp, with temperatures
    moderated by the light winds that blow in off its relatively warm seas.

    FOOD – In cities travellers will find a remarkable variety of dining
    options from all over the world.

Introductory Comments

Happy New Year Working Traveller!

And what a great year it promises to be. The first week back and our UK recruitment partners are crying out for skilled/experienced people!

This week alone WORKgateways received enquires from no less than 16 new recruitment agencies wishing to use WORKgateways services. “That is the clearest indication that new arrivals in the UK with experience are in high demand”, says Quinn Askeland, of WORKgateways.

The 2006 job market is hot in the UK and flights this time of year are excellent value – so come on over. The sooner you start earning pounds, the sooner you can spend them this northern Summer!

This month’s newsletter also includes a New Year’s update from our very own roving working traveler, Pru Engel. Also, not to be missed, is her photos on her Blog from New Years clelebration - ((BREAKING NEWS! At the time of writing Ryanair had 99pence flight to many parts of Europe!!))

In "Focus", we also look at what job industries are particularly hot at the moment, with direct links to jobs listed on the Website.

Money Transfer

Money Transfer between home and the UK

Need to get your money back home securely and inexpensively? Here is our best pick -

To learn about the various money transfer options - International Money Transfer... a traveler's guide

Opening a Bank Account

Email us for the latest information pack. The pack now includes a SIM card that you can use in your mobile from home.

What's New - UK Job Links

Here is a list of the hottest job sectors in the UK.

As always a UK Visa and Ticket tot he UK are a requirement.

Accounting and Banking Jobs UK

Architecture Jobs UK

  • Experienced Architects, CAD Technicians and Technicians are in High demand. To view the latest architecture jobs visit - Architecture Jobs UK

Bar and Hospitality Jobs UK

Construction Jobs UK

Engineering Jobs UK

Medical Jobs UK

Nursing Jobs UK

Property Jobs UK

Qualified Social Work

Teaching Jobs UK

Town Planning Jobs UK

Personal Care Assistants Jobs UK


Getting started in the UK – your first couple of weeks

Pubs, parties, pints, people…your first couple of weeks in the UK are going to be a whirlwind of experience that you will never forget, so make the most of it before you have to steady yourself and find a job to finance your further adventures.

Time has flown since I arrived two weeks ago, and I have already done so much that it feels like months since I left. I've decided to postpone travel to Europe for a while, even though there are some really great deals around (check out fabulously cheap flights from London to Europe at Ryanair or compare
cheap flight prices at Skyscanner. At the moment I’m concentrating on seeing the sights in London, catching up with fellow antipodeans, and generally enjoying the ride.

Sightseeing in London is serious business. At the end of each day you can spot the weary backpacked, camera-strapped travellers on the tube who mounted an impossible mission to see it all in one day. Remember the best things are worth savouring - don't burn yourself out in the first few weeks with a sightseeing frenzy of parks and palaces, but do get started enjoying everything this vibrant city has to offer. A tube map (readily available at any station) will help you find your way to major sights you shouldn’t miss.

A Day Travelcard is the cheapest and easiest way to travel if you’re here for a short time– for £6 for one day (off peak), you get all day travel on tubes and buses. But if you’re here for a long time, you will need to purchase an Oyster card, a card you keep and top up with credit. Read all about it at the London Underground site.

You’ll need a good guidebook; I’ve got the London Lonely Planet city guide, which is a gem, and the London A – Z will become your best friend. Pick one up at any newsagent – it’s handy when you’re house-hunting, going to job interviews, or just when you’ve had a few too many lagers and you can’t find
your own way home from the pub.

Entertainment of all kinds abounds here; there is no excuse for staying in! There’s comedy clubs, theatre, dance, live music, festivals and so much more. Visit London is a great site to find out what’s going on, but there are a lot of free magazines around with gig and event guides. Talking to locals and fellow travellers is the key to discovering the places to go and what to miss, but do your research as well. Some will say The Church (a legendary antipodean hideout) is the number one partying venue in town, while others say they would rather stick a pen in their eye than go there.

A wise person once said, “Eat dessert first, life is uncertain”. So play hard and pack light, travellers, and enjoy the sweet taste of London.

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In Every Issue:

Site of the Month: Lonely Planet - “England does modernity with a confidence and panache left over from its days in the never-setting sun. Fashion, fine dining, clubbing, shopping - England's rates with the world's best…”

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