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WORKgateways UK e-newsletter

Monthly e-News for the UK Working Traveller

January 2008, Volume 4 Issue 1

The WORKgateways e-newsletter is written for working travellers bound for the UK hailing from all over the globe - from New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Canada and more. Whether you're already in the UK, impatiently awaiting your departure date or thinking about going in the future, we've got something for you. Scroll down to view this month's info.


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Happy New Year! Thousands of working travellers in the UK had a ball over the latest festive season, and rang in the New Year in hundreds of destinations across the UK and Europe. Make 2008 the year you join them and make the most of the great opportunities the UK has to offer. And this month we have more Ryanair travel vouchers to giveaway!

What's new

Migration committee meets - visa changes imminent

Ahead of the new points-based UK immigration system to be introduced this year, a panel of independent experts has met to determine the areas where UK needs more workers, and where it does not.

The migration committee will analyse the United Kingdom labour market and will report to Government in June 2008 with advice on which specific occupations have shortages which can sensibly be filled by enabling employers to recruit migrants. The first tier of the new immigration system, for highly skilled migrants, is expected to be introduced this month. It is not known at this stage whether the current criteria for the HSMP will change.

Stay tuned to the Working in the UK website and WORKgateways for more information as it becomes available.

Your resolutions for the New Year

January is the perfect time to sit back and think about all the things you want to achieve this year. Whether you?re still at home planning your UK adventure, or whether you?re a working holiday veteran, here are our tips to get your New Year resolution ideas flowing.

In the money
If you're planning on moving to the UK in 2008, the more cash you save the better! To apply for your working holiday visa you need to show proof of at least $3,000 AUD/$3500 NZD/18,000 ZAR (or the equivalent in your own currency). For an idea of how much cash you will need when you get to the UK, check out UK living costs.

If you are already in the UK, why not try to save some of those valuable pounds by opening a high interest savings account? If you have been with your bank for at least approx three months, you can apply to one of their high interest savings options. Some offer up around 5-6% interest. Or check out online options like ING Direct.

The job of your dreams
Not loving what you?re doing at the moment? The UK is full of fantastic jobs that can give you invaluable international experience. If you?re still at home and thinking of making the move, check out our UK job FAQs here.

If you?re already in the UK and looking to make the switch into something you enjoy more, do a UK job search now or register with new recruitment agencies.

Or maybe you?re thinking about returning home to, or visiting, Australia? Check out our Australian job site Jobaroo for the latest jobs and info.

Travel more
The UK is the ideal place to explore hundreds of interesting destinations, and travelling while earning pounds makes everyone smile! Don?t forget to enter our great comp to win flight vouchers and check out cheap flights and deals on offer at websites like Skyscanner and Travel Supermarket.

Make sure you read our guide to travel insurance and if you are already in the UK wanting to get some short trip insurance, compare prices through cheap high-street providers such as Tesco, Sainsbury?s or the Post Office.

Diet and exercise
Everyone wants to look trim and terrific right? When you?re in the UK battling the old Heathrow Injection, this New Year Resolution to stay fit and healthy will come in handy. Try to avoid signing up to monthly contracts if you?re planning to leave for the UK this year, instead focus on making the most of the Great Outdoors you?ll soon be leaving by running, swimming or playing team sports.

If you?re already in the UK, there are plenty of ways to stay fit and active. Check out Social Sports or for a cheap deal that could see you pay next to nothing for a gym membership, visit Why pay for the gym?

Great deal alert: If you purchase our 1st Contact Kickstart London bank account package, you will receive 8 days free gym membership and a discount on a gym contract. There's no excuse!

Try something new
For something new and exciting in London that doesn?t break the budget, check out the new London is Free including info about free film premieres, theatre, comedy events, gigs and more.

Over 15,000 UK jobs on WORKgateways

There's a severe shortage of a number of occupations in the UK from Teaching, Engineering, Health and Town Planning to Accountants, Finance and Construction professionals. WORKgateways has up to 15,000 jobs waiting for applicants.

Register with agencies or apply to UK jobs now to kickstart your UK experience and to find out about more UK job opportunities.


The latest in UK recruitment

Quinn is our resident recruitment expert at WORKgateways and this month we spoke to him about using UK recruitment agencies and the best way to land that perfect job.

What does using a recruitment agency have to offer job applicants in the UK?
Recruitment agencies in the UK play an important role in filling shorter term contract and permanent roles. UK companies to a larger extent then most countries including Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Canada utilise agencies because of their ability to source staff, efficiently and cost-effectively. What this means for people just arriving in the UK, or even if you have been in the UK your whole life, is that finding a job that fits your experience and ambitions can be found relatively quickly. If you are planning to go to the UK, my advice is to get in touch with agencies before you arrive so that you know you are talking to the right ones. Hopefully, WORKgateways can help with this, but as with any job search you really need take control of the situation and treat it like a little job itself. Ohhh yeah, and have fun while you're at it! People like to work with people who can work and have fun.

What is the best way to deal with a UK recruitment agent?
I would say the most important thing is to actually FOLLOW UP. There are many reasons why following up is highly important. Here are my top three:

  1. You need to ensure the recruitment consultants have all your correct details like your latest CV, arrival date in the UK, correct contact details etc.
  2. You need to assess how much they will be able to help you (if at all).
  3. You need to ask the recruitment consultants what they need to be able help you.

Any more tips for dealing with agencies?
At the end of the day you are dealing with people. Treat them well and with respect and they are more likely to treat you the same way. Equally, I would say its up to you to make sure they can really assist you.

Finally, what kinds of jobs are on offer in the UK at the moment?
As a start I invite you to see for yourself by doing a UK job search on WORKgateways. That is just a start. In many cases, just speaking to the right recruitment consultants can open up a whole new world. I saw this first hand, time and time again when I was a recruitment consultant. The best person for a particular position is not necessarily the one with the best experience. 'What?', you say, 'How can that be?' In many jobs, a cultural fit and even little things like location can all make or break a good placing. There are so many factors! Make sure you are speaking to the right recruitment consultants and you will be miles ahead of the rest in your UK job search.

One stop shop for UK bank accounts

WORKgateways can help you out with all the things you need to organise and think about when you are making the move to the UK.

Avoid banking hassles by setting up your bank account before you leave home. With WORKgateways, it's cheap and easy, and we can help you pick the right package for you - we have options from 1st Contact and Visa First. Find out more information about purchasing UK bank accounts.

Latest financial update from our money transfer partners

Get the latest news from our international money transfer partner, Tranzfers

It's been a steady few weeks on the currency market as thinned volumes over Christmas failed to inspire any major movement. The impact of the continuing global 'credit crunch' was however enough to concern some investors, and as a result we saw some volatility in the 'high yielding' currencies such as the Australian and New Zealand dollars. While both have remained comparatively steady against the US dollar, with AUD/USD currently around the 88 cent mark and NZD/USD just shy of 77 cents, there has been continued movement against the pound with GBP/AUD slipping to as low as 2.24 and GBP/NZD presently changing hands at 2.5630.

Find out more about international money transfers.

In every issue

WIN! A flight voucher for Ryanair

This month we're giving away ?40 worth of flight vouchers to one of the UK's premier cheap flight carriers, Ryanair.

With cheap airlines like Ryanair and Easyjet, you can travel to European destinations from ?0.99 (not including taxes). So ?20 should get you quite far! All you have to do to win is email us with 'FLIGHT VOUCHER' in the subject line. Entries close 30 December.

Your Say - we want to hear from you! Travel guides up for grabs

Are you in the UK and want to feature in our newsletter? Got a hot tip for working travellers about finding a job, taking a holiday or about living in London? Or are you still at home and have found a great website? Email our newsletter editor, and if we publish your comment, we'll send you some goodies.

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