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WORKgateways UK e-newsletter

Monthly e-News for the UK Working Traveller

November 2008, Volume 4 Issue 11

The WORKgateways e-newsletter is written for working travellers bound for the UK hailing from all over the globe - from New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Canada and more. Whether you're already in the UK, impatiently awaiting your departure date or thinking about going in the future, we've got something for you. Scroll down to view this month's info.


What's new


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It's been a huge month, with the announcement that two more tiers of the new UK points-based immigration system are due to go live. Get the latest info here in the WORKgateways newsletter and at our website. We've also got tons of UK jobs waiting for you, how to get your UK bank account sorted, great prizes, plus the fun events waiting in the UK for you in the lead up to Christmas.

What's new

Cut-price Youth Mobility Visa goes live

The long-awaited Youth Mobility visa, part of Tier 5 of the new UK immigration system, is due to replace the working holiday visa on 27 November

Currently only Australians, New Zealanders, Canadians and Japanese working holiday makers will qualify for the new visa, which allows applicants to work in the UK for up to two years.

Great news is that the cost of the visa has been cut by 50%, from ?200 (around $480AUD) to ?99 (around $230 AUD

Applicants will need to show proof that they have savings of at least ?1600 (approx $3900 AUD/$3000 CAD/$4400 NZD) before applying for the new visa. If you have previously held, or currently hold, a working holiday visa, you will not be eligible to apply for a Youth Mobility visa.

While the new Youth Mobility visa now excludes South Africans and is available to much fewer countries, the cheaper price and increase in allowed working time to two years is terrific news for Australians, Kiwis, Canadians and Japanese (who previously were not eligible) applicants.

Stay tuned to WORKgateways and to our forum for more UK visa info as it comes to light.

Tier 2 replaces work permit scheme

The skilled worker tier of the new UK immigration system will also open on 27 November 2008

Tier 2 of the new points-based immigration system is the sponsorship category for skilled workers that will replace the current work permit system. Most applicants will fall into the Tier 2 ? general category, for candidates who have a job offer in the UK, have a certificate of sponsorship from a licensed sponsor, and have scored enough points in attributes (including qualifications and prospective earnings), English language skills and maintenance (the funds you have saved).

The same rules regarding the resident labour test will apply to Tier 2 applications. If your occupation is not on the skills shortage list you will need to pass a resident labour test to ensure that resident workers (from the UK or Europe) have had the opportunity to apply for the job before it is filled under Tier 2.

Border and Immigration Minister Phil Woolas said: ?The UK is a fantastic place to work and we want the UK to stay open and attractive to skilled workers. At the same time we are determined to deliver a system of border security which is among the most secure in the world."

Stay tuned to WORKgateways and to our forum for more UK visa info as it comes to light.

Over 22,000 jobs on WORKgateways

We?ve got tons of jobs on WORKgateways waiting for the right candidate - is it you?

From social workers to engineers, teachers to tradesmen, and chefs to secretaries, we have over 21,000 jobs on WORKgateways looking for the right people. Why not register with UK recruitment agencies and apply to UK jobs today. Or, if you have more questions about a UK job search, check out our UK job search FAQs.

Before working in the UK, you'll obviously have to get your UK visa sorted. We get a lot of questions from visa applicants, so we?ve recently updated our Visa FAQ page with a selection of the most important things you need to know. Check out the new information or to ask your own question, visit the WORKgateways forum. Make sure you get the latest updates about the new Youth Mobility Visa and the new UK points-based visa system.


Money matters - how much is your coin worth?

It has been a wild ride on the financial markets over the past month, and looking forward, the volatility doesn?t look like coming at a halt. Here our recommended money transfer parrtner Tranzfers, gives you the latest...

If you're getting worried about your travel finances during these turbulent times, it is important to remember a few key things. The GBP/AUD is still at one of its highest points and looking back there has only been a handful of opportunities to get a rate above 2.5 in the past in 5 years. The Aussie gained some ground back last week against both the Greenback and the Pound, closing last Friday at its highest point all week against the Pound, buying 0.4156. Consumer data out Monday 3 November suggested that consumers are tightening their belt with retail sales coming at negative 1.1%, however this should have a positive effect on controlling Australia?s inflation rate.

The Kiwi dollar also had a good week riding on the coat-tails of the Aussie dollar, closing the week buying 0.3629 GBP and 0.5827 Greenback.

The GBP/CAD has bounced back from a record low of 1.86 last month to make ground back over the 2.04 mark, a high point for the past 6 months. So although volatility and uncertainty in the markets is high, rate wise we can expect that the GBP will continue to be strong.

This month's financial update comes from our international money transfer partner Tranzfers who work with Ozforex to make international money transfers easy. Visit our Money Transfer page to find out how we can help get your money from A to B. Or, get planning with our easy Travel Money Directory.

What's on in the UK?

Love it or loathe it, Christmas is definitely in the air! Straight off the back of Halloween and Bonfire Night celebrations, Londoners and other Brits are launching into the festive season. Here's a couple of things you shouldn't miss...

Oxford Christmas lights switched on 12 November — You wouldn't think that flicking a switch could cause such a fuss, but the famous Oxford Street Christmas lights are a spectacle every year that become a tourist attraction in themselves. The switch-on party usually involves a popstar or celebrity-of-the-moment and a live performance. If you don't make it on the night, make sure you take a stroll another day to take in the magic of London at Christmas.

Edinburgh Light Night (27 November) — Not to be outdone by the southerners, Edinburgh puts on some serious festive celebrations of their own, all starting with their Light Night. Expect the annual Christmas Winter Wonderland, some of the best Christmas markets in the UK and other fun events and attractions.

Ice Skating througout London (November & December) — No Christmas in London is complete without a twirl around one of the outdoor ice rinks across London. Rug up, strap on the skates and check out one of the most picturesque rinks: the Natural History Museum rink or Somerset House Ice Rink.

One less thing to worry about when you get here...

Picking your whole life up and moving to the other side of the world is not an easy thing to do and the less you have to worry about the better, right? Bank accounts are notoriously difficult for new arrivals to open in the UK, but there's a secret...

You can avoid banking hassles by setting up your bank account before you leave home. With WORKgateways, it's cheap and easy, and we can help you pick the right package for you - we have options from 1st Contact and Visa First. Find out more information about purchasing UK bank accounts.

Do you need a bank account set up in the UK within the next few months? Enter our competition and we'll pay for your account to get set up for you!

In every issue

WIN! A UK bank account OR Lonely Planet guide of your choice

If you're arriving in the UK within the next few months, here's your chance to win a free traveller start-up package, including a UK bank account, with either 1st Contact or Visa First. OR, if you've already got your bank account sorted, you can win a Lonely Planet guide of your choice

If you want to win a bank account start-up package, just email us with 'BANK ACCOUNT' in the subject line (and the date of your arrival in the UK). Entries close end of November.

If you want to win a Lonely Planet city guide, just email us with 'CITY GUIDE' in the subject line (and your mailing address). Entries close end of November.

Winners of last month's New York guide giveaway: Jason Dodunski, Melbourne, Australia; Tracy Houtstra, Alberta, Canada; Tessa Brunette, Fulham, UK; Hayley Vink, Victoria, London; Dan Treasure, Edinburgh, Scotland.

WORKgateways shows your favourite photos


We want to share your UK adventures - so every month we will select a photo you have sent us of a great memory from your travels in the UK or Europe. This month, here's a pic from Rebecca who currently lives in Kensington, London, enjoying a martini at London Fashion Weekend. To say thanks, we'll be sending her a new Lonely Planet city guide!

So, to get your own goodie (a travel book or flight voucher) send us a photo of you enjoying your working holiday in the UK or on holiday in Europe and we'll send you a little something to say thanks. If we pick your photo to feature in our newsletter, we'll send you a little something to say thanks. Email our newsletter editor with your favourite snap.

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