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WORKgateways UK e-newsletter

Monthly e-News for the UK Working Traveller

September 2008, Volume 4 Issue 9

The WORKgateways e-newsletter is written for working travellers bound for the UK hailing from all over the globe - from New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Canada and more. Whether you're already in the UK, impatiently awaiting your departure date or thinking about going in the future, we've got something for you. Scroll down to view this month's info.


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While everyone across the world was enjoying the Beijing Olympics, Britons were especially proud - not only of their impressive medal haul but also their excitement in the lead up to 2012. The build-up to the Olympics has already created loads of jobs for qualified professionals and tradespeople, adding to an already sharp skills shortage in other areas. The time is ripe for workers of all kinds in the UK - and September is a great time to be here: soaking up the last of the summer rays, working hard to fund more travel, or shooting off on late summer trips. Check out this month's newsletter for all you need to get your UK working holidays started - visa info, UK bank accounts, recruitment info and more. Plus, we've just launched a new page for those interested in living and working in Dubai. Enjoy!

What's new

Fill the gap

Despite worries about a global economic crisis, there are still tons of opportunities for workers in Britain. There are skills shortages across a number of industries and opportunities waiting to be filled by travelling professionals like you

The government has projected that over the next few years, Britain will be in desperate need of hundreds of thousands of construction workers, IT workers, finance workers and engineering professionals. Add to that the demand in professions like teaching, social work and health, and the tons of jobs for experienced, dedicated workers across other industries- the UK is a bright place to be right now.

WORKgateways recruitment expert, Quinn Askeland, talk about engineering: "There are outstanding opportunites accross the board for Engineers with 2 years experience, most notably in the Design and Construction and Maintenance of Infrastructure such as Road, Rail and Water Projects," he says.

"Basically, any engineer with a heartbeat and two years' experience will be able to find something. Even in London mining engineers can find roles in tunnelling for example. For those engineers with Structures, Water, Highways, Traffic and Transport, Rail, Geotechnical and Contractor Construction specific experience, be prepared to be feel very wanted. You'll be amazed at the scope of projects and employment opportunites."

Register with recruitment agencies to ensure you get people who can connect you with the right UK job and make the most of your skills and experience. Or you can also do a UK job search.

Dare to dream about Dubai

More and more working travellers are heading to Dubai to take advantage of the exotic culture and professional opportunities - and WORKgateways has all the info you need

In the past few years, Dubai?s infrastructure has been booming and there is opportunities galore for working holiday makers, especially engineering, construction, finance and publishing workers, who are looking further beyond the horizons of the UK. Dubai is undoubtedly one of the fastest growing, most cosmopoltian, dynamic cities in the world.

If you're ready to take the next step to Dubai, check out all the fab new info we've got for you on WORKgateways. See WORKgateways: Next Stop Dubai and read all about Dubai's expat community, society and culture, working life and Dubai visas.

All your visa questions answered

We?ve updated our visa FAQs to give you the best, most up-to-date information to help with your visa application - whether it's a working holiday visa, Tier 1, Ancestry or work permit.

Applying for a UK visa can be a confusing process at the best of times and the new UK points-based system and the changes over the past 6 months has thrown even more spanners in the works.

We get a lot of questions from visa applicants, so we?ve recently updated our Visa FAQ page with a selection of the most important things you need to know. Check out the new information here or to ask your own question, visit the WORKgateways forum. Make sure you get the latest updates about the new Youth Mobility Visa and the new UK points-based visa system.

At WORKgateways, you can also register with recruitment agencies and apply to UK jobs. Or, if you have more questions, check out our UK job search FAQs.


Tier 1 (general) visa: are you eligible?

We?ve got a new Tier 1 calculator to help you find out if you are eligible for the new Tier 1 highly skilled visa

WORKgateways has teamed up with visa agency Voyage Relocations to give you a new Tier 1 calculator, which will help determine whether you are eligible for the Tier 1 visa. There?s also the option for you to send your details to Voyage Relocations to get their help with your application.

Check out the new Tier 1 visa calculator.

We've also got a new Tier 1 Scoop Sheet, for those who are doing their Tier 1 applications themselves. Just log into your personal WORKgateways profile, click on My Content, and check out the Scoop Sheets. Not a member? Just apply to jobs or register with agencies.

What's on in the UK?

The summer may be drawing to a close, but there are still loads of fun events to enjoy the last of the long warm days. Here?s some of our favourites...

The Thames Festival (13-14 September) — A spectacular, free celebration of London and its river. Taking place over the middle weekend in September between Westminster Bridge and Tower Bridge, the festival brings Londoners together in the very heart of the capital to dance, make sculptures, listen to music, watch movies, drink, eat, enjoy performances, sing, play on the beach, sail on the Thames and dance in the streets. to this major annual festival of classical music, theatre, opera and dance.

The Islay Jazz Festival (12-14 September) — This funky area of London is holding its annual festival this year with two themes: sports and arts. Loads of performances and games to take part in.

BBC Proms in the Park (13 September) — These awesome events celebrating the last night of the BBC Proms classical concerts will be held on the same night in London, Glasgow, Belfast and Swansea. Pack a picnic and soak up the culture!

One stop shop for UK bank accounts

Make your first few weeks in the UK hassle-free and save on international transaction fees by getting a UK bank account sorted asap.

You can avoid banking hassles by setting up your bank account before you leave home. With WORKgateways, it's cheap and easy, and we can help you pick the right package for you - we have options from 1st Contact and Visa First. Find out more information about purchasing UK bank accounts.

In every issue

Lonely Planet Festivals Guide

WIN! Lonely Planet festival guide

From the world famous, such as the Day of the Dead in Mexico, to the quirky and little known, such as the Battle of the Oranges in Spain, you will be amazed by the colour, diversity and downright wackiness that can be found at festivals around the world.

Whether it is music, religion, films, food, art, bizarre spectacles, or sheer hedonism that floats your boat, there is a festival out there for you and Lonely Planet?s new book, A Year of Festivals, will help you find it. We've got five copies to give away. To be in the running, all you have do to is email us with 'FESTIVALS' in the subject line (and your mailing address). Entries close end of September.

Winners of last months' Mallorca giveaway: Jarred Dons, Shepherd's Bush, London; Tessa Brunette, Fulham, London; Matt McAuliffe, ACT, Australia; Nicole Eva, London; Tracy Houtstra, Edmonton Alberta, Canada.

WORKgateways shows your favourite photos


We want to share your UK adventures - so every month we will select a photo you have sent us of a great memory from your travels in the UK or Europe. This month, here's a pic from Craig enjoying the legendary pyramid stage at this years' Glastonbury festival. To say thanks, we'll be sending him a new Lonely Planet guide to Italy.

So, to get your own goodie (a travel book or flight voucher) send us a photo of you enjoying your working holiday in the UK or on holiday in Europe and we'll send you a little something to say thanks. If we pick your photo to feature in our newsletter, we'll send you a little something to say thanks. Email our newsletter editor with your favourite snap.

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