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WORKgateways UK e-newsletter

Monthly e-News for the UK Working Traveller

May 2009, Volume 5 Issue 5

The WORKgateways e-newsletter is written for working travellers bound for the UK hailing from all over the globe - from New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Canada and more. Whether you're already in the UK, impatiently awaiting your departure date or thinking about going in the future, we've got something for you. Scroll down to view this month's info.


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As the sun starts to shine at the beginning of another UK summer, antipodeans and working travellers all over the UK clap their hands and sustain the glee - the sunshine we have been waiting for is finally here! A UK May gives you two long weekends to enjoy the first fun and frivolity of the UK summer, and it's not all bad news on the job front - check out our handy info for social workers and, as always, we've got all the visa news and connections to help make it happen for you, plus handy extras like how to get your UK bank account fully operational before you even leave home!

What's new

New immigration fees now in effect

The new UK immigration fees that were announced earlier this year for visas and other services have now come into effect

New immigration fees for 2009 and beyond have been announced by the Home Office. You can read about the new fees at the BIA website.

Some of the most common visas and there are increases are:

  • Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visa, was ?99, now ?125
  • Tier 1 (general), was ?600, now ?675
  • Tier 2 (general) was ?205, now ?265

To find out about which UK visas you could be eligible for, visit out WORKgateways UK visa pages.If you have burning visas questions, head to our WORKgateways forum where our experts or other visa applicants might be able to help you.

Already got your UK visa sorted? Register with UK agencies, or apply to UK jobs.

Banking in the UK - what's the story?

You may have heard nightmare stories about opening a bank account in the UK - luckily, WORKgateways can help, and you can even get your account sorted before you leave home!

At WORKgateways, we know how difficult it can be for new arrivals in the UK to open a bank acocunt. The reason it can be so hard is that banks are reluctant to take on new customers with no UK financial history, no employment and no fixed address - a situation that is common to many working holiday makers! If they do allow you to open an account with them, it will likely be a limited privilege account with limited services for a few months until you can earn your stripes and get your account upgraded.

To solve these issues, traveller companies have set up special relationships with key banks in the UK to ensure travellers have an easy route to setting up a bank account. These UK bank account start-up packages are a great way for travellers to bypass the red tape and get their UK bank account sorted out quickly and easily - some packages, such as Fastrack UK, will even have your UK bank account operational before you leave home!

Find out more about our other UK bank account packages. Packages start from $85AUD, a small price to pay to save yourself months of hassle and save on those pesky international transaction fees!

NEED TO KNOW MORE? Read more about UK banking...

UK shortage occupation list to be revised

The list of occupations that are suffering shortages in the UK, and are consequently top contenders for Tier 2 sponsorship visas, is to be revised

At the end of April, the UK Migration Advisory Committee published its latest report making recommendations for the shortage occupation lists for the United Kingdom and Scotland. These lists comprise skilled occupations where employers are easily able to fill positions with workers from outside Europe. Some of the occupations dealt with in the report include town planners, social workers, enginneers and those in the medical profession - their findings will influence many professions ability to qualify for Tier 2 visas in the future.

You can read the report, Skilled, Shortage and Sensible, on the BIA website.

Already got your UK visa sorted? Register with UK agencies, or apply to UK jobs.


Qualified social workers needed in the UK

Demand for qualified social workers in the UK is at a peak right now, says Peter Achard from recruiter Eden Brown, and the right candidates are guaranteed to find work

Social workers from Australia, New Zealand and Canada with at least 1-2 years? experience have always been in high demand in the UK, and the situation in the current economic climate is no different. Peter Archard, from recruitment agency Eden Brown, says: "Qualified Australian, New Zealander and Canadian social workers are extremely sought after in the UK, for positions in both the charity and private sectors.""

"Children & Family, and Child Protection Social Workers are the most in-demand candidates, and can early hourly rates of up to ?27. Qualified social workers in these area are almost guaranteed to find work."

Securing your visa (either a Youth Mobility or Tier 1 visa) and organising your GSCC registration is a vital step towards securing a UK role. It is beneficial if you are aware of which visa you qualify for before registering with an agency, although agencies like Eden Brown can give you information about registering with the GSCC and gaining your CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) check.

Jobs available include both contract and permanent roles, both within London and in other areas of the UK. Peter says: ?We have an office in Brighton ? it?s a great, lively seaside town that is a great destination for Australian and New Zealand candidates who like to be close to the ocean. But we do have positions all over the UK?

Head to WORKgateways for more information about Social Work jobs in the UK. Register with UK agencies now, or apply to UK jobs.

Don't waste your cash! International money transfers

It can be tricky figuring out the best way to transfer your money internationally - whether you're about to arrive in the UK or are a working traveller from way back. Fortunately, we can help...

Got a load of savings in an account in your home country and not sure how you can access it when you arrive in the UK? Don't get hit with expensive international transaction fees from the banks, just set up an online money transfer account with a provider like Tranzfers - a partner of Ozforex that manages international transfers in various currencies from just ?7/$15AUD (the cheapest we've found!) If you've purchased a UK bank account start up package, you may already be getting one free international money transfer, but if you plan on doing ongoing transactions, Tranzfers or another online money transfer could be for you - you can set up an online account that allows you to make easy a nd cheap international transactions in just a few clicks. The service is secure, great-value (allowing you to choose the best rate the moment you convert your cash) and reliable - we know because we use them ourselves!

Read our handy guide to international money transfers or register with Tranzfers now.

UK events - what's on in May?

Two bank holidays and the sun is shining?! Get out there and enjoy the UK with these great events...

Brighton Festival (2-24 May) — The Daily Telegraph said that 'other British arts festivals would be hard-pushed to beat Brighton festival's astonishing pizzazz' - seems like a good reason to us to head out of London to the famous sunny seaside town for a month's worth of music, theatre, dance, arts and literary events. There's outdoor events and lunchtime concerts, plus everything else Brighton has to offer - don't miss out.

Chelsea Flower Show (19-23 May) — It may be billed as the 'ultimate event in the gardening calendar' but this show is not just for green-fingered geeks. People clamour to get tickets to this show-stopping event, with beautiful plant displays from world-class designers and scents, sights and shopping galore.

Cheese-rolling in Gloucestershire (25 May) — Hundreds of men and women throwing themselves headfirst down a steep, muddy and treacherous incline in pursuit of a giant wheel of Cheddar? Sounds like fun to us. There's lots of international participants in this famous event - find out more at Cheese Rolling.

In every issue

WIN! Encounter guide to THE LAKE DISTRICT

With many Brits opting for a trendy 'staycation' this year, at home in the bountiful UK, you may have some company if you decide to head to the beautiful Lake District

With hopes for a warmer summer, there has never been a better time to explore Britain so Lonely Planet?s first guide to the Lake District is a timely release.

Nowhere in the nation packs such an instant panoramic punch, but the Lake District is much more than just grand views. It?s a historic textbook, a rural heartland, a foodie heaven, an outdoor playground and a literary landmark all rolled into one, offering a unique experience for every visitor.

We have five copies of the NEW Lonely Planet The Lake District guide to giveaway, just email us with 'LAKE DISTRICT' in the subject line(and your mailing address). Entries close end of May.

Winners of last month's ENGLAND ENCOUNTER giveaway: Jill Hall, QLD, Australia; Ben Addington, London, UK; Sarah DelCiancio, Ontario, Canada; Jae Hann, London, UK; Natalie Prew, London, UK Sylvia Woo, London, UK; Lisa Rutland, London, UK; Ryan McVey, QLD, Australia; Tim Swane, Carlisle, UK; Leah Cutler, London, UK

WORKgateways shows your favourite photos

We want to share your UK adventures - so every month we will select a photo you have sent us of a great memory from your travels in the UK or Europe. This month's winner is this pic of Michelle, on a junket abroad in Germany...

I sent in a picture of my boyfriend Daniel and I on our first trip to Garmisch, Germany, with with of the most AMAZING hot dogs I have ever had! Yum!!" Michelle

To say thanks, we're sending Michelle a travel guide. So, to get your own goodie (a travel book or flight voucher) send us a photo of you enjoying your working holiday in the UK or on holiday in Europe and we'll send you a little something to say thanks. Email our newsletter editor with your favourite snap.

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