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WORKgateways UK e-newsletter

Monthly e-News for the UK Working Traveller

September 2009, Volume 5 Issue 9

The WORKgateways e-newsletter is written for working travellers bound for the UK hailing from all over the globe — from New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Canada and more. Whether you're already in the UK, impatiently awaiting your departure date or thinking about going in the future, we've got something for you. Scroll down to view this month's info.


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Hot off the heels of the August long weekend, the UK is settling into September. Will it be an Indian summer or will the winter chill come early this year? September is still packed with exciting events and tons of things to do for those who aren't spent after jetting all over Europe in the summer. This month we have news about the severe shortage of UK social workers, more about the UK points-based visa system and other great stuff for you...

What's new

Wanted: social workers in the UK

Celebrities have joined the UK government in a recruitment drive to find more social workers in the UK.

The 'Help Give Them a Voice' campaign is aiming to lure more people into the profession in the UK by highlighting the impact of social workers on the lives of children and vulnerable adults. Social workers from Australia, New Zealand and Canada with at least 1-2 years' experience have always been in high demand in the UK, and the situation in the current economic climate is no different.

'Children & Family, and Child Protection Social Workers are the most in-demand candidates, and can early hourly rates of up to £27. Qualified social workers in these area are almost guaranteed to find work,' says Peter Achard from recruitment agency, Eden Brown.

The Help Give Them a Voice campaign is evidence of the severe shortage of social workers in the UK, If you have the right experience, you will be well placed to find a position. Find out more about working as a social worker in the UK at WORKgateways. You can also apply to jobs and register with agencies.

'Tier 2 working well' says UK migration

The Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) has published a report on the effectiveness of the new UK points-based system, particularly the Tier 2 sponsored skilled visa, and made recommendations for future changes.

While the committee believes the current system is working well, they are advising the UK government that the current UK labour market could be helped by raising some of the standards and earning requirements for skilled workers coming from outside the UK.

'The Government's points-based system has proven itself to be a powerful and flexible tool in meeting the needs of the British workforce and business in these changing economic times,' they said.

'However, it is important that British workers are not displaced. We have therefore made a number of recommendations which will help to avoid undercutting and any disincentives to raise the skills of UK workers'.

While there will be no immediate changes to the Tier 2 sponsorship visa, the MAC has made some recommendations to the UK Home Office. Stay tuned for more updates and find more details on our WORKgateways forum. You can also find out more about UK visas by visiting our WORKgateways UK visa pages.

Getting more from your dollar

Travellers from Down Under and further afield are arriving at Heathrow with heavier pockets, as the Aussie, Kiwi and Canadian dollars get stronger against the pound.

What a great time to arrive in the UK with a fistful of Aussie dollars! Three-four years ago, Aussies arriving in the UK were facing exchange rates that left them with with around 30 or 40p for their dollar. Now, the Australian dollar is performing well, trading at around with the pound being worth around 1.9-1.95 Aussie dollars, giving travellers around 50p for each dollar.

The Canadian dollar is currently buying around 55p, while the New Zealand dollar is buying about 43p (up from around 38p at the beginning of the year).

Keep up to date with the latest exchange rates with our money transfer partner Tranzfers. Tranzfers is also a great way to get your money between the UK and your home country - whether you've got credit card bills to pay or want to transfer your savings. WORKgateways has been working with Tranzfers for many years, and hundreds of our travellers successfully use the simple online service to get their money from A to B. Read our easy guide to international money transfers here to find out if Tranzfers is the best service for you.


Got your visa? Now get your UK bank account

Everyone needs a bank account, and in the UK it's harder to set up one when you first arrive then you would think! That's why we've put together a selection of the best, most convenient traveller packages to help you get your UK bank account sorted quickly and easily.

We now offer a total of four cracking packages to assist you open your bank account in the UK. Read all the latest info about opening a UK bank account and compare the packages we have to offer on our WORKgateways banking pages.

The cheapest options are:

Any working traveller will tell you that organising their bank account via one of these traveller bank account packages before they left home was the best thing they did. So, start your research now! Visit our bank account pages to get started.

What's on in September?

Thames Festival (12-13 September) — From Westminster to Tower Bridge, the Thames festival is an annual carnival along the London stretch of this iconic river. With fireworks, dance demonstrations, bands, stalls and a harvest feast, if the sun's out it will be a cracking weekend.

The Great North Run (Sun 20 September) — Want to be part of the world's largest half-marathon? Put it in the diary for next year if you're an energetic working holiday maker looking to take a scenic slog through the UK's north. Starting in Newcastle, the route takes you to the picturesque northern coast - there's also smaller events across the UK.

In every issue

WIN! New Lonely Planet guide to WESTERN EUROPE

Pack this little beauty in your backpack and you'll be all set for some of the best countries on the European map...

Whether you dream of lazing on golden Mediterranean beaches, exploring centuries-old Bavarian streets or nursing a pint in a snug Irish pub, Western Europe always inspires with its variety and volume of iconic attractions. This guide covers: Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Britain, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Portugal and Spain.

We have five copies of the BRAND NEW Lonely Planet guide to Western Europe (UK RRP £17.99) to give away, just send us an email with WESTERN EUROPE in the subject line (and your mailing address). Entries close end of September.

Winners of last month's SOUTH AFRICA giveaway:

Jane Serong, now in London, UK; Ryan McVey, now in Romford, UK; Wendy Law, now in London, UK; Susan Pollock, now in Dublin, Ireland; Harry Luetta, now in Wagga, Australia.

Prizes for your best UK and European pics!

We want to share your UK adventures - so every month we will select a photo you have sent us of a great memory from your travels in the UK or Europe...

"This is a picture of my lovely friend Sibylle visiting me in London. The Circle line boat tour past Big Ben is a must for any visitor to London!" Cheryl.

To say thanks, we're sending Cheryl a gift. So, to get your own goodie send us a photo of you enjoying your working holiday in the UK or on holiday in Europe and we'll send you a little something to say thanks. Email our newsletter editor with your favourite snap.

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