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Accommodation in the UK – Options for the Working Traveller

London is a city of variety, excitement and chaos and the accommodation scene is no different. The options of where to stay are endless and really depend on what your plans are for your stay in the UK. From studios the size of wardrobes, bed and breakfasts, and discount hostels to houses full of antipodeans the choice is yours.

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  1. When you first arrive - Shorter Term Accommodation in London
  2. Longer Term Accommodation
  3. Before Renting in the UK - Additional Costs and Considerations
  4. Where to Live in London - The Scoop
  5. Accommodation Outside of London

For weekly stays or hotel bookings staff at Workgateways use TripAdvisor, mainly because it has an excellent rating system from people who have actually stayed at various places. Select “Vacation Rentals” for weekly short term accommodation in apartments, studios and flats.

Before you leave home

Arriving Soon — Apply to Jobs
Going to the UK in the next 2 years — Register with UK agencies.

Sound Advice

Of course the first thing you will need to organise is a place to rest your weary bones when you first arrive. It is wise to organise this before you leave home, as it will be much easier hopping off the plane and knowing you have a place for your aching body and backpack to spend the night. Of course the handiest option is ‘dossing’ with family or friends, but there is a range of other short-term accommodation available in from discount hostels, guest houses or bed and breakfasts in London or the UK. Another great short term option for travellers is Housing Anywhere, who have a pretty cool system - they charge the first-month rent plus a 25% booking fee to secure your accommodation. They only transfer the first month's rent to the landlords until 48hrs after the tenants move in date. This means if there are any problems with the room or apartment you can get a full refund.

Once you have settled in (or outstayed your welcome on your mate’s sofa bed/couch/floor) you’ll need to find longer term accommodation. There are many things to consider before finding a permanent place to stay. First consider where you’ll be working and how far away you want to live (don’t forget to factor in the travel costs of getting to and from work), also think about location in terms of proximity to transport links, friends and family, and of course the all important night life! There are many types of longer term accommodation available, and the process of finding a place to stay can be a painstaking, so be sure to allow plenty of time (make sure you’ve still got a bed or couch to come home to) to find the place that is right for you.

Whether you decide to share a flat with friends or fellow working travellers, or prefer the privacy of a bedsit or studio, there many additional costs and considerations to think about before renting in the UK.

“Don’t get caught out with hidden costs and bills by not thinking carefully about all of the things you need to pay for.” -Michelle Lee recently arrived in the UK

Before even beginning the arduous task of flat hunting it’s helpful to know a little bit about where to live in London. Just because a suburb has a trendy or posh sounding name by no means guarantees it will be a nice area! But never fear we’ve got the scoop on where to find the perfect pad.

Of course not all working travellers will be based in London and there are many opportunities outside of London for employment and cheaper accommodation.

Finding accommodation in London and other areas of the UK is all about the kind of lifestyle you want to have while being a working traveller. So, whether it’s a share house that doesn’t stop partying, or a friendly flat where you take turns cooking dinner, there’s a place for everyone to call home.

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