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UK Visa Online Services Comparison — Tier 5 & Ancestry Visa
available to Australians, New Zealanders, Canadians & Japanese

Youth Mobility Scheme was formerly called UK working holiday visa

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Why Use a Visa Specialist?

To avoid mistakes and the possibility of losing your application fee many choose to apply for their visa through an agency (immigration service). This page compares some of the most popular services available for the Tier 5 Visa (Youth Mobility Visa) and the UK Ancestry Visa.

The advantage of applying for your visa through a specialist agency is that your visa will be issued in the fastest time possible and you will have someone to assist you each step of the way including checking your application and supporting documents to make sure everything is correct before you apply. If your application is missing vital information or documents, the British Consulate will just send it back to you without a visa — causing you more time, money and hassle!

Process — UK Visa Online (Tier 5 and Ancesty Visa)

Each service is a little different to get your UK Visa online, however the most important aspects are:

  1. Forms are filled out correctly — these are either filled out online for you (1st Contact) or checked online by the visa service before submission (Visa First and Fastrack).
  2. The Visa service ensures that the correct supporting documentation is prepared before sending. Your caseworker will check and correct the application and supporting documents (including biometric information) as appropriate until its all ready to send.

The services also:

  • Answer any questions and concerns you have
  • Book your biometric appointment (at a time that suits you)

*Please note the process outline above is for Australian residents for the Tier 5 Visa and UK Ancesty Visa. Process for residents outside of Australia may vary slightly to expedite the process.

**Note the Tier 5 Visa (formerly Working Holiday Visa) is part of the Youth Mobility Scheme and is also called the Youth Mobility Visa. They are all the same thing.

Key Differences


Varies significantly. See table below for latest prices.

Additional Services

The traveller companies that supply these visa services all have many other useful services most notably Opening a Bank Account and getting your NI Number both of which are essential working in the UK.

A significant discount is often offered if you decide to purchase the additional options at the same time.

See Package Price and Details in table below.


The biggest difference between services offered is in the way applications are sent. Some send the final application for you and some check your application and supporting documents then you send it. We can't see a significant advantage either way, as long as it's correct — it's correct.

Comparison Table

Quick comparison of services available:

Prices quoted in Australian Dollars and updated April 2016 - Canadians, Japanese and New Zealander Applicants can also use services.

 1st ContactBritbound
Tier 5 cost $249 AUD £115 GBP
+ Tier 5 government fee (from 6 April 2011) £225 (Visa Application) + Health Surcharge £300

£225 (Visa Application) + Health Surcharge £300

Package Price for Tier 5 (includes Bank Account + National Insurance Number Assistance)

$371 AUD

£155 GBP
Ancestry Visa cost $345 AUD £150
+ Ancestry Visa government fee (from 6 April 2011)

UK Visa Application government fee Ancestry £324 GBP (approx. $680 AUD) 

Immigration Health Surcharge government fee £1000 GBP

Biometric User Pay government fee (if applicable) $110 AUD

UK Visa Application government fee Ancestry £324 GBP (approx. $680 AUD) 

Immigration Health Surcharge government fee £1000 GBP

Biometric User Pay government fee (if applicable) $110 AUD

Package Price for Ancestry (includes bank account) $395 AUD £190 GBP
Details on Package Options Includes Bank Account and NI Number Assistance

UK Bank Account
NI number Assistance
+ Many Others

Discount offered for purchasing Visa and Package $60 AUD Not offered
Process Online and Telephone (They submit if in Australia)

Includes a dedicated visa consultant offering full visa assistance including pre approval of documentation prior to submission.

Nationalities Australian, New Zealand, Canadian, Japanese

Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Japan, Monaco. (If have certificate of sponsorship, then also possible for nationalities of Hong Kong, Taiwan and Republic of Korea).

Guarantee (no visa no fee) Yes Yes
Free Call Numbers (provided after making application) All have international numbers for Canadians and Japanese applicants Aus and NZ

Free call back option available for all nationalities

Biometric Appointment booked for youYesYes
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