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Opening a UK bank account with the Kickstart package.

1st Contact has been helping Australians, New Zealanders and South Africans relocate to the UK and start their lives there since 1995. The Kickstart Package includes assistance with opening a UK bank account, job assistance and a guide to life in the UK.

"The great part about living in the UK is getting exposed to a great culture, new people and having experiences you could only get when you leave home. Being able to focus on the important things like getting a job is far more important then trying to sort out things like bank accounts which unfortunately can be quite frustrating and tedious..." Quinn Askeland, Founder of WORKgateways

The Kickstart package costs AUS $75 or £35

Bank Account NOW ONLY £25

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The Kickstart Package

What's Included  



UK Bank Account

Open an unrestricted, fee free, bank account of your choice from either Lloyd’s or HSBC or Metro - three of the UK's major banks. Please note: If you hold an account with HSBC, you will be required to make a minimum deposit of £500 per month.

The bank accounts include a Visa debit card, online banking and phone banking. You can withdraw funds from any ATM in the UK, with no withdrawal fees. 

If you do it yourself, banks will require documentation which many new arrivals simply do not have. In addition to this, the bank accounts available to you may have restrictions like no access to internet banking and no ATM access (passbook only).

National Insurance Number Assistance

Getting an NI number is an essential part of working in the UK. Without it you get charged "emergency tax". Like bank accounts, it is usually a frustrating, time consuming process dealing with a government department.

As part of the Kickstart package for an extra discounted fee you can get assistance with your NI number too.

Alternately, included in the Kickstart package are instructions on how to do it yourself.

You Should Know: 

Part of the process of obtaining your NI number involves doing an Evidence of Identity (EOI). If you hold a UK visa and purchase a Kickstart Package, you are not required to attend this interview.

We recommend that EU and British passport holders (who attend the EOI) select the NI add-on to save themselves time and frustration when dealing with the Department of Work and Pensions.

You can choose the NI number option at checkout as an add-on.

You’ll receive your NI number 4 to 6 weeks after submitting your paper application form to 1st Contact or attending your EOI interview with the JobCentre Plus


Get a UK SIM card and cell number to communicate with your employer, accommodation contacts and friends and family as soon as you arrive. The SIM card is available in both Standard SIM and Micro SIM sizes for iPhone and iPad users. This is a Pay As You Go SIM Card with very low international call rates and data download charges.

Pro Tip

Put your UK number on your CV so potential employers can reach you right away.

Free International Money Transfer

Send your money to your new UK bank account for free. 1 st Contact offer competitive exchange rates and don’t charge any of the transfer fees charged by banks.

CV and Job Assistance

1st Contact offers a complimentary service to job-seekers in the UK, connecting you to the UK’s recruitment industry. You will also be eligible to have your CV quality-checked for the UK job industry before it’s forwarded to their network of recruitment agencies.

Life in the UK Guide

Learn everything you need to know about London, from the transport, tax and healthcare systems to UK sporting events, driving, entertainment, travelling abroad and lots more.

Free Accomodation Assistance

Connect with a network of accommodation providers to suit your budget, from private studio apartments to hostels.

Free 5 Days Gym Membership

All Kickstart Package holders are entitled to a free five day trial at the Fitness First gym at St Paul’s.

Discounts on 1st Contact Services

Save money when you use additional services from 1st Contact and their affiliated partners including tax refunds, shipping, accommodation and tour operators.



How it Works 




Use the form below to apply for your own Kickstart pack.


Plan & Personalize                           


Before you leave, 1st Contact will contact you to personalise your Kickstart package and schedule your first bank appointment online.

Get Your Package

Collect your Kickstart pack from the 1st Contact office or have it posted to your UK address.


Open Your Account  

Go to your pre-scheduled appointment with your passport and necessary documentation (we'll let you know what you need). You’ll meet with a bank consultant to open your account and get your account details on the same day.

Get Your Documents 

Your work is done. Simply wait 7 to 10 working days for your bank documents to arrive.


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