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Open a UK bank account with BritBound's Starter Package.


BritBound is a relocation service coupled with a social events club. The UK Starter package makes it easier

for travelers moving to the UK to open a bank account, and offers added social perks so you can hit the

ground running once you arrive in the UK.

The Starter package costs £40 £35 (WORKgateways Only!)




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The Basix Package


Choice of UK Bank Accounts

BritBound's Bank Account service has two objectives:  1) to give you a choice of accounts and 2) to make sure you get an account—by ensuring that the bank doesn’t take longer than promised to open your account, making sure they do not fail to take in any relaxed criteria where previously agreed, lose your application or send you around in circles.

2 X Free Money Transfer

Your first two international transfers are free. This means you can get money from your home bank account to your UK one without having to pay fees from ATMs or incurring bank charges from both your home and new bank, which are typical for these types of transfers. 

Choice of UK SIM Card

All of BritBound's packages include a UK Sim Card (you can also upgrade to a MicroSim) and they provide your number straight away so you can give it out to your family, friends and any employers or recruitment agencies even before you leave. All of the SIMs are mainstream network providers and are set up on a Pay as You Go system. 

National Insurance Number

Your NI number is a legal necessity that is similar to a social security or tax file number. It works as a unique ID number that you have for the rest of your life. It also gives you access to a whole range of services including a reciprocal health scheme with our National Health Service. BritBound ensures you get your NI number set up as quickly as possible.  

Employment Resources and CV Template

Get access to BritBound's employment resources, ”Working In” guides, a UK specific CV template, as well as insider tips and access to their exclusive Jobs Board. Furthermore, resident experts can assist with Payroll Services as well as comprehensive tax tutorials to better understand what your options are once you’re working.

Accomodation Advice and Assistance

BritBound works with London's top award-winning hostels, as well as with credible agencies and landlords who have both houses and rooms available to help you find somewhere to call home in London. 

5 Day Gym Trial

Get a free 5-day trail from Fitness First.

1 Big Night Out Pub Crawl

Hit Central London with BritBound for the 1 Big Night Out Pub Crawl. You ticket includes entry into 5 clubs/bars, a FREE drink/shot at each venue, a Souvenir t-shirt & loads of glow sticks! Your first Pub Crawl is included in your BritBound membership - worth £50!

Discounted Entry into the Ministry of Sound

Ministry of Sound remains at the forefront of the global dance music scene. Your Discounted Entry (save up to £20) can be redeemed at one of the many key events throughout the year including BritBound nights, where BritBounders have exclusive access before the doors open to the general public.

Discounted Entry to the Monopoly Pub Crawl

The legendary Monopoly Pub Crawl visits many of the famous landmarks featured on the famous Monopoly Board with some additional Community and Chest challenges thrown in. With numbers averaging around 150, this is a social event on a grand scale. Save at least £5.

Membership to BritBound's Social Events Club

The BritBound social events membership gives you access to 365 exclusive BritBound events per year and also discounts on many London, UK and European outings, events and adventures. The membership gets you cheap price theatre nights, pub quiz’s, boat cruises, festivals, weekend tours and more. 

Free WiFi Access at BritBound's Base

You'll get access to BritBound's resource centre where you can use the internet (free) and also their printing facilities (small charge). 

No Expiry Open Door Policy

Once a BritBounder always a BritBounder! You're welcome to relax at their base in Shoreditch, or take advantage of the free Wifi, regardless of how long you've been in the UK. 




 How it Works  



Click GO below to get your own Basix package and become a BritBounder.


Get Your BritBounder Log-in Details                            


You will then receive an email and SMS with log-in details for MyBritBound Portal on BritBound's website. 

Manage BritBound Services


Go to MyBritBound Portal to arrange a bank appointment, learn your UK phone number, apply for jobs, set up your free money transfers and plan your arrival into the UK.

Arrival into the UK 


After arriving in the UK, attend your bank appointment with your passport (visa and BRP if required) and BritBound bank letter. You will get your account details on the same day and your bankcard and PIN number will be posted to you in approximately 4 working days. Then you can start enjoying the UK and making friends and saving money at BritBound’s 365-day social events. Hassle-free!



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