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Other Jobs

For the vast majority of working travellers arriving in the UK, getting a hospitality job, administrative job, labour job or sales job is the way to go. Australians, New Zealanders, South Africans and Canadians make up a huge part of the landscape particularly in London and increasingly outside of London in the “real England”, Scotland and Wales. You will find the British love our work ethic. Because the main goal will often be to make some money in order to keep travelling, we travellers are perfect for filling the vast number of positions that require hardworking and energised people. The range of opportunities is enormous and diverse compared with home; so take a moment to think about what you want to do.

Recruitment agencies are usually the quickest way of getting jobs . To save you time and get the ball rolling and register with WORKgateways before you arrive.


Travelling to the UK on a working holiday? Get your UK file on-line now!

To work in any of these jobs you will need to have a Work Visa and have plans to go to the UK.

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  • Bar, Chef, Hospitality, Catering, Live-in Pub Jobs - Want to serve tables in a trendy hotel in the city or find a live-in chef job in an old English pub in a historic village? - Just a couple of options for those with a little experience in hospitality.
  • Nanny, Live-in and Care Jobs - Have you had experience as a baby-sitter for children? Or perhaps a live-in care job might suit you well.
  • Trades and Labour Jobs - Whether you're looking to gain valuable experience, or simply making the cash to fill your next pint of beer, the UK's trades, labour and building market offers work for both skilled and un-skilled workers.
  • Office Support, Secretarial Jobs & Administration Jobs - You might be looking for that next jump in your career, or just to land a temp job when for you arrive. At Workgateways, we have all the necessary info for administrative jobs, secretarial jobs, and other forms of office support.
  • Retail Jobs - Temp positions in the retail industry are available for those with retail experience, customer service or sales. IF you need work around Christmas there are a lot of extra opportunities.
  • Social Work Jobs - Social work positions are both demanding and rewarding. The UK offers opportunities for overseas-trained social workers with great work ethic, energy, and a positive outlook.
  • Structural Engineers - Structural technicians and engineering graduate with experience will often be able to find suitable employment.
  • Traffic and Transport Engineering Jobs - Road, Traffic and Transport opportunities exist in consultancies and government authorities across the UK.
  • Water Engineering Jobs - Water and Wastewater engineers as well as flood modelling positions are the most in-demand.
  • Geotechnical Engineering Jobs - If you are a qualified geotechnical expat, you can gain world-class engineering experience working in the UK.
  • Nursing Jobs - Nursing jobs are available across the UK in a variety of working environments. Find work full-time, part-time, casual, or contract through UK nursing agencies that love overseas people.

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