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UK Job Guides

Get the Best Job - Balance Lifestyle with Career 

The UK is a very dynamic place to work and base your adventures if you know how to make it work!

For example, you may wish to choose a short, well-paid contract position to fund your ongoing travels.

Alternately, you could choose longer term work to save, perhaps develop your career while experiencing British culture puncuated with European travels.

It all starts by discovering what is available and how it all works. 

Choose you own adventure:

Accounting - particularly Qualified Accountants

Architecture - particularly Architects and Technicians

Construction - Site Engineers, Surveyors, Project Managers, Quantity Surveyors and Estimators

Engineering - Civil, Structures and Traffic and Transport Engineers

Allied Health - Radiographers, OTs, Physiothepists

Live-In Care - great choice for those who want to make a difference in one persons life 

Nursing - like Registered Nurses

Teaching - particularly Primary, Secondary and Special Needs

Finding a job anywhere in the world has its challenges but there is always some underlying tips to follow.

Not Listed Here? Never Fear! - The opportunities for people coming from overseas with a work visa is far from limited to these professions. 

Register with Agenices and select "Other Jobs UK" then "WORKgateways" to get access to PDFs, the eBook and Videos to help you get a flying start!

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