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How to Write a Resume (Continued)

In the previous page we showed why it is so important to learn how to write a resume and provided a step-by-step guide to learn how to write a resume. Here we look at some FAQ’s and provide a free example of resume writing.


When you have written your resume - Apply for UK Jobs or Register with UK Recruitment Agencies.


How many pages long?

Ideally you should aim for one or two pages; three is stretching it but allowable if you have extensive applicable experience. In today’s "point and click world" important points can get missed if you have more than three pages. Many experts recommend one page; if you can do this without sacrificing crucial content - fantastic. In most cases, however, one page is unrealistic and I have seen many such attempts end in disaster simply because the reader is left with insufficient information as to what you have done, and can do.

Note: Recruitment Consultants at WORKgateways would prefer to see more information on your resume than would be included if you were sending direct to employers for specific positions. Recruitment consultants often need to understand the fullest extent of your experience so they can find possible matches within their job vacancies. It is a bit of a balance; better to err on the side of too much rather than too little information with a recruitment agency.

What can I leave out and what should I leave in?

Anything that intentionally misleads readers or misrepresents your abilities is probably going to cause you more harm than good. However, leaving out things that you do not want to do again is a good idea. Further, highlighting the things you want to do, by making them stand out, is just good self-marketing. You get the idea.

What about gaps in my resume?

Recruitment Consultants and employers are wary of long or unexplained gaps in employment history. Put specific dates of employment for each and every job you have held. Explain any break in employment. Month and year is sufficient. If you went travelling for a year put it down. Leave out the details that are irrelevant and leave in specific dates including the month. If the reader feels in anyway that you might be trying to mislead them this will seriously affect your chances of employment.

Do I need a cover letter?

The internet means that cover letters are rarely sent and not expected. Do not waste your time manufacturing a cover letter that will not be read. 99% of Recruitment Agents, including all the jobs and Agencies on WORKgateways, will not require a cover letter.

EXCEPTION - If you are applying to a permanent position directly to an employer a cover letter may me expected and will certainly not hurt.

When you have written your resume - Apply for UK Jobs or Register with UK Recruitment Agencies.

A sample resume - free template to write a resume

Good free examples of resume writing are tough to come by but here is our best shot. It is worth pointing out that ‘filling-in’ the gaps is no replacement for following our step-by-step guide to learn how to write a resume.


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